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Distance Matters Not!

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On A State of Mind, I educate in the field of psychic development. But also, I provide psychic services. Some of them are quite general, useful for everyone. Other are meant mainly for people interested in self-improvement, and psychic and spiritual growth. Such services, like distant Reiki, can be used for relaxation, or both emotional and physical healing. Other services, like chakra balancing and cleansing, are especially useful for people interested in learning psychic abilities on their own; or at least for those interested in self-improvement. Everyone can order a service, don’t hesitate to do so.

I offer:

  • Distant Reiki – a methods of spiritual healing of body, mind and soul. It can be helpful in time of illness or great stress.
  • Chakra Reading – a form of intuitive psychic reading, that focuses on energy centers called chakras. It’s meant to identify the things that block you from living a successful life.
  • Chakra Cleansing & Balancing – a spiritual healing technique, that brings balance back to your chakras, and cleanses them from negative energies.

If you have any questions, ask them before ordering a service. Contact me on nathan [at]

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Scheduling & Payments

Most of the services such as chakra reading, balancing and cleansing, and intuitive energy healing, is performed when you sleep. This way, you’re in proper, peaceful mind state when my services are most efficient.

When scheduling, please keep in mind that my availability time is set between 9am and 6pm GMT, but I work on my computer up to 11am. And because scheduling might require few emails (if I will have multiple customers), schedule the session at least 2 days in advantage.

So if it’s Monday, schedule your session no sooner than for Wednesday.

Finally, keep in mind that I work during business days only, in other words from Monday to Friday.

Instructions regarding scheduling and payments can be found on each service’s page.