Nordic Runes

Do You Want To Master Norse Runes?

Don’t miss this opportunity, because A Librarian’s Guide to Norse Runes will teach you everything you need to know about these symbols.

Click here to read the personal story of the author, thanks to which this guidebook exists.

Do you want to foretell the future with runes? Attract material and spiritual wealth? Money, love, friendship, business success? The runes, powerful norse (also spelled nordic) magical symbols can help you! From A State of Mind’s author, Wojciech Usarzewicz – psychic and runecaster – comes the next Librarian’s Guide ebook – this time it will teach you everything you need to know about runes.

  • Do you want to attract business success?
  • Or maybe you want to attract love and relationship?
  • Do you want to learn the basic of one of the most mysterious magical systems in existence?
  • Do you want to foretell the future and gain answers to your questions and problems?

The runes can give you this, because they’re magical symbols of the Ancient world, and this ebook can teach you everything you need to know about these symbols from the cold North. Purchase the ebook now and learn nordic runes like never before!

  • Learn the history of runes
  • Learn all 24 runes of the Elder Futhark, and learn how to memorise them easily!
  • Learn magical rites and protection rituals
  • Find out how to prepare ritual tools, and how to create runes from different materials
  • Learn over 50 runic formulas and over 50 bindrunes, magical symbols to use right away!
  • Learn divination with runes – spreads and techniques
  • Learn how to use runes to attract money and love, how to create runic tattoos and how to meditate with runes

All of this step by step, with ultimate guide filled with knowledge and deep insights of the author that explains the nature of runes like no one before him!

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The Personal Story Behind This Guidebook

My name is Wojtek, but you can call me Nathan, I’m the author of this guidebook. How is it that I wrote it? Honestly, there was no special mission behind it. No higher goal. Here’s what happened. Since I’ve learned about runes, I focused on mastering their mysteries. I was reading many books, practicing runic divination, and meditating with these Nordic symbols. But the more I knew, the more wrong things I could see in the knowledge available in books and the Internet.

I’ve seen books and websites that perceived runes only as simple divination tools meant to foretell the future. I’ve seen books that explored more reasonable approach to runes, presenting them as tools of self-improvement. And I’ve seen books about runic magick. But none of these books and websites presented all the possible knowledge in one place, and I had some knowledge of the runes that I’ve acquired through practice and meditation.

There was no good-enough resource available about Norse Runes – that’s what I thought. So I decided to bring all my knowledge together and create the guidebook bringing everything together. Everything in one place, supported by my own unique knowledge and perception. And again, just like in case of Psychic Development Simplified e-book, my bad non-native English became my advantage, because Guide to Norse Runes is again, stripped to the essential, making learning runes so simple, yet so practical that no other book or e-book can give you this.

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Runes – magical symbols of the cold North has been around in Europe for over 2 thousand years old. Used for divination, and magical purposes, they’re one of the most mysterious and most powerful (practical) magical systems in existence, considered as white magic – that means they’re not evil. They’re believed to be a gift of Odin, a friendly and peaceful god of Norse mythology.

Sometimes they’re called Viking Runes, or Nordic Runes, but the correct spelling is Norse Runes.

Now you too can learn the power of runes thanks to another ebook from A State of Mind’ author – Wojciech Usarzewicz – who is an experienced psychic, energy worker and runecaster. Purchase the ebook right away, and start using runes to make right choices in your life, attract wealth and happiness, by seeking advices of runes, and using powerful bindrunes and formulas on daily basis.

A Librarian’s Guide to Norse Runes is a downloadable ebook designed to help you learn norse runes by providing you with theory and practical tips and knowledge free of spirituality and New Age thought.

What the ebook will give to YOU?

You might wonder “OK, but what this ebook will give to me?” A lot, if you ask me. Here are few examples:

  • Unique explanations of the nature of runes
  • Theoretical knowledge about each of the runes
  • Practical knowledge and tips for memorising runes, creating them, charging with elemental energies, and using them in practical magick and divination
  • Recipes for bindrunes and runic formulas – simple draw/engrave them and start experiencing their power!
  • Tips for creating your own bindrunes and formulas
  • In short words – tons of practical knowledge you can use on daily basis!

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Why should you choose this ebook

You should choose this ebook if you want to learn nordic runes without any previous knowledge regarding these magical, or expand your current knowledge about this magical system.

This guide is also free of New Age philosophies and spirituality – you don’t have to change your beliefs, faith, religion, you can focus only on learning practical skills, this makes learning even easier.

Librarian’s Guide provides you with practical tips, tested by thousands of people all over the word, passed from father to son for generations. This knowledge can be yours now!

What’s so unique about this guide?

You might wonder what’s so unique about this published work about norse runes. First of all, it’s probably the only e-book currently available in the web that covers the subject of runes in such detailed way. Second of all, it contains useful and practical bindrunes and formulas that has not been published ever before anywhere in the web. Third of all, it gives you so useful insights about nature of runes that you will require no other guide to understand their philosophy and you will be able to understand runes in no time!


Here’s what people think about this ebook so far.

Using vocabulary cards for memorising runes is an awesome idea! I was able to memorise all meanings in less than two days!

– Piotr, Poland

I read over few books about runes, but Wojtek’s ebook is the first one that really explains how divination looks like.

– Anna, Poland

You can find more opinions in comments, at the very bottom of this page!

Sections within the ebook

The whole ebook is divided into following sections.

Theory of runes

This section will introduce you to world of runes, it will present you with history and basic theory.

Meanings of runes and learning process

Thanks to this section, you will learn and memorise all 24 runes of the Elder futhark – from translation and meaning, to polarity, colour, astrological correspondence and description. You will also learn unique way to memorise runes that was never mentioned before in any previous ebook. You will also learn how to create your own runes from different materials.

Bindrunes and Formulas

You will get recipes for over 50 scripts and over 50 bindrunes that you can draw, or engrave in few seconds and start using them.

Runes in daily life

You will learn about using runes in meditation, as runic tatoos, and you will also learn in details everything you need to know about runic divination.

Buy it now!

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