Intuitive Energy Healing

Intuitive Energy Healing

Here you can order Intuitive Energy Healing, read this page for additional information.

Utilizing the power of Reiki and intuitive spiritual guidance, intuitive energy healing can help you in many different areas of your life.

Intuitive Energy Healing will help you with

  • Stress – tired after work? Meeting with a client? Having stressful time? Going to a dentist? Intuitive Energy Healing can help you relax and ease your stress.
  • Bringing back harmony – having an important meeting? Ease the stressful energies, support your efforts of achieving success. When you suffer from emotional or physical problems and pains,¬†Intuitive Energy Healing will help you out.
  • Physical and emotional healing – suffering from physical illness? Having emotional problems (stress, anger, fear)? Intuitive Energy Healing can help you recover.
  • Spiritual growth – Reiki, because it’s spiritual energy, can also increase your spiritual growth by directing you to more developing books, people and experiences, if you will only let it to.

How does Reiki works

Reiki is a spiritual energy that is being transferred by body into Chi – life energy. When life energy is out of balance, due to stress or illness, we suffer from physical or emotional problems. Reiki brings balance back by balancing your energies. It fills the areas of your body that lack these life energies with new, fresh energy.

It can also speed up your spiritual growth by removing any blockages you might have that are holding you back. I know people whose life changed upside down just by sitting between Reiki practitoners.

Questions before ordering? Go ahead and ask: nathan [at], I’ll be happy to answer!

What’s more, it won’t be a problem if you order Reiki for your pet! It works as well!

How to order


  1. Order your service through E-Junkie cart, you will be able to pay via PayPal, either with your PayPal fund or credit card.
  2. Contact me, choose “Psychic Service – Intuitive Energy Healing” topic, and provide me with your PayPal e-mail, type of service you have chosen and date/time proposal when you wish to receive the healing session.
  3. I will contact you and confirm or suggest another date/time.
  4. When everything is set up, you will simple receive the healing session at scheduled date and time.

In the end, I will just ask you to send me your testimonial :).

Questions & Answers

Q: What should I do during Intuitive Energy Healing session?
A: Just sit down or lie on your bed, close your eyes and relax. No computer games, no TV, no distractions,please; otherwise Reiki might have problems reaching you. Just relax and enjoy for 15 or 30 minutes.

Q: What should I feel during Intuitive Energy Healing session?
A:Many things, or nothing at all. Some people feel shivers, cold or warm sensations. Some feel peace or “emotional” pleasure, while some people feel nothing at all.

Q: I live in different time zone, how do I schedule Intuitive Energy Healing session?
A: Time zones are problematic, indeed, so I kindly ask you to schedule your session somewhere between 9am and 6pm GMT. But if you can’t do this, then just schedule another time, and I will use special Reiki technique to send you energy anyway.

Q: I have scheduled a session, but it didn’t work, why?
A: You didn’t feel relaxed? You did not get better if ill? Reiki brings harmony and balance, and in most cases, it works right away. But in case of healing serious illnesses it might take more time to see the effects. I strongly suggest reviewing what you felt during the session, and what have changed after the session.

Q: What about money back guarantee?
A: I’m sorry, but because of the nature of energy healing, I do not offer refunds in most cases. There is one case in which I do offer refunds – sometimes I can sense that my target (customer) is blocked and the energy doesn’t flow. In such case, I simple do not continue energy session, and I provide a refund automatically along with an explanation. But if the energy does flow, then I cannot offer any refunds.