Intuitive Chakra Reading


Currently, chakra reading is unavailable due to personal issues. Intuitive energy healing and chakra balancing/cleansing are both still available.

Intuitive Chakra & Energy Body Reading

Here you can order your Chakra & Energy Body Reading

Chakra & Energy Body Reading can be beneficial for many people, for example:

  • If you wish to develop your psychic abilities, but have hard time doing so, I can look why are you blocked. Often blockages on your chakras can limit the flow of energies, thus making it impossible to develop specific psychic abilities. Knowing where the blocks are helps you remove them.
  • If you’re into spiritual development, energy blockages can slow you down, I can suggest things to work with based on your chakras. I can point to both energetic and emotional blockages you might have.
  • From time to time, you might want to see which organs of your body require additional energies to stay in good shape. In such case, I’m often sending additional Reiki energies to help you out.

So, if you’re looking for advices regarding your spiritual or psychic development, or you wish to know if there might be any health problems in the future, or you wish to know what might be holding you back in your daily life, order chakra reading today.

Intuitive Chakra Reading can help you with:

  • Problems with meditation or spiritual growth;
  • Problems with your psychic development;
  • Problems with finances, relationship and health issues.

How to order

Order now


  1. You don’t need to schedule the reading, because there’s no need for you to do anything during the reading.
  2. Order your service through E-Junkie cart, you will be able to pay via PayPal, either with your PayPal fund or credit card.
  3. Contact me, choose “Psychic Service – Chakra Reading” topic, and provide me with your PayPal e-mail, type of service and send me your current photo (I’m using photos to “target”, connect to my customer in order to give a reading). Ask your question if you have any, as it will help me get you msot accurate answer.
  4. I will perform the reading and send it to you via e-mail.
  5. Expect chakra reading to be performed and sent via email within 4 business days after ordering.

In the end, I will just ask you to send me your testimonial :).

What you get for $20 USD

For $20, I perform a reading of your chakras and energy body. Then I write down my findings and send you the document with my suggestions, tips and additional information. For some, $20 might seem too much, but after all, it’s consulting regarding your inner growth and your entire life. Also, chakra reading drains a lot of energies, which are kind a precious to me. With no life energy, I can’t work. And when it’s needed, I also send healing Reiki energies to you.

In addition, for the price of the reading, you can be sure that I won’t just send you the results and we’re done, but I will answer your further questions, if you will want to understand my reading better.

Questions & Answers

Q: Does the reading work always?
A: No, not always. Sometimes the customer is blocked, and I can’t see anything. In such cases, I simple issue full refund and provide few insights regarding the block, as it might help you get unblocked next time.

Q: What should I do during the reading?
A: Nothing at all. In most cases, people don’t even know I’m doing the reading right now.

Q: If I will send you my photo, it won’t get public, right?
A: Of course not. The photo is needed only for the reading. You can send me your photo via e-mail, or you can link to your Facebook profile’s photo.

Q: What about privacy?
A: What’s between me and you is between me and you. Your reading will never get public. Though, I might want to use some experiences from your reading for educating people on A State of Mind. But don’t worry, no personal data allowing to identify you will be made public, your privacy is sacred to me.