A State of Mind is a blog that teaches psychic development and spiritual growth, everything from learning the basics of meditation and mind work, to energy work, psychic readings and more. A State of Mind is dedicated to helping people unleash their spiritual potential, because I believe everyone can do so and benefit from it.

About The Author

Call me Nathaniel, or just Nathan*. I live in central Europe, in Poland. I’m author, blogger and psychic explorer that walks the path of Tao and “The Buddhism of Nathan”, which means I try to follow the Buddhism teachings. I’m in my twenties, and when people ask how can such a young person be psychic, I say “it’s the effect of morphogenetic fields – people just learn faster these days” :).

In the past, beside learning and developing psychic abilities, I also studied and practiced:

  • Ritual magick
  • Chaos Magick
  • Norse Runes for both magical and divination purposes.

These studies and practices gave me experience and knowledge of both useful and useless esoteric arts.

During my psychic exploration, I had success in psychic readings, remote viewing, aura view and telekinesis, as well. Today, I write books about spiritual stuff, expand my Polish publishing company and I teach & practice Reiki – a method of natural healing. I also do psychic readings from time to time, since I’m clairvoyant. You can network with me on Twitter and of course through ASoM’s Facebook page.

If you’re interested in interviewing me via email or Skype, don’t hesitate to contact me :).

* Well, it was just my nickname that turned to be quite active first name, it was easier to pronounce for non-polish speakers :).

My Spiritual Story

My adventure with psychic phenomena begun somewhere in 2005 when I was playing a computer game called PsiOps. Then I have begun searching the web looking for information if “this stuff is real”, ending up on few websites that dealt with psychic development, websites like PsiPog.net. At first, I practiced basic energy work, and for 2 years, I was practicing New Energy Ways method. Today, I practice Tai Chi Chuan and crystals-based energy work.

In the last 6 years, my interests have shifted. First, from psionics to the occult, then back to psychic development and spiritual growth. I became Reiki practitioner, and my abilities developed further.

In late 2009, “ego magick” practices (like Chaos Magick) caused a negative astral entity to attach itself to me, which resulted in temporary psychic vampirism on my side. Because of my psychic condition, my abilities became slightly dumped, and my progress was stopped. The attachment was finally removed in the late 2010. This experience pushed me further on my psychic development path, and I received a minor ability to sense attachments, astral entities and sometimes, even psychic vampires.

Still, since 2009 I offer successful psychic readings for friends and friends of friends. Today, I offer professional psychic services like Chakra Balancing & Cleansing, and distant spiritual healing on a daily basis. In 2011 I became Reiki teacher and since that time, I practice and teach Reiki regularly. In the period of last few years I’ve stumbled upon many spiritual teachings, which allowed me to become a full-time writer living an awesome life. These teachings I now share on A State of Mind.

A State of Mind was founded in December of 2007 as a “dairy” of my psychic development and exploration of general paranormal. I decided to write in English, because I wanted to reach as many people as possible. Sorry for my grammar and spelling, it sometimes hurts – but in most part, I’m self-taught, I’ve learned the language on my own. With time and increasing popularity, I narrowed my focus to teach people what I know and share my experiences to help them develop their own psychic skills, and later on, I focused on sharing spiritual teachings.

I’m still learning new things each day, as the journey of spiritual development is long and requires a lot of time. I’m not all-knowing, nor old, and I don’t have all the answers. But I know things, and I have the experience, so I can share my knowledge and use the skills I have to help others walk the path of psychic and spiritual development.

The eBook

On May 2010, I’ve finished first ebook – Psychic Development Simplified – that teaches how to develop psychic abilities step by step, in more detailed way than posts on the blog. Today, I have couple of books published, and you can check them on ASoM Store.

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