FAQ: Problems with Psychic Healing and Meditation

A reader of my  book, Psychic Development Simplified, wrote to me with a question, to which I have provided an answer. Today, I publish both the question and the answer, since it may be very helpful to other people, as well.


Hi Nathan

I have recently been reading the part teaching meditation techniques. I had a go at explaining to my brother some of the techniques you explained on clearing the Chakras of blockages, getting rid of all the negative emotions. It worked amazingly well! You also said to do 30 mins of meditation every day, and since I had so much success in healing my brother, I decided to give meditating myself a go.

Here is the entry I made in my journal after doing it…

First Psychic Healing Session

Today I tried the methods of psychic healing that I have been taught so far on my brother. I finished and the results were surprising! My brother had previously been feeling nauseous, had a bad taste in his mouth when eating/drinking, and his ankle had been hurting a lot. I spent about 5-10 minutes with him, and when I finished he couldn’t stop laughing he felt so good! He didn’t feel sick, he ate food and drank water and they didn’t taste bad, and he could walk without his ankle hurting. I did notice however that after doing my own energy felt somewhat depleted. My brother has also been VERY energetic and giggly, and very happy.

So as it says in my journal entry, I felt that my own energy had been somewhat depleted after the session with my brother. So I decided I would meditate for 30 mins, as you said that can replenish your energy.

Unfortunately, it had quite the opposite effect. Here is my journal entry I made after doing the meditation…

Meditation Session

I just had a go at meditation, to replenish my Chi energy after doing the healing session with my brother. Unfortunately, it did quite the opposite… Here’s what happened: I started off with my eyes closed, focusing on a point in the center of my head, and of course my breathing. I counted down from 40 to 0, slowly. I felt quite relaxed, but not as if I was meditating properly. Then I think I may have made a mistake. Over the period of half an hour, which was the entire time I was meditating for. I counted down from 10 – 0, and 20 – 0, relaxing myself even more. Then I started leaning on the cupboard to the right of where I was meditating, and swaying around all over the place. My head fell forward so it was touching my chest, and it felt really heavy. Afterwards, I felt really weird, my head still felt really heavy, and I also found it hard to move parts of my body, which I had noticed with my fingers whilst I was meditating. My head still feels weird and heavy while I am writing this. So in the end it seems my meditation made me loose more energy, not gain some!

So, that’s what happened. I still feel like that now, and I did that in the morning, it’s now 6:30 PM. I don’t feel AS weird of course, but still weird. I had a piano lesson as well, and part way through the piano lesson I started to feel dizzy, and I couldn’t focus at all on what the teacher was saying.

So here are the questions I need answering (please answer them if you can!):

  • Why did this happen??
  • What can I do to prevent it happening when I am meditating in the future?
  • Is what has happened at all dangerous?
  • When will I feel normal again?

Thanks very much.

The Answer

The book has been written quite some time ago, and it misses a thing or two regarding psychic safety. These things will appear in the 4th edition of the book.

But here they are – always remember to cut the link/energetic cord with the person you perform a healing or reading on. You can do so through visualizing the energetic cord and big scissors which cut the connection. Do this every single time you do a reading or healing – break the connection with people, animals and objects.

This was mentioned in the book, I believe, just lately I emphasize it greatly.

Secondly, it is possible that too much focus during your meditation have result in an energetic overload – in a way, instead of gathering energy, you may have directed your Chi to a wrong point of your body. Next time you meditate, try to move the energy, through focusing, into your abdomen – to a place below your Hara. This is a place where all Chi gathers normally, and it’s located an inch or two below your stomach, inside your body.

But, as in all similar cases, I suggest taking a break from exercises. Take a walk to the park or similar, eat and drink healthy stuff, relax and ground yourself by enjoying your normal, earthly life. Then, return to your psychic practice after few days, or even weeks, when you get better.

Don’t try to push too much, we all have our boundries. We must develop gently, otherwise our body may not be able to withstand the new ways of your energies.

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