Learn Reiki: First Degree Manual – My New Book

I’m happy to report that my newest book, “Learn Reiki: First Degree”, has been published.

“Learn Reiki: The First Degree Manual” is a complete guidebook to the practice of the first degree of Reiki, called Shoden (meaning: preliminary teachings).


I’m a Reiki practitioner and teacher, and in this manual I’ve included a bit more traditional approach to Reiki. In the book, I teach:

  • Exercises and techniques, that originate in the days of Mikao Usui in Japan.
  • Meditations that will help you improve your Reiki practice and help you on the path of spiritual growth. It includes the classic Reiki meditations of Gassho and Joshin Kokyu Ho.
  • Safety rules that will help you make sure that your Reiki practice is safe and effective.
  • Hand positions on illustrations that will guide you through the entire self-treatment, full treatment, short treatment and chakra balancing sessions.

In addition, from the book, you will learn what Reiki is and what it is not; learn the short history of Reiki; understand the principles of spiritual cleansing and grounding; what should you expect from Reiki practice; learn to meditate with Five Reiki Principles; and more.

The book is available in two formats, a paperback and as Kindle edition.

You can read a free sample HERE.

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