An Introduction to Energy

These are my beliefs… I understand that people will disagree… that’s fine.

Energy. This is probably the most used term in the psion’s vocabulary. Unfortunately, a lot of newbies don’t understand the whole concept. It can be very confusing – you have Psi, Ki, Manna and all these ways of manipulating each, different techniques for sensing it, and uses of each are strange. What a lot of people don’t get is how simple energy is.


First thing is first – Throw out the typical definitions of Psi, Ki, and Manna! Energy is so simple by itself, the second we try to break it up we confuse ourselves. So, from now on, it’s energy. That’s it. Personally, I learned Psi to mean energy (which is technically wrong), so I sometimes say Psi in my articles just from habit – whenever I say “Psi” I don’t mean that type of energy, I mean all energy. Heck, that’s why I named this site PsiPog! This may be another source of confusion and I’m sorry… Anyways – now that we have a clean slate, lets start defining energy to ourselves.

Properties of Energy

Energy is everywhere. When I say everywhere, I mean it. It’s inside of you, inside your muscles, inside your toe-nails… It’s floating in the air, it’s floating in deep-space. It’s in your keyboard, in your monitor, in your mouse. Everything that exists has energy because everything is made of energy.

Energy can take on an infinite amount of forms. We can see the solid physical forms everywhere. What else can it be? Emotion, thought, spirits, will, instinct, light… Anything you can think of is a form energy can take. I mean it when I say everything is made of energy. No exceptions.

What are some other properties of energy? That’s about it. See? Simple! It breaks down to one sentence: Everything imaginable is made of energy. It’s the life force, the death force, the food in your stomach, the imaginary friend you had as a child. I hope your starting to get the point.

So, what’s next? There are two things you can do with energy – perceive and manipulate. Our bodies can perceive energy using the 5 senses along with other “hidden” senses. Personally, I manipulate energy through thought. Others might do things different, and I think this is where a lot of confusion comes in. Currently, I only know how to manipulate energy through thought so that’s all I’ll describe here.

Manipulating Energy (through thought)

I started by first manipulating energy, then perceiving the energy I was manipulating. You can do it the other way around if you prefer – do what’s easier for you. How I learned was basically making psi balls over and over again – not knowing if I was doing it right – until I actually started feeling it. How I did this was through visualization.

Hold up – another term everyone has trouble with: “visualization“. Let’s define that too while were at it. Visualization consists of thinking of something. For example, if I say, think of an orange. Just close your eyes and think of an orange. There. You just visualized an orange. I just looked it up and the dictionary said “To form a mental image of something.” Almost all of you are probably thinking “Oh, just picture it in your head.” That’s 100% right… but you can do more than just picture something to form an image. You can think of its texture, its taste, its smell, and what it means to you. Like if I say – Think of an orange – yes, you could just picture and orange floating in space, OR you can think of the taste and remember a time when you ate an orange and felt the juice in your mouth as you smelled its aroma.

So, manipulate energy by visualization. The more focused you are, the more focused the energy will be. If I try to make a psi ball while talking on the phone, listening to music, and watching TV, I’m gonna have a lot of trouble. My thoughts would be scattered and my focus wouldn’t be all on the psi ball. Thought is energy… if your thoughts are all over the place, your energy will be too. By concentrating on one thing and not letting your mind wander, you’re focusing the energy more.

What do you visualize? Whatever you want. Personally, I usually think of a gust of visible wind. I also use rays of light or electricity. It’s important to realize that you have no limits here. You can think of a swarm of bugs, water, specks of dust, shards of glass, or even something as complex as a Dodge Viper. There is no “right” way to visualize energy. Do what makes sense to you.

Now we run into what I call the source of energy. The source of energy is usually just a crutch for your mind to help you move the energy easier. Generally speaking, you usually get energy from your body that’s been stored up from the last couple meals you ate (orange juice is great for replenishing your body with the chemicals needed for psi). That doesn’t mean the source of energy is useless – visualizing the source as another object can sometimes transfer the energy to you. Psi Vamps and such do this – I suggest you watch who and what you take your energy from. If someone starts leeching from me, I’m not going to be happy.

Now that we’ve covered the main aspects of manipulating energy, lets go through a test run to make sure you understand what’s been said. Say we have a cut on our arm, and we want to heal it. Let’s use energy! Okay, first, let’s figure out what were going to use to represent energy in our visualization… what do we associate with healing? Band-Aids! Okay… now what can we use as a source of energy… Let’s use the earth since it’s so close and has tons of energy! Okay, first we quiet the mind to help focus our thoughts. Then we visualize a constant flow of band-aids flowing from the earth to our cut. As the energy hits, we “feel” the band-aids closing up the wound and making it feel all better! We keep this flow going for a while until we’re satisfied. We open our eyes and see…. a cut in our arm. That’s okay though because not only did that help speed up the healing process, it also got us one step closer to becoming a healer. Don’t get me wrong, you can do anything with energy, but it takes practice.

Perceiving Energy

I have something to say here to. Yes, you can perceive energy through sight, BUT THATS NOT IT! A lot of the newbies I’ve talked to are so hung up on seeing energy. They e-mail me saying they’ve tried making psi ball’s for weeks with NO results. After chatting, I usually discover they HAVE had results, just not results they could see with their eyes. I’d say that 95% of the time, I perceive energy either by feeling it or by using my “6th sense”. Rarely do I see it or does it come to me in any other form.

The first step to perceiving energy, I think, is to learn to feel it. After you start feeling it, you develop your 6th sense naturally and, in time, that’s all you’ll use. I can’t really give you any tips on how to feel energy. You just gotta open yourself up and be open to it. Meditation does help with this. For me, it feels like a gust of wind or a chill down my spine. It’s like getting goosebumps but without your hair sticking up (kinda).

As I said earlier, how I learned to perceive energy was by making psi balls (which I had no idea if they were really there) over and over. Eventually, I started to feel a cold breeze in my hands. Then if I visualized other things, I could get a warm breeze. I did tests and made psi balls around thermometers – the temperature would shoot up. Then I started developing “short cuts” when I made psi balls – if I just put my hands together, my mind would automatically make them. After a while I learned to control this.

I can give you some tips on learning to perceive energy. Try visualizing energy beaming into parts of your body and see if you can feel something there. I used to (and still do sometimes) absorb energy from the earth through my feet just to feel the tingly sensation throughout my legs. After I got good with this my mind played with energy without me knowing… it gave me energy rushes through my spine. After a while I learned to control that too. This stuff truly is easy, you just have to trust yourself and practice.


I’ve hoped this article has cleared up some things. This is how I interpret energy and how it works… I bet some of you veterans out there totally disagree with me. That’s okay… nothing is written in stone or anything. Yes, there are different types of energy, but it’s different for everyone, so you have to discover it for yourself. But in a general sense, energy is extremely simple.

One more thing until I’m done here… The above information is from me, Peebrain – take that into consideration. No, I don’t know how everything works, and I’ll be the first to tell you I don’t know how energy works. My goal isn’t to tell you “This is how you accomplish that” – my goal is to give you some basic information and let you explore and discover things for yourself.

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