An Introduction to Huna and the Art of Creation

I decided to write about Huna today to introduce everyone to this interesting art of creation and manifestation of a great life. Sort of, because Huna itself is kind of a complex school of thought where you need to learn the history, and all these fancy, Hawaiian-like terms. So I decided to talk about the basics of Huna in very simple, very grounded way, so everyone can understand what’s Huna is all about. No fancy terms, just the basic mechanism.

This article will help you understand what Huna is really about – you will learn the essentials for this school of thought. Along with other articles on A State of Mind, it will give you a complete toolbox to use in order to shape your perfect life.


What is Huna?

A lot of people believe that Huna is a collection of secret teachings that were practiced by Kahunas, priests of societies living in the Polynesian and Pacific islands. This might be true, however, there is little hard evidence to prove this theory. Another theory is that Huna has been created from scratch by Max Freedom Long, a XX century novelist and author, and that Huna’s legend has been made up by him entirely. Which theory is correct? Well, to be honest, I do not know. Probably no one knows. But the truth is that it doesn’t really matter – because Huna works, no matter what do you believe in.

Basically, Huna is a form of magick, in which you perform specific practices in order to achieve specific results. When you keep some rules in mind, Huna works all the time. These rules are what we call the basic set of Huna mechanism. To summarize these basics, Huna is all about three minds – the lower self, the middle self and the higher self – and about the highest good. By understanding these elements, and applying them in your practice, you make Huna work for you. But ignore these elements, and your effort won’t bring proper fruits, if it brings any fruits at all.

Now, many books, when talk about Huna, discuss rituals, exercises and practices along with tons of spiritual, mystical background. While for some people such mystical elements are useful, in reality they’re not mandatory to be learned if you simply wish to apply Huna in your own life. Thus, in this article I deal with the very basics of Huna.

Three Minds

Let’s start with understanding the first element: the three minds. Huna agrees with modern psychology and says that each person has at least three different levels of consciousness. These levels are: lower self, middle self and higher self. Some schools of psychology call them: subconsciousness, consciousness, and hyperconsciousness. By understanding how these levels work, relate to each other and what are their capabilities, you’re on a good path to mastering Huna in your life. Let us review all these levels one by one.

Your lower self (subconscious mind) governs the autonomous functions of the body. It stores memories, but more important for the understanding of Huna, it stores your mind patterns, habits, behavior patterns and fears. This is also the mind, through which you communicate with your higher self. Your middle self (consciousness) is your self-awareness and you know it pretty well already. Finally, your higher self (hyperconsciousness) connects you to the Universe. It gives you inspirations, protection and spiritual support. it also provides you with inspiring information which can be used in your life to make it better in all its aspects. And of course, it’s the level of your mind that manifests your dreams.

The process of manifesting things in your life through Huna is quite simple, and understanding it requires little knowledge. Your conscious self sets a goal through prayer. Let’s say you want a new car. This car is your goal. Your lower self understands the goal and it contacts your higher self, telling it what you wish to manifest in your life. Your higher self knows these things. Then, when there are no roadblocks, the lower self and the higher self use the life energy called “mana” to manifest the goal in your life. It’s that simple. Or is it? Well, there are three things, rules, that must be applied in order for the above to work:

  1. You need mana – thus, you must learn how to collect energy necessary for manifestation to work.
  2. Your goal must hurt none, and must respect the highest good of all living beings.
  3. There must be no roadblocks.

It’s quite clear – let’s discuss all these three rules, one by one.


This is life energy, known – in many cultures – by many names, like Chi, Prana, Ruach or Orenda, to name the few. You collect this energy during sleep, through food, meditation, conscious breathing, spending time in nature (outside your home, or city). You lose this energy on anger, stress, unpleasant emotions and generally, on living. Therefore, the point is to eat healthy, sleep well, angry not, relax a lot and enjoy your life. This way, you will have plenty of energy which your lower self can use to manifest your goals and make dreams come true.

There are many articles about life energies here on ASoM, related to spiritual growth, so don’t be afraid to explore the archives.

The Highest Good

Now we reach the point when we must discuss the biggest problem that people have with Huna. Your dreams and goals, if they are to be manifested, must be nothing less than the highest good for you and for every living being. It’s something a lot of people cannot accept, thus their Huna practice brings no fruits. What you want for yourself is not always in agreement with the highest good – of you or of others. This is when communication with your higher self comes useful. Because your higher self provides you with inspirations and tips for living a great life, in which you harm no one, and benefit everyone.

One must listen to his or hers intuition – higher self. To do so, one must practice spiritual stuff – like meditation, or spiritual healing – generally everything that falls into category of the spiritual growth. Only then, as you improve yourself, you can hear the voice of your higher self. And only then you can see how you can live your life perfectly: with no manipulation, no fear, no competition. The more you work with spiritual development, the more open you are for this highest good, and the better your life becomes.

But this is seeking inspirations. There’s another aspect of highest good in Huna. You see, whenever you wish something to happen, it has to happen in agreement with the highest good. So, let’s say you want a new car. Your prayer might look like “I want a new car!” and it might not work. But another prayer, like “I want a new car and I wish it to manifest in agreement with the highest good of myself and of all living beings” – and you can be sure that the Universe will guide you – you will either get the new car, or you will learn that in reality, you do not need the car. But when this second option happens, don’t worry – you won’t feel bad because you don’t need the car. On the contrary, you will feel good, because one way or another, you will realize that the Universe has something better for you. Whatever you wish for yourself or others, wish it to manifest in agreement with the highest good, and let things happen – in the end, what you manifest will be good, and it will harm no one.

The Roadblocks

Finally, what are roadblocks? These are your fears, worries and concerns, wrong beliefs – we call them “negative mind patterns”. For example, you might want to make 100k USD per month – you think this will make you reach. And it’s OK to wish such high income, there’s nothing wrong about it – in reality. But in your mind, things might look different, because you might store a negative mind pattern, for example a belief that all rich people are bad people and have made their money by stealing from others and by manipulating people. If this is what you believe in, then your subconscious mind will use this roadblock to make sure you won’t get rich. Unless you heal the negative beliefs about rich people.

If you have roadblocks in your subconscious mind – because this is where such blockages are collected – then your goals – messages – won’t reach the higher self, and they won’t be manifested. Thus, you need to walk the path of spiritual development. Heal bad memories; forgive those who harmed you in the past; change your negative beliefs into positive beliefs, for example with the help of affirmations; improve your self-confidence and self-assessment.

For example, you can heal such negative mind patterns through healing core images or practice of affirmations.

Then, The Path Is Open

When you walk the path of spiritual development, you learn to work with life force – to exercise, eat well and meditate. You also learn to forgive, and deal with bad emotions, in order to live a happy life. And finally, you learn how to act for the highest good of all mankind and all living beings. When these elements are in place, you can use Huna automatically – you set a goal, say few prayers, and the goal is manifested. Of course, it’s simple in theory, but in reality, one must work a lot upon his own spiritual self. Only then, Huna becomes an effective technique of manifestation of a perfect life.

In the end, understanding Huna helps you realize that your negative thoughts must be healed and they should be replaced with positive thoughts. This way, positive things will occur in your life. Thus, Huna is not really about getting a new car. It’s about living in happiness and allowing others to live in happiness, as well. This is what makes Huna a peaceful, spiritual practice that leads to happiness.

I hope this article helped you understand what Huna is really about – I wish you luck on your personal path of spiritual growth!

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  1. Hi Nathan! I love it, rings true. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Is this where the expression Mana from Heaven comes from, I wonder??

    by Julie Barrett / February 1st 2013

  2. I believe there is a saying, “manna from heaven” and it’s a biblical saying, but I never heard of “mana from heaven” with a single n :).

    by Nathaniel / February 1st 2013