Are Chakras and Auras Real? What Can You Actually See Through Clairvoyance?

Recent article on Powered by Intuition website about mapping the human energy field inspired me to write few words about chakras and auras. Today, I would like to make those of you, who are clairvoyant, wonder – how real are the things which you can perceive? Or should I say, how real are the things that we can perceive? I’m clairvoyant, too. Heck, I even wrote a book about clairvoyance. But I also understand the problems related to our psychic perception.

Some of you may say “what’s the problem, I can see aura, so it’s real” – but is it? What I’ve learned in the past few years is that yes, we can see things. And we can tell stuff about things we see. And this stuff can be very real. But in just few seconds, another person can come, see things differently, and say similar things based on his or hers perception. And these words will have a meaning, too. The difference might be simple – while we can see chakras, the other person might see an energetic entity talking about the person, no chakras included. So, who is right? 


Tradition VS New Age

Let’s say this – chakras and auras are the product of New Age. New Age, as movement of believers in books of New Age authors, to be more specific. To better understand this, we have to go back in time and learn the origins of both concepts. The concept of aura was created among people of two cultures: the ancient Egypt and ancient India. In both traditions, the concept was clear: aura was a field of energy around person’s head. Preferable, around holy person’s head. The Egyptian concept was utilized by Greek culture, from which it passed to Christian tradition. Thus, you can see icons and pictures of Christian saints with aura around their heads.

The Hindu concept of aura never truly expanded to any other tradition – except maybe Buddhism, in which “halos” were still placed behind the person’s head. But something else expanded from India to the world: the concept of chakras. In reality, Hindu chakras were archetypes of deities within human personality – in similar fashion, chakras were described by Carl Gustav Jung. Still, they were never considered to be energy centers – merely archetypes, pieces of personality that were slowly activated and embraced as the Kundalini energy moved throughout the primary energy channel in the spine. And it’s all related to Tantric traditions.

And there was no energy included. There is, however, a concept of energy centers within human body, yes. It’s the concept that originate from Taoist ideology. According to this concept, there are three primary energy centers within human body – one below the navel, the other one near the heart, and the last one in the head. But these centers are not related to personality or spiritual growth. The overall Taoist concept is a bit different.

Even more – no other culture in the world, nor any magical tradition, ever developed a concept of auras or chakras. Seriously, none – don’t you think it’s strange? If chakras are real and auras are real and they can be perceived through clairvoyance, why is it that no other culture was able to perceive these mysterious energies? And yet, people consider chakras to be most important element of spiritual development – why so?

Then, There Was New Age

It’s because at the end of XIX century, and beginning of the XX century, there was an organization called the Theosophical Society. This organization, among few other individuals, promoted the Hindu and Buddhist concepts of the spirituality. In addition, they mixed these concepts with Christian tradition – and thus, the Theosophy was created. Later on, the aspects of Hindu deities were removed from the knowledge of chakras; the colors were assigned to each of the seven chakras (original concept does not have colors assigned to these “energy centers”); and the concept of aura – a mixed concept of Christian and Hindu tradition, came to be.

It was Theosophical movement and growing Hindu evangelism by gurus and “masters” that lead to the development of modern New Age ideas. If you can do some research, you can truly find out that most of the spiritual stuff that most people practice today didn’t exist before year 1850. To be honest – and the sources confirms it – what most spiritual workers work with today is based on Theosophy, and is a modern concept, created in XX century. Most of this stuff – practices, beliefs, auras and chakras as we know them today, weren’t “real” before year 1850.

But what is real? As I’m about to explain, our brain and our mind plays an important role in clairvoyant perception – it’s something I explained in my book about clairvoyance. What you about to learn explains why chakras and auras are real, and aren’t – at the same time.

How Do You Perceive Reality?

Nancy du Tertre wrote a great book, “Psychic Intuition“, in which she describes our human perception of reality. Truly, I recommend this book to everyone who is interested in psychic perception, clairvoyance and subtle senses. Basically, it’s not really what you see – but what you think you see. Our perception is based upon things we learn and experience. Throughout your life, you read books, watch movies, attend lectures – to say it simple, you learn. And based on what you learn, you perceive. This phenomena results in many things:

  • If you’ve filled your mind with horror movies, and you’ll be driving home at night, on a dark road you may see a shadow. Your brain might scare you nicely, and you might believe it’s some kind of a monster! But in reality, it’s a tree branch. But your mind filled the gaps – your eyes were not able to see the branch, so your brain added piece here and piece there. Et voila, you got yourself a monster.
  • On the other hand, you might fill your mind with news about tragedies, dishonesty and life problems. It will make more difficult to see goodness in people’s heart and positive aspects of life if you read or watch negative news.

In case of psychic perception, it gets even more interesting. Let’s say you just start to learn clairvoyance. But you read dozens of books about chakras, already. In the end, when you’ll be able to see things clairvoyantly, it’s quite possible that you will see the chakras. It’s because your subtle senses do pick up information – you can either “see” or “feel” or just “know” there’s something out there. But your mind wants to make sense of it – thus, it will pick up something that makes  sense, and all these books about chakras that you’ve read in the past, do make sense. Thus, you will see the chakras. And you will be right! You will be very accurate once you learn how to interpret what you see.

But at the same time, let’s take someone who doesn’t believe in chakras, and someone who haven’t read about chakras – but someone who is clairvoyant, still, but works with different things, who follows a different tradition. This person will be able to see or feel something, as well. But he or she won’t be able to see chakras – his or hers perception will be based on different knowledge and experiences, but the person’s “intuitive reading” might still be very correct and accurate.

It’s not just theory – it’s proven through experience. I’ve seen it multiple times – different people who can see different things, can describe the person with great accuracy – just like modern psychics can by looking at chakras.

Some people may say – all right, so let’s find a child that is clairvoyant and ask it to describe what can it see. Surely, the child will be able to see the reality, and not something that he or she learned from books.

It’s an interesting idea – still, according to my belief (based on  reincarnation), if the child doesn’t have knowledge of “things”, the old patterns from previous incarnations might kick in. But, it’s still an interesting idea :).

The very same thing applies to aura. Not everyone is capable of perceiving this “thing” that fills thousands of New Age books. But all sensitive people are able to sense something, and interpret it. In the end – if we take experiences, knowledge and traditions together – we realize that chakras and auras aren’t real. Our perception is real. But our perception is based on our knowledge and experience, and it varies from person to person.

Using The Knowledge For Spiritual Growth

In the end, all of this makes me wonder why so many people are interested in chakras? I know a lot of people who fall into a trap of “oh my God, my seventh chakra isn’t active, what do I do, WHAT DO I DO?!“. At the same time, I know a lot of people who don’t care about chakras, considering it to be a kind of New Age fluff. And yet, they manage to work with spiritual energies, and they even manage to walk the path of spiritual growth. I can see chakras if I want to, but I don’t really care about them in my own practice.

What I want to say is that chakras and auras aren’t “real” – they are merely our interpretation of the things that are “there”, within us, but we all perceive them differently. And in reality, we do not know the true nature of these things that we perceive as chakras and auras.

  • So it doesn’t matter if your chakras are dirty – what matters is that an intuitive person perceives some energetic dirt that needs cleansing and that you have to cleanse yourself.
  • It doesn’t matter if your root chakra isn’t turning – what matters is that you do know you have problems with money, and all you have to do is to find methods of healing these issues. Without worrying about your chakras.
  • It doesn’t matter if your spiritual teacher do not mention chakras – still, he can be a great spiritual teacher, he just walks a different tradition.
  • Finally, it doesn’t matter if you cannot see chakras or auras – because if you do develop your psychic sensitivity, you will be able to perceive everything you need. And remember, you don’t always get what you want, but you always get what you need.

Don’t fall into a trap of “chakras and chakras only!” Especially if you decide to walk a different tradition. Know this – Asatru does not believe in chakras; Reiki has nothing to do with chakras; Pagans and Wiccans have nothing to do with chakras; European magick has nothing to do with chakras. Actually, there are two ideologies that do care about chakras and two only – Tantra in its many forms, and New Age. Everything else is just a matter of perception.

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Can you perceive chakras? Do you know people who cannot see chakras? And what does your tradition say about chakras and auras?

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. Hi Nathaniel, I always find your articles interesting and thought provoking. I understand what you are saying… and it raised a question for me… what is kerlian photography taking a photo of ? My thought is it is energy.. as they find in pics of brain energy… and my thought is all is energy… would like to hear your thoughts… thanks and blessings.. Lorraine

    by Lorraine / December 1st 2012

  2. Hi Nathan! I don’t see chakras and I only sometimes perceive auras via third eye. I don’t have “tradition” that I follow, I kind of wing it, just asking spirit to bring through what the person needs to know. What is interesting about this vis a vis your article is that I often work with another intuitive who easily and quite clearly sees auras. When we do a joint reading (or we both read for someone at a different date) is that inevitably we come to similar or the same conclusions even though the information got to us in completely different ways. The only difference seems to be our own perception (interpretation) of the information we received, which of course goes through our personal lens.

    by Julie Barrett / December 1st 2012

  3. Very good arcitcle, but I’m a bit confused. In ‘Psychic Development Simplified’ you describe chakra development as an important step, so I understand that whatever those places are, it’s important to stimulate them. Ok, but one thing’s been bothering me. Is the lower tan tien the same area as the second chakra? Using New Energy Ways we gather energy in lower tan tien, isn’t it stimulating the second chakra at the same time? My guess is those two actions are a bit different (at least I get different sensations), but it’s always good to be sure :)

    by QuestionMark / December 1st 2012

  4. @Lorraine,

    As far as I understand, Kirlian photography is a way to photo electromagnetic field around a person. And electromagnetic field is not the same as person’s aura.


    Thank you, that basically proves my point :).


    That’s a great question! I stand by opinion that chakras are very important if you want to develop psychic abilities. Yet they might not be real. What I understand right now, 2 years after writing the Psychic Development Simplified, is that if you do stimulate a specific area of your body with intention of stimulating chakras, and you understand what chakras are, then the energy will follow your original intention and it will do what must be done in order to heal some emotional blockage, so later on, the energy can easily flow, thus awakening your psychic abilities further. Thinking about chakras do help – but at some point, one should ask, are chakras real and what role is being played by our brain in subtle perception.

    It’s the answer to your second question – you stimulate a specific area of the lower tan tien, with intention of stimulating the tan tien. Do this, and then tan tien will be stimulated. But stimulate the same area with intention of working with the second chakra, and the second chakra will be stimulated.

    It gets a bit confusing, I know – but that’s the problem with psychic development – there are many paths, quite similar to each other, or quite different – but the results are the same. Remember – do what gives you results, not what sounds cool.

    by Nathaniel / December 5th 2012

  5. @Nathaniel: Thank you, that’s a great explanation, I understand it now :) It seems the intentions are very powerful. Can they work for healing also? I mean directing energy to a particular body part with an intention to heal it. How effective could this be?

    by QuestionMark / December 8th 2012

  6. It will work – basically, psychic/spiritual work is all about intention. At first, you might wonder how is it possible. But over time, you learn that asking “how” doesn’t really matter in direct psychic/spiritual work – acting and doing things with intentions is everything the person needs.

    Of course, some methods require more complex intentions, like psychic healing, in case of which your intentions direct your small actions: add energy here, take energy from there, cut the link here, add something here. Other methods require little intentions, like in Reiki you just need to intend the energy to heal the person, and the energy will do the rest.

    by Nathaniel / December 9th 2012

  7. Reiki sounds very interesting. I think I have to complete my basic psychic development first and then find a Reiki teacher :)

    by QuestionMark / December 11th 2012

  8. Oh, I’ve got another chakra related question now. It seems different sources indicate different locations for the first and second chakra. I thought that the first chakra is located around the tailbone and the second chakra below the navel. However, some sources say that it’s the second chakra on the tailbone and the first is closer to genitals. That’s pretty confusing, I started stimulating them from the tailbone one.

    by QuestionMark / December 19th 2012

  9. I missed that comment, sorry about that.

    There are different sources, because there are different versions of the chakras system, since different Hindu schools created different versions of this chakras idea. Basically, the classic “Western” system says that the first chakra is located between the tailbone and the genitals, and the second chakra is located a bit below the navel. Trust your intuition, that’s my advise :).

    by Nathaniel / January 29th 2013