Reiki & Sex, Things You Should Know About Healing and Embracing Your Sexuality Through Reiki

I’ve wrote few articles about Reiki already, and it’s time to write one again. This time about a subject that appears to be a taboo, even among Reiki practitioners. It seems that I’m a rare example of a Reiki teacher who is not afraid to write about difficult subject of Reiki and sex. From my observations, nearly 80% of practitioners tried that, and some of them use this method of energy work regularly to embrace their sexual experience.

Sex is a natural part of our lives – it’s a sacred experience of creation – everyone who is afraid of the words “intercourse” or “masturbation” or “vagina” should stop reading right now… Or, on the other hand, such person would benefit from this article most, since it’s very important to get rid of the feeling of guilt and embrace your sacred sexuality.


The Human Need for Sex

In the overall model of spiritual development, that leads the person to happiness, (see: The Journey Through the Chakras), material safety and financial freedom comes first. But then, there’s a need for sexual freedom and physical touch, something represented by the second “Chakra”. But just as the society and religion has created blockages related to abundance and financial freedom, so they have created blockages related to sex and your sexual nature.

Politicians and religious leaders scream at you “sinner!” and they want to legitimize rape (at least this is what I’ve figured out while reading news from USA). Some people still say that masturbation causes blindness. This is a true sexual Dark Age, don’t you think? Holding back on the matter of sex causes problems with sexual education and many different sexual problems, like premature ejaculation, or an inability to reach orgasm by women and so on.

Fortunately, more and more people learn about Tantra or the art of Sexual Tao, especially from great books by Mantak Chia (which I honestly recommend). And so, people learn how to heal their views upon sex, and how to embrace their sexuality. In results, with expanding New Age ideology and pagan revival, sex becomes as sacred and as natural as it should be. I’m glad it does. Because sex is sacred!

Your Sacred Sexuality

More and more people admit that sex is both natural and sacred, which is good, because, as part of our human nature, it should be accepted and embraced, not condemned. Great spiritual teacher, Osho, used to say that it is because we deny and condemn sex that it controls our everyday life and is visible all around us. It’s not through denial, but through embracing your sexual nature that you achieve control over your sexual impulses. By embracing sex, you learn how to experience every second of this wonderful, pleasurable experience, and with time, to learn how to spot the great Act of Creation in the sex experience, itself.

But before you do so, often you must heal your sexuality, first. As we live our life, we receive wrong lessons and we experience bad things when it comes to sex. False beliefs and traumatic events often control our sex life, and in order to embrace sex and accept your sexual nature, you must heal these beliefs and traumas, first. Tantric sex is a way to do so, but if you’re a Reiki practitioner, then you can use Reiki for the very same purpose.

In my newest book, “Reiki & Sex“, I explain how this wonderful method of spiritual healing can help you heal your sexual nature, and in addition, I teach how Reiki can be used to embrace and intensify sex. Reiki can be used to heal every aspect of your life – it works on physical, emotional and spiritual levels, bringing harmony back into your life. And natural approach to sex is part of this harmony.

As I became initiated into the 2nd degree of Reiki, this method of healing helped me understand that I do have fears, beliefs and experiences related to sex, which serve me no positive purpose. I’ve recalled traumas and bad experiences, along with wrong teachings, including religious teachings which harmed my sexuality in wide degree.

But with time and effort, with help of Reiki, affirmations and reikified meditations, I was able to heal my experiences, and reprogram my beliefs. This allowed me to give and take a lot more pleasure during sex than I used to in the past. But Reiki helped me see beyond physical act of sex, and see how important role the true love plays in the sexual life, which pushed my sexual experience to a completely new level.

Neither I, nor my partner can complain now :).

What has changed me, I’ve put in “Reiki & Sex” book, explaining in details the process of healing your sexuality with the use of Reiki, and intensification of the sex experience itself through Reiki techniques.

Things You Need To Heal

In order to intensify your sexual experience, and in order to accept your true nature, you need to heal yourself, first. This includes:

  • Healing your beliefs about sex, your partner or masturbation. Because if you have wrong beliefs about sex, then you cannot enjoy sex truly. For example, when you think that sex is a sin, then no matter what, this belief will block a huge part of pleasure and love that you should receive by creating a blockage made of guilt. A guilt which you feel subconsciously. But heal this belief, understand that sin is a religious concept that has been created to make you feel guilty (thus, making you more afraid and easier to control), and understand that sex is sacred, and your sex will become better – way better!
  • Healing traumas is important, as well. Traumas and bad sex experiences from the past still dwell within your subconscious mind, creating blockages which disallow the true pleasure and sacredness to flow. Once these fearsome experiences are healed, you become more open for pleasure and your trust towards your lover increases. In result, a greater bond is created between you and your lover, which results in better sex.

And Reiki can heal all these – first, by regular work it helps you become aware of your subconscious fears and beliefs. Then, gently it flows and heals you, and if it cannot heal something, then it guides you to techniques which can be more helpful. But in the end, it helps you heal the blockages which hold the sacredness of sex back. And then, you embrace your sexuality.

As you do, you can learn next how to channel Reiki to your lover to heal him or her, and to intensify his or hers pleasure. Through simple techniques, your sex becomes a sacred ritual of love. Love, which is strengthen through Reiki, thus making your relationship stronger than ever. It’s something I’ve experienced myself, and I know it works in a wonderful, spiritual way. And it’s something you might want to learn about, that’s why I wrote a book about it.

Why Should You Heal Your Sexuality

But is intensification of pleasure the only reason why you should heal your sexuality? No – the true reason is that sex is a powerful, creative force, and from spiritual perspective, it’s important to heal the way you experience sex. Sex is the closest thing to Great Creative Force (God) that we can experience. For this reasons, it has been used in many magical practices for thousands of years. As you have sex, the creative energy gathers and it can be used to manifest many things.

If you enjoy sex while your subconscious experience fear, guilt and negative thoughts, then this is what you send into the world, and this is what manifests in your life. Quite often, through sex we manifest fear, guilt, aggression, hate. Negative feelings like fear of competition, or shame are manifested through sex, because once the subconscious receives the huge amount of creative energy, it uses it to manifest the programs stored in your mind – negative programs.

But heal these programs, heal your sexuality, and the creative force which is generated from sex will be used to manifest love, trust and peace – in your life first, and later on, in the world. The more people learn how to manifest these emotions through healed, spiritual sex, the better the world will become. And the faster the true New Age will come.

Nathaniel’s Reiki & Sex – Heal and Embrace Your Sacred Sexuality: Learn Techniques of Intensifying Your Sex Experience Through Reiki is available on, either as paperback ($8.95) or Kindle e-book ($5.95).

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Have you ever used Reiki for sex? Or if wasn’t Reiki, then perhaps Tantra? Have you noticed that Reiki or Tantra improves your sex experience, and your romantic relationship?

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