Why Gratitude is a Powerful Spiritual Tool and How to Use it to Improve Your Own Life

There are few things I’ve learned about gratitude in the past years. First, gratitude is a a great, powerful, positive emotion that you can fall in love with. Second, it’s very, very easy to use on daily basis. And third, it’s a powerful spiritual tool that can help you attract anything you really want.  As such, it’s directly connected to the idea of the Law of Attraction. Basically, if you’re not thankful, then you cannot attract anything positive – and you can’t make your life awesome.

But why? Why is gratitude so essential for shaping perfect life? The answer to this question is a bit more complex than simple “like attracts like”, but it can be fitted into this single article. Understanding the mechanism of gratitude is essential if you wish to attract more positive things into your life.


The Basic Mechanism of Manifestation

How do you manifest changes in your life? First, you want something – therefore, you set yourself a goal, which you intend to achieve. Then, your intention and the goal goes to your subconscious mind – your lower-self, which – according to Huna school of thought – is responsible for manifestation and creation of the things you want. Your subconscious receives the goal, so it sets up the task – to achieve the goal. Then, it analyse if the goal (the task) is consistent with subconscious beliefs.

Beliefs – so called programs or patterns, created by experience. Bad experiences create negative patterns, positive experiences create positive patterns. It’s quite simple – if you’ve been taught that you are worthless and that girls never date worthless guys, then if you dream about a wonderful wife, your subconscious won’t manifest it – because it doesn’t see your goal to be consistent with its beliefs.

And that is why it’s essential to heal negative patterns, bad experiences and negative emotions – to open yourself the gate towards abundance and attraction of happiness. To heal negative patterns, you can use affirmations, or core images work, or many other techniques, like Reiki.

If the goal is consistent with its beliefs, then your subconscious begins its work, and it manifest the goal in your life. How, it’s a subject for another article. For now, understand that this is how it works. But there’s more.

Whatever you focus upon, you attract. It’s because your subconscious speaks the language of your emotions and images. If you are afraid of bad things, and you visualize these bad things through worrying about them, it’s a message for your subconscious to manifest these things – as it things that this is what you want. By now, you should know what it works both ways – if you dream about positive things, and you visualize these things, then it’s a message for your subconscious, who understands that positive things are what you really want.

That is why every single school of thought that teaches about manifesting perfect life, tells you to visualize positive changes and your dreams being achieved. It works!

The Power of Gratitude & Healing

But, where’s gratitude in all of this? Well, your subconscious is a part of you, but often it acts like a child – a child that wish to be rewarded. When you’re thankful for something, then it’s a reward to your subconscious – you thank your subconscious mind for manifesting the thing you’re thankful for – quite simple, isn’t it? Therefore, the more thankful you are for things you have, the more you’re thankful to your subconscious, and since it loves when you’re thankful to it, it manifests more and more positive things. And that is how it works.

Quite simple, isn’t it? But, a lot of people have problems with gratitude. For example, if you’ve been forced to be grateful when you were a child, then you might have problems with being grateful as adult. And therefore, gratitude won’t be useful for you in case of attracting positive changes to your life. Sometimes, our parents force us to thank them for punching us – it’s their way of upbringing us – fortunately, this way of “upbringing” is no longer approved by society. But still, such forced gratitude program is destructive, and it must be healed.

How to heal negative programs related to gratitude? Well, first prepare a notebook – then, write down every single memory that you have of events, in which you were forced to be grateful, or that your gratitude was punished. Then, write down the names of people who hurt you this way. And then, forgive them for hurting you in this way. Finally, forgive yourself for following bad patterns related to gratitude.

Some memories of such unpleasant events might come to you as you work with the following affirmations for next 3 months:

  • I, NAME, am allowed to receive, and it is OK for me to receive.
  • I, NAME, knows, that it is OK and innocent to be grateful.
  • I, NAME, am innocent when I’m grateful.

These are simple healing affirmations, which you should work out, based on the article about affirmations, available for free on A State of Mind. Don’t forget to use Core Images work to heal bad memories related to gratitude, as well.

How To Use Gratitude

But even if you believe that you require some healing, don’t worry – work with affirmations and forgiveness, and in the meantime, start feeling gratitude right away.

  • Every time something nice happens to you – be thankful. Be thankful to yourself that such positive thing happened, and be thankful for those who participated in this positive thing.
  • Be thankful for what you have already – look around you. It might be an old TV set, or a roof over your head, or a bad to sleep in. Whatever you have, even if it’s old and it doesn’t seem to be important, be thankful that you have it – as long as it helps your life in some way, even the smallest.
  • Be thankful for every dish and glass of water – food is essential for your survival, without it, you wouldn’t survive, so be thankful for everything you put into your mouth.
  • Be thankful for the time of peace and quiet that you have – even if these are only few minutes each day, they’re essential for your well being, so be thankful for these, as well.
  • Be thankful for people around you – those who love you and those who care about you are the most important people, but don’t forget about those who make your life possible – your co-workers or employers (if any), or the owner of the shop in which you do the shopping every day. Be thankful to those who work with the food you eat, and be thankful to the waitress in the restaurant, too :).

Look around you, and think of more things, people and events that you are thankful for. And with time, you’ll attract more and more awesome, positive things to your life. But when should you be thankful? Well, all the time – it’s very, very important. But creating a habit of being thankful all the time is tricky. At the beginning, you should devote few minutes each day for “gratitude meditation“. Some schools of thought suggest to be thankful in the evening.

Personally, I suggest creating some time for a special “ritual” for of gratitude – but in the morning. This way, you can start your day with positive attitude of gratefulness. Each morning, I sit down with my coffee and I look through the window at the world, slowly waking up. And I think about things I’m grateful. I enjoy coffee, and I enjoy things and people and opportunities that I have. You can do the same – just sit down in the morning with a cup of coffee, or anything else you like to drink, and for the next 20 or 30 minutes just think about things you’re grateful. And it’s OK to be grateful for the same things each morning :).

Make such gratitude mediation your new, daily habit. Quite fast you shall see the results in your life.


I hope that this article helped you understand the importance of gratitude in your life, so you can be more grateful for things you have from now on. Remember – the more grateful you are, the more positive things you attract.

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How often do you practice gratitude? Do you notice positive changes in your life whenever you’re thankful for something? 

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