What Is Self-assessment and Why Do You Need It For Your Spiritual Growth

So, you want to develop psychic abilities? Or maybe you wish to start your journey towards spiritual enlightenment? Maybe you want to become a healer? Or maybe you simple wish to apply some simple spiritual rules and tips to improve your daily life, family, relationship or work? Well, whatever it is you want to do, there is one thing which you should learn at the very beginning of your journey. An aspect of your personality which is essential for your spiritual safety and healthy spiritual growth.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about something that has been manipulated and conspired against by multiple authors of spiritual books who wish to limit your freedom. This harmed aspect of your character is called self-assessment. It’s an essential part of you if you wish to develop your spiritual nature.


Self-assessment 101

What is self-assessment? It’s an important aspect of your character. Wikipedia states:

In social psychology, self-assessment is the process of looking at oneself in order to assess aspects that are important to one’s identity. It is one of the motives that drive self-evaluation, along with self-verification and self-enhancement. (source)

From spiritual perspective, self-assessment is your primary self-defense against manipulation, gurus, fake spiritual information and practices. It influence your self-esteem and self-confidence. High self-assessment makes you more confident about achieving your goals and dreams; it improves your ethics and moral compass, as well. High self-assessment helps you trust yourself and trust your own choices, making it easier to make these choices, and making it easier to become free of manipulation by other people.

On the other hand, low self-assessment makes you vulnerable to manipulation and “truths of other people”, you become a believers who trusts without confirmation, while you should try for yourself to see if “it” works. You become easily scared, and this opens the door for psychic attacks from people and entities. You become depressed and sad, even lazy, afraid of achieving your goals and dreams.

In the end, low self-assessment makes you scared, living a manipulated, depressing life. While high self-assessment gives you strength to find your own truths, and to manifest a positive, awesome life you want. No true spiritual growth is possible if your self-assessment is low. You need to improve your self-assessment first, in order to walk the path of spiritual development. Only then you will believe you can achieve your dreams and goals; only then you will believe you’re safe, and only then you’re be able to find your own, deep and powerful spiritual truths, instead of believing the truths of others which are not necessary useful to you.

Ego, the New Age Conspiracy

Unfortunately, what many New Age authors did in the past 50 years, is a great conspiracy against your freedom. They told you that thoughts like…

  • I know what I want.
  • I want my dreams to become truth.
  • I want to be happy.
  • I want to fall in love.

… are egoistical, and as part of your Ego, they must be destroyed and neglected, because Ego is what keeps you away from enlightenment. Now, if you believe that happiness of everyone else on the planet is more important than your own happiness, and that enlightenment of everyone else on the planet is more important than your own enlightenment, then I guess you can stop reading this, because I won’t persuade you to school of thought which I represent. But if you care about your own spirituality and your own happiness,  then it’s time to learn a deep spiritual truth:

Your happiness is the greatest spiritual gift which you can give to the world.

Many “teachers” and “masters” would like you to believe that your needs are egoistical and thus, less important than the needs of many. So they wrote many books and have created many schools of thought, that teach one thing: ego must be destroyed, and there’s no place for “I” in your world. Well, I believe otherwise – your happiness is the most important thing in the world.

Why so? Well, let’s put it this way – because if you won’t be happy, then you won’t give a shit about anything else in this world.

Simple enough :). Why and how, that’s a subject for another, long article. For now, keep in mind, if you’re happy and if you enjoy life, then you will do everything you can to love others, and make them happy, too. Gandhi said:

You must be the change you wish to see in the world

You must get happy, so you can make others happy. And the very first step to do so is your own self-assessment. Your “I” must be strong, it must be embraced, it must be loving, kind and powerful to manifest an awesome life. You start this process with improving your own self-assessment.

How to Improve Your Self-Assessment

As with every aspect of your being, the path to improving your self-assessment leads through healing negative experiences, memories and beliefs from the past. For example, if your parents told you one day that you’re worthless and you won’t achieve anything in your life, then such painful experience has been encoded within your subconscious mind, and it will lower your self-assessment, blocking your ability to manifest perfect life. You need to heal this memory, and this belief.

You can do so through many techniques, two of which I’ve explained in details on A State of Mind already. These are:

  • Affirmations – a way of programming your mind in positive fashion by repetition of positive phrases.
  • Core Images – a method of healing bad memories and experiences through simple meditation and visualization.

These are two useful tools which you should try in your own practice. To use them, you need to identify your negative memories and beliefs. Now this is a bit more complex process. But it can be done – by using affirmations, first. So, go ahead and read the article about affirmations if you haven’t done so, already, and when you’re done, I’ll have a homework for you.

For the next couple of months, I would like you to work with the following affirmations:

  1. I, NAME, love and respect myself.
  2. I, NAME, accept every part of me.
  3. I, NAME, know what I want.
  4. I, NAME, am worthy of achieving success in my life.
  5. I, NAME, deserve success and happiness in my life.

These affirmations should take about 5 months of work – during that time, observe the things you write down on your reactions page in the notebook, in which you write these affirmations. Based on these reactions – beliefs, memories and feelings, you’re going to:

  • Design more, positive affirmations countering the negative emotions and beliefs which you’re wrote down.
  • Use Core Images sessions to heal the memories you recalled as you were writing these 5 basic affirmations.
  • You can also use forgiveness – I’ve explained how to use forgiveness in my book, Psychic Development Simplified (check it out on Amazon.com). This way, you can forgive yourself for believing you’re not worthy, and you can forgive others, who ever damaged your self-assessment.

This is it – it will take over half a year to deal with these basic issues – but the more negative beliefs you counter, and the more bad memories you heal, and the more people who hurt you, you forgive, the more healed you’ll become. And the higher your self-assessment will grow, which will lead to small or big changes in your life – but even if these shall be small changes, they will be changes for better, and your entire life will get better.

Continue such work for months and years to come – especially if you’ve been risen in negative environment, there might be many things to work out and heal. But it’s worth it, definitely! As you live your life from now on, observe your feelings, memories and emotions, that come to you, when you think about your self-assessment, self-esteem and self-confidence. Observe them, and if they’re negative, counter them and heal them. It takes time, but beyond that, it’s very, very simple thing to do, which brings great, positive results after few months of work.


Ensuring that your self-assessment is high makes you stronger on the path of spiritual growth, a growth here on Earth. With high self-assessment, it’s a lot easier to find true love, achieve great business success, and be respected by people around you. Remember – the primary rule of spiritual growth says, “first – love yourself!” Now go doing your homework, because you’re worth it, and you deserve to have an awesome life!

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Do you believe that your self-assessment is high? Do you feel worthy of achieving success and happiness?

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