Why Am I Reiki Evangelist and Why Should You Try Reiki Yourself

A long time ago I was taught that in order to create a successful blog, you must gather an army of “evangelists” – people who will promote your blog for you. To do so, you need to create great products and share great knowledge. An evangelist is a person who shares the vision of someone else with his friends, family and people he can reach. Little did I know at the time that I was about to become such evangelist – a Reiki evangelist, sharing the vision, knowledge and great spiritual tool given to people by Mikao Usui some 100 years ago.

Reiki is a tool of spiritual healing, and a path of spiritual development. It is something I recommend to every person in the world, although not everyone should pursuit all 3 degrees of Reiki. Why am I Reiki evangelist and why should you try Reiki for yourself? Keep reading, and I’ll give you answers :).


If you haven’t heard of Reiki before, I recommend reading over my article, Reiki 101, that explains the very basics of Reiki method of spiritual healing.

Why Am I Reiki Evangelist

Today, I’m not simple Reiki practitioner and teacher, I’m also an evangelist, someone who promotes Reiki whenever and wherever he can. It’s because I believe, and I know from experience, that Reiki is a powerful tool of spiritual healing that can turn your life upside down, for better!

Of course, Reiki is not a religion, it’s a method of working with energy, a tool which can be used by everyone,  no matter of religion of faith etc… Reiki evangelist is a Reiki advocate, just as brand advocate is a brand evangelist – someone who promotes the product or service or idea :).

There are few primary reasons why I promote Reiki these days.

  • Reiki helped me face my fears – living in a Western world, I was bombarded by fears and concerns of daily life. The future seemed scary to me – what will I do if I loose my job? What will I do if I will loose the place I live in? What if, what if? Fears were normal part of my life, until I became Reiki practitioner. Reiki gave me strength to fight and overcome my fears, but it also helped me find solutions for every problem I was facing. Today, most of my fears from the past are gone, and I live a calm, peaceful life.
  • Reiki helped me understand my true nature – through Reiki, I’ve understood that as humans, it’s in our nature to enjoy life – drink some beer, eat meat, have sex – and enjoy every single aspect of our life. I’ve understood that changes cannot be forced, and if I enjoy beer and meat, then I shouldn’t change it in the name of some New Age rules or ideologies. Although I do not drink anymore alcohol these days, I’ve learned to enjoy the fact that I’m human, and as human, I have very human needs, that our society tends to deny or neglect.
  • Reiki helped me accept myself – and because of this, Reiki helped me accept myself – it helped me accept the fact that I’m human, that I can be afraid, or wrong, or that I can act according to my human nature. Through acceptance of your nature, you begin your own spiritual journey. By accepting and loving yourself, you can accept and love people around you.
  • It unleashed my abundance potential – thanks to Reiki, I have learned what kind of fears and blockages hold me on my path towards abundant life. I’ve learned what I really want and what I enjoy doing, and I’ve learned how to seek inspirations and means to achieve my goals. Today, I’m a full-time writer and Reiki practitioner, and I do not complain about my income :). All thanks to Reiki!
  • It helped me find inner strength – every single problem I face in my daily life is now a way easier to dealt with because through Reiki, I’ve healed my blockages and overcome my fears. Reiki also charges me with life force, inner strength to make life easier.
  • It gave me new spiritual path to walk on – and finally, Reiki helped me define the spiritual path which I walk now, a mixture of Huna, Taoism and five Reiki principles. This spiritual path gives me a moral compass, and means of improving myself each and every day.

Generally, by regularly using Reiki everyday for past 2 years, I’ve changed for better. I’m no longer afraid of the future, I’ve created a steady passive income, I’m kind and helpful to others, and I have motivation to improve myself further and further, every single day of my life. And I’m not the only one – I observe similar changes in people around me, those who are my friends practicing Reiki, and those who are my patients, who receive Reiki through me.

Seeing how Reiki helped me, and how Reiki helps people all around me, I decided to promote Reiki all the time, as a spiritual tool that heals and improves life, a tool that is available to everyone! Because everyone can learn Reiki!

Why Should You Try Reiki For Yourself

Do you suffer from fear of the future? Do you experience problems every day? Do you have troubles with your relationship, health, money, family? Do you suffer from pains or stress? If so, then you should try few Reiki sessions for yourself – they will initiate healing within you, and your life will improve itself over time – even within few weeks you should see improvements. If you do not have direct access to Reiki healer in your area, you can order a distant healing session from me, here.

And you’re willing to spend 45 minutes each day healing yourself through Reiki, then you should become Reiki practitioner – 45 minutes of practice per day is enough to heal your entire life over time. Everyone is different, but Reiki leads to healing and understanding your true nature – with your beliefs and emotions healed, and true nature understood, there is nothing that can stop you in your life. The gates of abundance and happiness and spirituality will be open for you, for good!

Reiki can help you with:

  • Relationship – you create different forms of relationship throughout your life. With some people you create healthy relationship, while with other people you create destructive relationship. Reiki can help you strengthen your healthy relationship, and realize, and then end negative relationship. Wouldn’t it be easier to strengthen your relationship with true friends, calm down relationship with co-workers, and end relationship with those who try to manipulate you?
  • Work – Reiki can help you find joy in your daily work, or even help you find joy in home work. Personally, I used to dislike mowing the lawn. Today, I don’t enjoy it too much, but I don’t have problems with it, either, and I can mow the lawn with neutral emotions. Reiki can make you like your boss and co-workers, or, if it’s really impossible, Reiki can help you attract a new, better job for yourself.
  • Money – with enough practice and healing, through Reiki healing you can learn how to receive inspirations for new ways of making money, and you can also change your beliefs about money. Therefore, you can open yourself for the flow of money – either through new job, or your own business, or a source of additional passive income.
  • Love – through Reiki you can heal your negative beliefs and patterns related to love; then you can learn to love yourself, and finally, you can attract love of others – whether it’s love of your family members, or a deep and passionate, romantic love.
  • Family – you can heal your family life, find new ways to spend more time with your family and heal your relationship. Family is important, and Reiki helps you understand it.
  • Stress – after school or work, or stressful shopping, Reiki acts as a perfect method of relaxation and stress reduction (which, by the way, has been proven scientifically). If you suffer from stress, then regular Reiki sessions will relax and calm you down, thus improving your life a lot.
  • Health –  Reiki is also a form of alternative medicine, which can reduce pain, or support healing of different physical illnesses. Whatever it is that you suffer from, try Reiki, and after few sessions, you will notice great improvement.
  • Abundance – and in the end, through regular use of Reiki, you will notice that abundance flows into your life – abundance of money, friends, love, health, peace and even spiritual wisdom.

And that’s why you should try Reiki for yourself – with it, you can improve your health, heal relationship, attract abundance and find spiritual path you’ll enjoy. You can heal your family life, or improve relations with co-workers at work. Try it, and maybe one day you will become a Reiki evangelist, ever experiencing positive effects of Reiki upon yourself :).

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Do you practice Reiki? If so, do you promote it among your friends or co-workers?

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  1. I’m taking notes, great post …

    by geena / July 28th 2012

  2. Thank you :).

    by Nathaniel / July 28th 2012

  3. This is a wonderful article. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I am a Reiki practitioner, and I want to practice more on myself. Having some emotional issues lately and I am being led by the Creator to use Reiki for healing. Thank you again. Love and Light, Goddess Tamara

    by Tamara / August 20th 2012

  4. I’m glad I could help :).

    by Nathaniel / August 20th 2012