How To Use Prayer To Get Anything You Want (And Where’s The Catch)

Prayer – when you strip it off down to basics, to it’s very core, and there’s no more religion included, prayer becomes one of the most powerful tools of manifestation that anyone can use to attract anything, and everything. In order to understand how to use prayer to get new car or receive guidance on the spiritual path simple continue reading through this article.

Those of you who ever heard of Huna might recognize the form of prayer which I’m about to teach – what you’re going to learn is a prayer of manifestation of great life, a very important tool for those who wish to live in abundance.


The Basics of Prayer

People pray – and it’s great! But before we go further, let’s say it – people pray for different things. One can pray for the well being of whole mankind, and the other might pray for a new car – both prayers are OK, because what defines the prayer is the intention, with which you pray. If your heart is pure and you do not wish to harm anyone, then it’s OK to pray for material goods for yourself.

Now, we need to define what prayer is. It’s not a religious thing – you do not pray to God. I mean, you do, because there are religious forms of prayer, as well. Well, you will pray to God, sort of… Anyway, prayer, basically, is a set of phrases spoken from the bottom of your heart, with pure intentions, meant as a form of wish. In some way, it seems to be a form of “spell” – but the difference, which is quite subtle – in case of spell, you wish to influence the reality. In case of prayer, you direct your wish towards higher power – God, Higher Self, the Absolute, the Universe and such.

Personally, I pray in simple way – first, I define my goal and analyse if I feel any negative emotions about it. They signify that I have blockages on my subconscious mind that might prohibit me from manifesting my goal. So I work these blockages out, through core images work or affirmations. Then, I create a prayer, and pray for few minutes each day, until my goal is achieved. This is how I became a successful author and Reiki teacher :).

You can pray for anything you wish – peace in the world, healed relationship, better work, awesome sales of your products, happy family, healthy pet or new car or even new computer game – your life, your wishes, your happiness, therefore – your prayer. The Universe loves you, so you can ask for anything you wish!

Anything? So, Where’s The Catch?

The catch is… well, the catches are, because there are two:

  1. If you pray for something that isn’t beneficial for all, and might cause harm, your prayer might have different result, or no result at all.
  2. And if you pray without previous spiritual development process, your subconscious mind may be unable to pass your prayers to your higher mind, which deals with manifestation.

So, you must clear your subconscious. Often, it’s filled with self-assessment problems, lack of self-confidence, fears, negative beliefs and similar blockages. First, you must clean them up, through affirmations, or different forms of meditation, or core images work (a guided meditation for core images is available). Or, you might schedule a spiritual healing for these aspects of your subconscious, that might block your prayer and goals, via my healing services. If you don’t clean the way through your subconscious, the your prayer will have no results.

Second, or should I say – first – you need to pray for something that is innocent and beneficial for everyone, and for something that won’t harm anyone or anything. For example, you can pray for new car, and your prayer will be successful, if it won’t include negative emotions, envy or a wish to steal the car from your rich neighbor – I think you get the point.

And that’s it – so, what do you wish to pray for? And how to actually pray?

How to Use Prayer – How-to

Below you’ll see a practical, step-by-step tutorial for simple prayer.

  1. First thing to do is to set the goal of your prayer. You need to define what you want, what is it that you wish to pray for. For example, your goal might be to sell 300 copies of your book per month. That’s your goal, which you’re going to turn into prayer later on. So, choose what is it that you wish to pray for.
  2. Then, next step is to analyse how do you feel about your goal. For example, if I want to sell 300 copies of my book each month, I might feel different emotions or perceive different problems related to this goals. I might feel sad because I feel unworthy of selling 300 copies of my book, or I might feel angry because I think there’s no way to reach so many customers. The feelings which you experience, and the thoughts you notice, and the problems you perceive, are the subject for working out. For example, through core images work, or through affirmations work. To continue the example of feeling angry, I might work with simple affirmation:

    “I, Nathan, can easily find a way to reach 300 customers each month.”

    And I can work with this affirmation for continues 30 days, working this blockage, this fear, out, so the path between my subconscious mind and the higher consciousness will clear a bit more. In such way, you must work out all blockages, fears and negative beliefs related to your goal, and to the process of achieving your goal. Only then, the prayer will be successful. Now I admit, it might take many months, but thing about it this way: if you’re not willing to spend few months working with yourself, then the prayer is pointless, as it won’t work.

  3. Then, when you’ve worked things out and you finally feel OK and positive about your goal, you can prepare the prayer’s formula. You can write it down and it might contain few words, or even a dozen of phrases. The formula of the prayer defines what you want. For example, it might look like this:

    I am selling 300 copies of my book per each month. It is beneficial and innocent for me to sell 300 copies of my book per each month, and I’m thankful for this fact. I’m thankful for all my customers, and I’m thankful to all those who read my books. I’m selling 300 copies of my book per each month. All of this happens while harming no one and no thing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Once the formula is ready, try to memorize it, at least in general way – as you pray, you need to know what is it that you pray for :). As you should notice, create the prayer in “real time”, I mean, do not think about the future, do not pray “I wish to make 1000 USD per month”, pray “I already make 1000 USD per month”, the present is what matters. Remember about being thankful, gratitude is a powerful thing.

  4. Once the preparation is done, you can schedule your prayer. Prepare yourself, set your mind at peace, enter a light state of meditation and intend for the prayer to be passed by your subconscious mind to your higher consciousness with intention of turning the prayer into reality. Then, you should charge yourself with energy – proper food, sex (for females) or a bit dose of sexual abstinence (for males), natural food, slow and deep breaths, or Reiki, charges you with the energy that you need for your prayer. Once you’re charged with energies, you can begin the prayer.
  5. Close your eyes, once again connect with your subconscious mind and ask it to pass the prayer to your higher consciousness (simple by asking it to do so), and in this peaceful state of mind, say the prayer – once, twice or thrice – the choice is yours. You can speak aloud, or silently, in your mind. When you’re done, thank for the prayer, and thank for the manifestation of the things you pray for.
  6. Finally, allow yourself to relax for couple of minutes, and you’re done.


That’s it – you should continue to pray like this until your goal is achieved – remember that small goals can be achieved faster than big goals. Usually, if you don’t receive negative emotions regarding your goal or dream, then the manifestation of your prayer should happen within few months, at max. With time and practice, your prayer becomes a tool of self-improvement and realization of your subconscious fears; but it also becomes a tool of manifestation – of an abundant life, abundant in material goods, money, love, peace and spiritual truths.

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Do you pray? How do you pray, what is it that you pray for? 

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. This is great, I never knew prayers were used this way, but i have trouble clearing my mind, how do you know when you’ve cleared your mind?

    by lea / July 21st 2012

  2. i’m a really big fan of your work and i need to ask can your guardian angel take the form of a toy, and can a guardian angel die, I once had an odd dream of a man with black hair and a bit of a stubble, lifting into a white nothing while saying i love you lea and i woke up and something seemed too escape from my life, from a toy then a few days or weeks later i felt something else come into my life , the toy felt hevier, it felt different from before, i keep having dreams about this one toy being destroyed or someone wants it, i always feel i must protect it, and once i was tapping on my living room wall (don’t ask me why XP) and i heard tapping back i felt a presence but i wasn’t scared which is wierd for me i tapped back then we started tapping too each other, could you please tell me if i’m going crazy or somethings trying too talk too me?

    by lea / July 21st 2012

  3. @Lea,
    There are two phases of clearing your mind. One during meditation – you know you’ve cleared your mind when there are no more thoughts and emotions coming to you as you mediate.

    Second phase, clearing your mind of negative patterns, fears and worries takes more time, and it can be recognized when there are no negative emotions, feelings and memories reaching you when you think about something, for example your goal :).

    by Nathaniel / July 24th 2012

  4. A spirit guide (guardian angel) cannot die, at least not to my knowledge. And it won’t tap, either – tapping is often used by spirits of those who passed away (ghosts), it’s their form of communication. Perhaps there is someone around you who haven’t moved on. In such case, it’s advisable to contact someone who is experienced in guiding spirits into the light, and releasing their souls – it might be interesting to know there’s someone you loved still around you, but unfortunately, even the most peaceful ghost get corrupted over time, and should be send into the light.

    by Nathaniel / July 24th 2012

  5. Hi Nathan, I loved this post! Thought it was really interesting and serendipitous (did I just make that word up? LOL) as I have found myself praying more often the past few weeks and it totally took me by surprise. For me I think the most important thing is to ask for a specific situation to resolve itself in the way that is in alignment with the highest good – and not specify how. That leaves the door open for the Universe to sort things out without muddling it up with my own idea of what’s best. Prayer is less effective when its guided by our fears and ambitions or by what we think is good.

    Just so happens I wrote a post on how we can use the “Our Father” to manifest things … took me by surprise as I’m not in the habit of praying religiously

    by geena / August 12th 2012

  6. It’s me again and thankyou for your advice, it helped I don’t know anyone around me who has died but i’ll look into it.

    But I have another question it’s not for me it’s for a friend, she told me about 3 days ago that, she saw what she thinks might be a demon, I’m all into the spiritual world but i don’t know what to do, she said,that she couldn’t open her eyes no matter how hard she tried, and her chest keeps getting tighter and tighter and she said it felt like someone was choking her, she couldn’t talk,scream, yell. then she had to concentrate to open her eyes then her eyes shot open and she saw a man in a black hood choking her, it was talking but she can’t remember what it said, then she got the energy and screamed and jumped out of bed and it dissarpeard, and it was real she was freaked out!

    Please help, her parents don’t belive in ghosts, and spirits so they won’t help her and she has seen and heard many things in her house, such as lights and black figures and children

    But she really needs your help so please respond.

    (my email has changed becuse i got hacked recently.)

    by lea / August 13th 2012