Learn The Only (Spiritual) Business Secret You Will Ever Need & Create Awesome Business!

The series of articles about attracting abundance and creating awesome life continues. Today, I wish to discuss the subject of creating businesses from spiritual perspective. As always, it will be simple yet very educational.

Most books and economy teachers agree: if you want to make money, you need to create product people are willing to pay for. In my opinion, it is partially true. Behind this ultimate law of business, there’s a deeper, spiritual understanding. A true secret of attracting abundance through creating your own business. Once you learn this secret, everything else is quite simple. And this spiritual secret is…


The more you give, the more you receive. 

This is a simple truth. And yet, most people are unaware of it. But wait a minute, what does it have to do with business and abundance? Well, let’s take a look from a different perspective. You can attract abundance by creating business, for example. And you can create a business by creating a product people are willing to pay for, right? Well, that product is something you give to people. The more you give to people, the more you receive from people. But it’s still a bit foggy, so let’s change it into simpler words.

Most people, when they think about their own business, think:

“What things can I do so people can pay me for them?”

But this thinking is all wrong. You see, the proper way to think should be this:

“How can I help as many people as possible?”

Now this is a way you do business. And this is a way you give. Are you persuaded? Well, let’s analyze the spiritual background of these two ways of thinking, shall we?

  • “What things can I do so people can pay me for them?” – when you think like this, you do not attract money, but you struggle with it. Your goal is to make money, not to help people. It’s a struggle, and the truth is, the more you struggle with money, the harder it is for you to make money. In this case, making money will be hard.
  • “How can I help as many people as possible?” – now this way of thinking is different. When you think like this,  you focus on helping others, you focus on giving as much as possible to others. In this case, you give, and the Universe gives you back. This way, you attract money easily.

I realized this because I had two businesses at the time. First business was A State of Mind. Here, I thought “how can I help all these people who wish to learn more about psychic abilities and their own spirituality?” In result, creating products and fresh articles was fun, and for this very day, A State of Mind is my favorite business. My other business was a publishing initiative on Polish market. In this case, I thought “how can I make more money, what kind of products should I create so people can pay me?” In this case, I was struggling a lot, and the business was awful. I was stressed, angry and the amount of money wasn’t spectacular.

All of this changed when I realized the difference between these two businesses – the different once simple, as you should see it already. In case of ASoM, I tried to help people – but in case of my publishing company, I tried to make money. As soon as I realized this, things have changed.

Helping People Is What Makes Business Spiritual

Every business can be spiritual – because what defines a spiritual business is the following:

  • Be honest.
  • And help as many people through your business as possible.

You can have a spiritual restaurant if you use only the best ingredients, you’re honest with your workers and customers, and you try to provide them the best food possible. You can have the spiritual construction company when you care about the buildings you construct, because people are going to live and work in these buildings. You can have a spiritual publishing company, if the books you publish make people’s live easier – either by providing knowledge or entertaining them after long work day. The general rule is – you can have the spiritual business whenever you care about people who are your customers.

Know this:

The world is built through kindness.

Keeping your customers in mind, caring about your customers, and making sure they’re more important than money, is the key to spiritual business. And once your business is spiritual in such helpful way, then the money will follow. It is a spiritual truth: do not struggle to make more money, but work to help as many people as possible, and they money will flow to you automatically.

How To Create Spiritual Business

Whenever you brainstorm to create a fresh business, or you already have a business, you can turn it into a true, spiritual business that will bring you great abundance. To make sure your business is spiritual, simple answer the following questions:

  • How can I help as many people as possible?
  • How can I make people’s life easier?
  • How can I make people happier?
  • What kind of products can I create to make people’s life easier?
  • What kind of services can I create to make people’s life easier?
  • How can I improve my business for customer’s benefit?

Notice that these question place the point of focus upon customers, upon people – not upon money. Many businesses today try to answer these questions:

  • How can we increase our income?
  • How can we reach more customers?
  • How can we lower our costs?

These are great questions! But they should be asked when time comes – these are the economical questions, they’re important, but they can be used only to manage the company and keep it rolling – not to expand it, nor to create it at all, nor to make it spiritual. So remember, while economical and business knowledge is important, your primary focus should be your customers. Take care of them, help them, make sure they’re the center of your attention – and they will appreciate your care, and your products, and your services, because when you focus on your customers, you create products and services that really help people.

And you can help them in many ways, and in almost every area of economy. You can create awesome construction company, publishing company, medical facility, consulting business, big or small, it doesn’t matter :).

And if you haven’t figured out what kind of business would you like to create, open yourself for inspirations – focus on receiving an idea, ask for it, even through something as simple as prayer. As you open yourself for inspirations, you can receive hundreds, even thousands of ideas! The amount of business ideas can be overwhelming, but whenever you have a fresh idea, ask yourself the questions above. See if your idea fits these questions, see if your idea can help people, make their life easier, or make people happier. If it doesn’t, then skip the idea or turn it into a hobby. If if answers positive to at least one of these questions, then it’s an idea worth pursuing.

And this is how you create spiritual business – help people, make their life easier and happier. And they money will follow! Now you can see that it’s so simple to make your life here and now a bit more spiritual – isn’t is awesome?

Making Work Spiritual, Yay!

But your own business is not the only area where you can use this secret. Normal work is such area, as well. It is said:

There’s no greater purpose than service to others.

And this is something everyone should remember when going to work… But that’s something for another article.

By changing the way you think about abundance, you open yourself for inspirations. By changing the way you think about business, you open yourself for possibilities and opportunities. Everything else is business & financial education, and the gates of abundance shall be open for you!

The more people realize this simple truth, the more spiritual business will be created in the coming years. And the more such businesses there are, the better the world becomes.

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