How To Be a Great Spiritual Healer, Or Why Shouldn’t You Mix Too Much In Your Spiritual Cauldron

Spiritual growth is useful, and unleashing your spirit is awesome! But as the interest of people in spiritual development grows, so is the number of victims of New Age movements… Not every New Age person or technique or path is bad and evil, of course. But among great things, there are unpleasant behaviours that can give you a headache – literally. One of the problems of New Age, which you should avoid, is the constant mixture of different paths and techniques.

To understand this better, let me give you an example, so in the end of this article, I can give you practical tips as how to stay healthy for the rest of your life.


The Example Of A Spiritual Healer

Imagine a spiritual healer, and yes, this is a real story. Let’s say the guy’s name is Joe  – he has a gift, he can use his own bioenergy to heal others. But he stumbles upon other healers in the Internet, and they talk about their successes, and he gets jealous, because he can’t do such awesome stuff as they can. It doesn’t matter for Joe that he does help people, he gets sad because others seems better than him. So he goes to special school for healers, spends 2 years learning and gets a diploma. During that time, he learns about meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi Chuan, Kundalini, New Age ideals and the end of the world in 2012…

But finally, Joe gets his diploma. And yet, it doesn’t make him feel better… So he looks for some new techniques to expand his portfolio. He gets a Reiki course and he thinks how awesome this tool is. But the competition gets stronger, so he needs to expand his knowledge and skills. He gets a course in Kundalini Reiki, Gold Reiki and Diamond Reiki. And in order to get better in diagnostic, he learns how to use runes and Tarot cards, as well.

Joe’s wall is filled with diplomas and certificates, but deep inside, he still feels bad about himself. Because in reality, he tried to fix his feelings with additional papers, but he never healed the pain within himself. His self-esteem and self-assessment is low, still. And in the middle of his journey, problems appear. Chaos in Joe’s mind drives him insane, emotions fight the way to his conscious mind. His life seems awfully faked, and he can’t find a way to ground himself… It’s just a matter of time before his ego will kick in and kick others…

What’s Wrong With Joe?

The problem with Joe is quite simple – he mixed too much stuff together. What works with most things in the modern world, doesn’t work with energy and spiritual forces. You can get a diploma of 10 different colleges, and finish dozens of additional courses, and it might make you a more skillful worker. But the same approach won’t work in case of spiritual stuff – at least not always. Look below:

  • You can mix Reiki with Qigong and Huna, and as long as you remember about safety rules, it will work out quite well.
  • But you can’t mix Reiki with runes, Tarot and Yoga, because it will create awful mixture of energies.
  • You can use Reiki and Reiki only…
  • But if you use Reiki, Isis Reiki, Gold Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Diamond Reiki, Seichim-Sekhem Reiki and Angelic Reiki, then even the most experienced healer will have problems to patch you up and save your life.

The problem is that some energies doesn’t work with each other very well. Reiki works with runes, but runes do not work with Reiki – meaning, Reiki is a neutral energy, but runes’ energy isn’t neutral and it doesn’t work well with some things – it’s just an example. You can practice both, but only if you’re skilled enough to see how these energies work together. Sometimes they just don’t work together well… Most people can’t see it, so they learn more and more different techniques, that lead to the biggest problem – the chaos within your own energetics…

The Spiritual Energies Within You Goes Boom!

The more spiritual methods you use and practice within proper knowledge and safety rules, the bigger the chaos within your energy system you create. You make holes in your aura, you disharmonize your chakras, you create blockages on your energy body, and the life energy doesn’t flow as it should be. This leads to life problems – traumas, accidents, illnesses, financial problems, family problems and such. People are rarely aware of this. It’s like in chemistry – two substances might be harmless as long as they stay separate, but once you mix them, they go boom!

The problem which I described doesn’t limit itself to healers, but to EVERY person interested in spiritual stuff. Whether you like to expand your awareness, learn to meditate, or become a psychic or just a Joe Doe who attracts money easily, you need to remember not to mix too much stuff, because it might not end well. Focus on 2-3 things, instead of 20-30. Remember what people say:

It doesn’t matter what you have, it’s how you use it.

Quite often it’s better to spend, for example, 20 years practicing Reiki and become a master, than to jump from technique to technique, and know little of anything, at all. Quite often it’s better to work with runes for 20 years and become an expert, than to work with every little system of divination for 50 years, and know nothing about any of it.

Mixing Doesn’t Work for Spiritual Healers

Now, I wish to get to the most important thing – those who are spiritual healers should not mix too many techniques together. As you’re a healer, you take responsibility for yourself and those you wish to heal, and your task is to help people, not to show that you have a greater portfolio and offer. Great offer is a tool to make more money, not to help people more. It’s something I’ve noticed among healers I know, so I know it personally.

I’ve met quite few spiritual healers. Those who were focusing on 1-2 techniques are still here with us. They work, they help, and they live a happy life. I also know those who decided to pursuit their healing career further, and learn dozens of techniques – they know everything from bioenergy therapy to Reiki to pranic healing to shamanism to divination systems. And their life is in chaos, they see enemies and competitors everywhere, they can’t focus, they have trouble attracting money, and they’re ready to wage a war with anyone who doesn’t agree with their greatness…

Those who mixed too many things together have lost themselves, which is sad, because they were great healers once…

For many spiritual healers who are caught in the modern world of competition, business and commerce, it might be hard to accept, but the truth is: it’s much better to focus on 1 or 2 things to work with, than to learn as much as possible to expand your knowledge. Sometimes it’s much better to learn Reiki and practice Reiki only, and send the person to another healer skilled in bioenergy therapy, than to learn this form of healing yourself. Because in the end, the primary goal is to help the person – not to make money at all cost.

Instead of learning everything there is to learn, create a network of spiritual healers with specializations. And create a system of subscription or even a form of insurance between you and others healers, so your customers doesn’t have to pay over and over again ;). It’s an interesting concept, but it’s much better idea – everyone can benefit from it. And all of you will stay safe. Not to mention that if you don’t waste your time learning dozens of other techniques, you can use this time to master what you already have!

One Must Be Responsible For Healing Others

The modern world has taught us that the more certificates you have and the more you know, the better you are. But this is a faked truth – true happiness comes from within, and in the field of spiritual healing or spirituality, it doesn’t mean how many certificates you have. It’s what you can do, and how good you are at it. And because practice leads to perfection, learning dozens of techniques won’t work – focusing on one or two techniques is the key to perfecting the way you walk on your spiritual path.

Be responsible – do not rush into learnings too much things, because in the field of spirituality, it doesn’t work like that. Read about the technique you wish to learn, talk about it with people, and then read even more. Spend many months reading and learning about theory, and make sure that this technique won’t interfere with anything else that you’re using. If the technique interfere with what you already use, make a decision – decide if you wish to focus on what you already have; or choose to learn the new technique, but pay the price and stop practicing the previous method.

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How many spiritual paths do you walk today? If you’re a healer, how many healing techniques do you use? Have you ever wondered if the techniques you’re using might not work quite well together?

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  1. Blessings, I would like to take this opportunity to commend you Nathaniel,on all your writting and teaching of the Metaphysical world.. be it Affirmations to Visualiziation. I have read hundreds possibly thousands of books in this field and I find your teachings to be secound to none.. I feel that all the knowledge you are sharing is the best of the best.. being a professional psychic medium, I only take what I feel is in my heart right from everything I read.. with you it all feels right..keep doing what you are doing.. you are one of the best.
    Lady Alura
    Ontario Canada

    by Lady Alura / June 23rd 2012

  2. Thank you! :D

    by Nathaniel / June 23rd 2012

  3. Thanks for sharing, Nathaniel. This certainly got me thinking. It’s taken me quite a while to find ‘my’ modality. When I studied Spiritual Healing with the NFSH here in the UK a few years ago, one of our teachers was also a Reiki Master. He didn’t mix the disciplines but kept them separate. I was never clear on why he felt the need to do both… Kind of wish I’d asked now.

    I did learn Reiki too. In the end, neither of them were right for me and I cleared the initiation symbols from my Aura a few years ago. Then I did very little with the healing for a few years and focused on honing my Tarot card reading skills instead.

    When I felt Spirit nudge me to get back into healing again, I was finally brave enough to go for what I had wanted to do all along but that I felt might be too ‘fluffy bunny’ (I’m a Capricorn!) – i.e. Angel Healing. I feel that I have finally come home… or rather gone full circle, as the massive OBE experience I had as a 6 year old child most definitely involved angels… choirs of them!

    I’m not sure how I feel about the statement that you can’t mix Reiki with the runes… I imagine that would depend on how you integrated the runes into your own energy. There are so many different approaches.

    I’m exploring the Tarot as a vibrational healing tool and find that the cards work very well in this capacity together with Angel healing.

    I do agree with the general idea of this post though – less is definitely more when it comes to healing! We are meant to be channels for pure light and love… the less we add to that, the better.

    by Lisa Frideborg Lloyd / June 23rd 2012