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Sleep is one of the most important things in your life. Your mind and body needs a rest, and from spiritual perspective, during sleep you recharge your batteries. You collect spiritual energy, so you can live a great life on the next day. Not to mention that your mental capabilities depend on healthy sleepy habits. And yet, so many people have trouble falling asleep these days. So many people suffer from sleep disorders…

I do have similar problems from time to time, so I was even more excited to read a new book by Eric Watermolen, that promises to teach every reader how to fall asleep and overcome sleepness nights. What can I say, if you have problems falling asleep, this book is definitely an essential reading for you, as it will help you out!


Sleep For Spiritual Growth

I believe that sleep is very, very important for people who wish to improve their life, attract abundance, turn their dreams into reality and grow spiritually. I hoped for Eric’s work to be awesome because then, I would have yet another great piece of knowledge to recommend to people who wish to grow. That’s why I decided to review the book and put it on ASoM, sleep is essential for spiritual development. And, to say it already, Eric’s work was no disappointment, but actually, it’s awesome!

The e-book itself contains both theory (very little) and practice (quite a lot). The review of the book, “Set Your Sleep on Autopilot” (aff) of Eric has been divided into two phases, I figured out it’s how such manual should be reviewed.

  • Phase 1 – Read the book :). And analyse the theory and knowledge that Eric shares.
  • Phase 2 – Practice. And see if Eric’s advices and techniques work in my own case.

This way I would know if the book is worth reading. Of course, there was a risk that Eric’s techniques might not work for me, because I’m different, but heck – what do I know? I started reading…

Enjoying the quality of the e-book’s formats (PDF, EPUB and MOBI) and the Zen feeling of them, I started reading. The book itself is very, very short. But, I have to admit that I’m used to huge books, I love reading, so that might influence my opinion. Yet I understand that Eric’s work is a manual, and heck, it’s a great manual!

Good, better, great…

With a bit of introduction and small dose of theory, Eric pushes you into practice right away, so you already have one technique to work with and learn to fall asleep, while you read the rest of the book. But since I’m a fast reader, I managed to finish the entire book quite quickly, and I was ready to start the practical experiments.

So, on the first night after reading the book, I decided to try the Mantra Technique… So I closed my eyes, and started mantring, “I’m getting richer and richer, I’m getting richer and richer, I’m gett…“. And the next thing I remember was waking up in the middle of the night. Heck, it worked! Just like that :).¬†Well, the fact that I woke up in the middle of the night is less important, I hold Mother Nature responsible, since I have never, ever witnessed such a powerful storm in the city of Wroclaw. Oh, those were awesome thunders! Anyway, let’s get back to the review... The technique worked on the next night, and next, and another one, and so far, it works very well…

Now that’s something new for me, since I got used to lie in bad for an hour or two before I fall asleep. With the mantra technique that Eric explained I can fall asleep within 15 minutes… The book tells that it might take some time before you learn to fall asleep quickly, so maybe I’m different, but I don’t care – it works! This is all I need to recommend this book for every person having problem with falling asleep. Of course, the work of Eric isn’t perfect…

The Thing I Don’t Like…

What I don’t agree with is the chapter that discuss Reiki technique for sleeping. I mean, Eric writes about Reiki, but he misses the point. You see, if you’re not attuned to Reiki, you cannot channel and use Reiki. Therefore, the entire chapter is misleading for readers, as they might believe they’re using Reiki for sleeping, while in reality, they’re not. I would suggest Eric to make updates in the next version of his e-book. But, I doubt that this small mistake would harm the point of the “Reiki” technique. Eric describes a way to use the spiritual energy and energy manipulation for relaxation, and even if he gets the name of the energy wrong, the technique itself does have standard spiritual basis, and it should be effective for quite many people. Being there, done that, not necessary for sleep, but everyone can channel spiritual energy (it won’t be Reiki, but still, quite powerful stuff).

Another technique, the Sleepy Monkey Technique, is quite useful as well – I haven’t tested it in the way Eric explains, but I do use something quite similar on regular basis, something that has the same principles and it works. I don’t use monkeys for this purpose, but again, Eric provides very useful technique for falling asleep. Since I use quite similar technique in my own life, and it works, I’m pretty sure that Eric’s technique works, as well.

I asked two friends of my to test the energy technique and the sleepy monkey technique, and after a week of trials, they did say to me that they had less problems falling asleep. So, it works, again :).

To summarize, I love the book! It’s simple, straight to the point, useful and the techniques work!

Grab the e-book today!

What can I say, the book is short and it isn’t perfect, and there are few things I can’t agree with. But in the end, the work of Eric shares very useful knowledge. So simple, that it should be obvious, but it’s not – in result, people these days have trouble falling asleep. If you have similar problems, I strongly recommend Eric’s book – it will show you simple yet very useuful ways – and it definitely will teach you how to fall asleep. Test subjects confirms it, and I confirm it! :)

It has been some time since I put the “ASoM Recommends” badge in a review, but heck, here it is!

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  1. I really liked your post. If this book really explains the technique to fall asleep quickly then I will definitely want to read this book because I am having a problem with falling asleep. And I want to try both techniques i.e Mantra as well as Sleepy Monkey to fall asleep.

    by Meryem / July 5th 2012