Start Attracting Abundance By Changing The Way You Think

As I talk with people about abundance, in most cases what I hear is: I would like to make more money, or have bigger house, or have a new car, but I can’t. I just don’t make enough money, the loan is killing me, the food and fuel prices are rising, and I don’t know if I’ll have enough money to survive this month! Now, that’s a problem – because most people make the same mistake all over again. A mistake that costs too much; a mistake that blocks the flow of abundance into their life for good. Unless you realize this mistake, and decide to change the way you live, you won’t be able to change your financial situation. The secret to abundance is…


Changing the way you think! If you want to attract abundance, you must change the way you think. You must stop thinking about things you do not have, and start thinking about the things you want. And as you do think about the things you want, you must think about them like you already have them. This is one of the small secrets of abundance – remember the basic rule, like attracts like. If you feel poor, you will be poor. If you feel rich, you will be rich.

My sister used to worry about money all the time. What she focused upon was the lack of money. She didn’t had money to pay the bills, or to buy clothes and so on, so my advice for her was simple: change the way you think. Focus on having the money! Suddenly, she was hit by an idea to start making small, decorative cats with her own hands, and sell them. Within days, she turned the idea into reality – but the sales were few. So I reminded her, “focus on the things you want, focus on having the money” – within few months, her decorative cats became quite popular and today, she complains that she don’t have enough time to fulfill all the orders from her customers.

The truth is that you cannot attract abundance into your life unless you change the way you think. And there are two simple things that you need to change in the way you think, that will help you attract abundance, sooner or later. These two things are:

  • Thinking about things you want.
  • And being grateful.

Think About Things You Want

As I said, m0st people think about things they don’t want or about things they don’t have. They think they don’t want to live in poverty; or that they don’t have a great car as their friend do; or that they can’t afford better food; or that they don’t have their own flat; or they don’t want to be left without life partner; or that they don’t want to live without a purpose; or that they don’t want to be forced to forget about their dreams and goals… Remember that you shape and you create your life with your thoughts and feelings. If you focus on things you don’t want, or things you don’t have, and you support these thoughts with negative feelings, then this is what you’re going to get in return from the Universe. It’s that simple.

Therefore, to start attracting abundance into your life, you must change the way you think. You must learn to focus on things you have, and things you want to have in the future. I’ll get back to the subject of things you already have in just few minutes, but for now, let’s focus on your dreams and goals.

Let’s say that you want a new house. So you set up a goal and you focus on having that house – it’s a goal to be achieved in the future, but as you dream about your house, dream of it like you already have it! There is no past, nor there is future – there is only here and now – it’s a gift.

That is why it is call the present.

As Master Oogway from Kung Fu Panda movie used to say, here and now is a gift, a present. It might be just a movie for kids, but it’s filled with Taoistic spirritual truths. As you dream of your new house, dream of it like you already have it. Think in the present; visualize the house with great details and feel enjoyment when you think of your goal – feel positive emotions, only. But this is just one example.

Change The Way You Talk

Changing the way you think requires you to change the point of focus in daily life. Stop watching TV news that inform you about poverty and 99% movement. Ignore that movement, as it force you to focus on poverty. Don’t read news on the Internet or in the newspapers about poverty, poor people, lack of money or economical crisis. And when someone approach you, telling you how difficult the life is, tell him this:

I am not sorry, but I do not talk about poverty and illness. Let’s talk about abundance and great health!

For many, it’s a shock! How can you ignore poverty and illness around you if it’s there, you can see it! But, think of it like this: you don’t talk about poverty because poverty exists. On the contrary, poverty exists because you talk about it. For many, it might be hard – for me, it surely was. But with time and a bit of assertiveness I have learned to say “no!” when someone wanted to fill me with his negative beliefs about money or abundance.

Today, I refuse to participate in conversation about poverty and illness, but I enjoy talking about abundance and great health! I don’t watch TV nor do I read news about bad stuff. And I accept the fact that bad stuff happens, but even so, I focus on my dreams, goals and the beauty I experience on each day of my life. And this is what you should do, as well, if you wish to attract abundance into your own life. Stop thinking about lack and bad stuff, and focus on abundance and positive things.

Be Grateful For Things You Have

But changing the way you speak and changing the things you focus upon is not the only secret here. You must learn to be grateful, as well. And it’s a part of general changing the way you think, in order to bring abundance into your life. Gratitude is a powerful tool of creation! Most people focus on the things they don’t have, so the Universe gives them more things they don’t have – whether it’s an irony or sarcasm, decide for yourself :). And as you do, start to show gratitude to the world around you – and to yourself.

Think of all the things that you do have! Whatever it is – whether it’s a rented flat or single room, whether it’s a small amount of food on your stomach, or an opportunity to read articles that can change your financial situation :).

As I live my life, I’m grateful for many things. For the smile of my girlfriend; the food in my stomach; the awesome DELL laptop that serves me well; for the income from my books; and the opportunity to do what I love and make money this way!; for Reiki that flows through me; for teachers and friends around me; for the opportunity to teach others.

A lot of people talk about the importance of being grateful – that inner feeling of gratitude is very, very important! You don’t have to show gratitude – but you need to feel it in your heart! But here’s where people face another problem – as they read the stories like the one above, that I wrote about things I am grateful for, people start to think “but I don’t have DELL laptop, I don’t have a girlfriend, and I don’t make money by doing the things I love, I envy you!“. And this is the problem of thinking about things you don’t have – it’s what you must change in your life! You might not have the things I do have, the same way as I do not have the things that a person who makes six figures a year do have. But I don’t care, neither should you – because the point is to start small.

Think of all the things you do have – no matter how small they are, if you do have them, then be grateful for them! This is how you start attracting more! Because the more things you’re grateful for, the more things the Universe gives to you, so you can be grateful even more! Start small, and the rest will be simple :).

  • It is a good practice to sit for while on each evening and think about the things you’re grateful for on that particular evening. But with time, try to think about things you’re grateful for at least few times a day. Start in the morning, and finish as you go to sleep. Feel gratitude for every piece of food, smile, positive experience, spiritual lesson and such. Keep gratitude in your heart all the time.

Change The Way You Think!

Both changing the way you think and act, and learning to be grateful on each day of your life, might requires few months of reprogramming your own mind. But it’s worth it! Because once you change the way you think and you become focused on things you want and things you enjoy, and once you become grateful for things you have, then the gates of abundance will be open for you! All of this does sound simple, but it might requires a lot of work and from time to time, you will experience emotional crisis. You might feel terrible, and you won’t have the will to dream about your goals with enjoyment, or to be grateful. When such crisis come, you have to find the strength within you to overcome it, and get back to dreaming and feeling gratitude. After all – you create the life you live!

The Universe operates on emotions. Feel enjoyment about things you want like you already have them; feel enjoyment and gratitude as you think about things you already have. The more positive emotions you feel on each day of your life, the more reasons for experiencing positive emotions come to you. Change the way you think, change the things you focus upon, and be  grateful – these are the secrets of abundance.

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What do you focus upon? How do you visualize your dreams? And do you show gratitude on each day of your life?

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