How To Communicate With Angels, Spirit Guides And Light Beings

I was asked by @TanviSha on Twitter if I had any articles about communication with angels. Well, I don’t, so I figured out it’s about time to write such an article. Angels, spirit guides and light beings are all around us. Two years ago I would say “don’t play with this stuff, it’s dangerous”, but later on, thanks to some experiences from my life and thanks to becoming a Reiki practitioner, I’ve learned that it’s OK to work with angels and light beings. So today, I’m going to teach you some practical ways of communicating with light beings around you.


Angels, Spirit Guides and Light Beings

As always, we have to start with theory. What are Angels? Angels are one of the “kinds” of light beings that exists on spiritual planes. They do many things, one of which might be acting as spirit guides of people. Some of them are very helpful to people, and if you want, you can ask them for help with many aspects of spiritual growth or just life. These light beings are present in every culture of the world, but, of course, every culture has a different name to describe them. In Western culture, we call them Angels.

As I said, they’re one of the kind of light beings. There are many different types/kinds of light beings out there. In Buddhism, for example, there are beings known as Bodhisattvas. But for the purpose of this article, we will stick to only two types of light beings – Angels and spirit guides. Yet the principles of communication with Angels or spirit guides are the same for other types of light beings, in most cases, so if you want to communicate with other light beings, you should have no problems doing so.

Note that when we talk about light beings, we refer to positive entities, only. Even if it’s safer to communicate with light beings, please remember about basic safety rules of spiritual work. Remember about regular cleansing, and that you should not be too open when you work with light beings.

I mentioned that Angels can act as spirit guides. Now, an Angel can be a spirit guide sometimes, but sometimes, your spirit guide might be a different type of light being. Don’t expect your spirit guide to be an Angel for 100%. What are spirit guides? These are beings that are assigned to us, and their purpose is to help us – with our life from a spiritual point of view. Spirit guides can be very helpful when it comes to our spiritual growth – they can advise us, protect us, or show the things that we hide from ourselves, so we can face our true nature, and grow spiritually.

Of course, they’re not our servants – do not think of them like that. They’re more like true friends. And sometimes they do have some level of ego, especially if they’ve spent too much time among human. They can joke, get angry, or be sarcastic from time to time. Now for spirit guides, whether you believe or not in having a spirit guide around you, it doesn’t matter – he or she is still there :). And everyone has at least one spirit guide. Some people might have few spirit guides, too.

If you are skilled in clairvoyance, you can perceive these light beings around you – you can see your spirit guide, and you can see Angels, too. In my latest book, “The Art of Seeing”, I’ve explained a lot of things concerning clairvoyant perception of light beings and Angels – if you’re interested in the subject, grab my book! For the purpose of this article, we shall focus on the topic of communication, only.

Do Angels and spirit guides have a gender? It is my belief, and belief of many people as well, that even if most light begins do not have a gender as we understand it from our physical point of view, they do project their image to us in a specific way, either as males or females. When you look at Michael or Raphael, they clearly project themselves as males. But it’s understandable that, as Angels, they do not have a normal gender. I’ve mentioned this, because once you start communicating, you might get a strong impression that the being you’re communicating with is either male or female. Sometimes, even something between.

Communication With Light Beings

Communication with light beings for dummies, I might say – because in reality, communicating with light beings, Angels, spirit guides and such, is quite simple. You just need to know what to look for. And what you should not expect ;). First, you cannot expect that an Angel will fly down from the sky in the waves of fire with a message from God himself. Communication with light beings – whether they’re Angels or spirit guides – is very, very subtle. So what should you expect? What is it that you should look for?

  • Feelings & Emotions – feelings and emotions that come from your heart are one way that light beings communicate with us. And this is the first thing you should expect.
  • Intuitive Thoughts – sometimes, messages from Angels and spirit guides come to us as intuitive thoughts. You “know” the message, and you “know” that the message comes from the guide or an Angel.
  • Signs & Synchronicity – spirits do give us signs, through synchronicity – a not-so-random song in a radio, a moment of attention for not-so-random words  on the street, an ad between TV shows, and such.
  • Psychic Messages – and if you’re a skilled psychic, then things become easier, as you can use clairvoyance or clairaudience to communicate with lights beings, too.

So these are the things you should expect as the answers and messages from spirit guides and Angels. But how to talk to them? How to communicate with Angels or other light beings? Basically, just ask the question!

  • First, you intend to talk to specific Angel, or your spirit guide. If you wish to meet a specific Angel, let’s say – Raphael – just intend to meet him and to talk to him. Intention is all you need.
  • Then, you ask a question – whether you seek guidance, advise (Michael’s help if there’s some nasty astral entity attacking you) or help, you just ask it – in your mind, or loudly, with your real vocal cords.
  • Then, you wait for the answer. It might come right away – as feeling, or as intuitive thought. Or, if you’re not *that* sensitive, it might come later on, as a sign: a song in the radio, for example. Pay attention to your experiences from the moment of the communication attempt, and the answer shall be given to you.

As you can see, it’s that simple! You ask a question, and then you wait for an answer. Sometimes, the answer might be difficult to notice. But all you have to do is to learn and practice. With time and patience, you will learn how to pay attention to your inner feelings, or intuitive thoughts. And the more synchronicity and signs around you notice, the easier it will be to recognize and understand them in the future. What I have learned about communication with spirit guides and Angels is that:

  1. Communication with these beings is very natural – it’s like talking to normal person that stands in front of you. It’s how you ask for guidance, advice, help and such.
  2. Receiving the answer is tricky – you must learn to recognize your experiences: feelings, events and such.
  3. Angels and spirit guides respond – always! And if you really want their help, then they *will* find a way to relay the answer to you in such way that you will be able to recognize it.

As you can see, there’s no big secret, nor a very difficult process of such communication. It’s very, very natural and simple. The trickiest part is to recognize the answer, but with time, this can be learned, as well! So now, you do know how to communicate with Angels and your spirit guide.


But if you wish to improve your communication a bit further, especially if you’re not *that* sensitive person, you can utilize prayer. A prayer is a process of deep, spiritual communication with light beings that come from your heart, and that helps you achieve focus. All you have to do is to sit down, and feel comfortable. Relax and count down from 10 to 1 and breathe gently. Then, ask a question or ask for help, and wait for an answer. This is another simple technique, but it helps those who do not meditate regularly – once your mind is at peace and you feel relaxed, it’s easier to receive answers and messages from light beings.

Angelic Cards

Some people use Angelic Cards – these are cards with pictures of Angels. If you wish, you can use them – but if you do, then you need to do this properly. Do not expect that the cards will give you the exact answer. Sometimes, the light being might use your state of focus on the cards to send you a message – which you will recognize as a form of feeling or emotion, or even a form of psychic message or intuitive thought. In such case, the cards will be merely a tool that improves the focus. And their descriptions will play no role.

On other compassion, the light being might help you choose a specific card, that will contain few words, but still you will have to use your intuition and inner feelings to receive the entire message. Or you will have to interpret these few words on your own. Still, if normal communication doesn’t work for you, then try working with the cards.


That’s it – communication with light beings is easy. Do not be afraid of this communication. Angels are quite nice beings :). They respond, really, so if you really need their help, ask for it. And the spirit guide is here for you, always. Don’t hesitate to ask him or her for help and support, as well.

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Do you communicate with Angels or your spirit guide? How do you do this? And do you have any questions about communication with light beings? Ask them, and I will help!

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. Hi Nathan,
    I’m live in a pretty little town, there’s not so much psychics here, I have a teacher who works with lower entities, i know she doesn’t like me, my intuition told me that she wasn’t a nice person when she was on my classroom door, and lately I could understand why.
    Now she try to make links with me and drain my energy, and my shields aren’t strong enough to stop her, when she comes close, I have to focus on my shield and energizing it.
    Lately, there’s few entitys or constructs in my house, I’m afraid of them, they’re always starring at me while I’m sleeping, I live with my parents and my sister, they don’t believe in psychics, lower entities…
    What should I do? I’m a beginner psychic, I only know how to energy work, programming, and basic clairvoyance.

    by Denis / May 25th 2012

  2. Hello! Nice Article

    As you know I’m also a huge fan of talking to angels, asking them for help and guidance. Same with Spirit Guides. The most important thing is to remember that you are in control, and only to act in such a way that sits well with your sense of reason and judgement. No matter what they tell us, we have the right to go our own way!

    It’s also good to ground, ask for protection and tell the universe that you only want to talk to light beings of the highest vibration. That will keep some of the michevious ones away. I also like to call in Archangel Michael and ask him to act as a bouncer, if that makes sense =) He’s here to help.

    Hope it’s OK if I share a post on how I experience angels vs guides:

    by geena / May 28th 2012

  3. @Denis,

    First of all, do not be afraid of anything – when you do, you create holes in your aura that allows entities to attach themselves to you. Stop being afraid, that’s for one. Secondly, learn to protect your room – sprinkle some salt in the corners, please a salt lamp, cleanse your room as well, for example with incenses: – a clean room is a room protected.

    Practice regular cleansing: – if you won’t cleanse yourself of negative energies each and every day, then there’s nothing more I can do to help you.

    Command the entities you don’t like to leave you – don’t ask them nicely, COMMAND them! Ask your spirit guide for pretection, as well. And if you wish, call Archangel Michael for help with these nasty entities.

    As for the teacher, if you can’t avoid her, then patch all the holes in your aura which she’s using. For one, this can be achieved by regular cleansing. Secondly, clear all negative memories and experiences and beliefs related to this teacher (, too.

    Oh, it’s OK for you to share some links ;).

    by Nathaniel / May 28th 2012

  4. Thanks Nathan,
    You’ve helped me so much =)

    by Denis / May 28th 2012

  5. I keep my mouth shut cause I’m fed up with always being labeled a psycho or mentally ill or losing friends and family over it.

    by joey / June 4th 2012

  6. Dont worry joey i went through that same thing ive had psychic gifts since i eas a child but back then it was only light entities angels etc a couple years ago i when through a short period to where that changed since ive gotten older i dont feel as if my powers have faded but it doesnt happpen like it used to i used to be able to see them as clearly as you see someone standing in front of you but as i got older that faded untiil like i said a couple years ago idk if it was a test or what but i had very very intense encounters with alot of strong negative ones we had a three day battle non stop but Jesus God and the Angels helped me beat the forces of darkness while this was going on i was under heavy stress as one might imagine lol but it activated all my gifts to work at their peak or at least the peak to my knowledge to where only one person saw what i saw all my other friends thought i went crazy lol because they could not see what i saw or always feel what i did but the one friend who was with me throught the whole experience we communicated telepathicly it was wonderful one of the greatest times of my life inspite of the almost constnt attacks to feel God Jesus and the Angels by my side when I needed them most was the greatest experince ive had in my life my freind and i communicaeted with our thoughts and during this time i even had my first healing experince it was great that God used me to bring healing to someone (which i also felt was a test as the whole experience i think was) b ut i exerted alot of energy

    by Chris / June 9th 2012

  7. But my friend helped me to understand that i had to be careful about telling everyone else what i saw because i am an intense extreme person and the other people couldnt see the things we did this at first was a struggle because i felt as if they thought i was faking or doubted my spiritauality which caused me to become defensive but i had to understand what he was saying you have gifts others dont Joey so yeah they may say youre crazy be we know your not so pay it no mind it did help that a few friends did feel the energy of one of the most powerful negative entities and that helped them to see where i was coming from i would like to sharpen my skills tho to better communicate with the angels Nathaniel do you have anymore advice?

    by Chris / June 9th 2012

  8. Practice, practice :). Basically, all the most important things that one should know if he or she wants to learn more in the field of psychic and spiritual development were included in my two e-books, “Psychic Development Simplified” and fresh “The Art of Seeing” – these are almost 400 pages of text and knowledge and I recommend to check them out.

    Basically, cleanse yourself spiritually on regular basis, practice communication, practice trust in your intuition and read a lot of books and articles, because the more knowledge of the spiritual world you have, the faster your development progress and the easier it is for you to work with entities and spiritual energies.

    by Nathaniel / June 12th 2012

  9. I just found your article about how to see your own aura, and I did it for the first time tonight. It worked, and as I did it more I saw it better. The mist I saw seemed to have a purple hue to it, which kind of freaked me out for a second because I wasn’t expecting color. I’m honestly kind of scared to communicate with my spirit guide, this kind of stuff interests me but I’m very hesitant about it because I don’t want to come in contact with any negative beings or something that wants to do me wrong. I’m new to all of it, but very interested.

    by Katie / July 3rd 2012

  10. Katie,

    Do not be afraid, fear is the last thing you need when it comes to communicating with spirits. If you feel unsure about talking to your guide, simple wait. Be patient, you have time – read some stories of communication with guides, different perspectives on guides from different spiritual schools, and get familiar with this communication.

    Then, simple start talking and feel with your heart – you’ll learn to recognize when your guide talks :).

    by Nathaniel / July 4th 2012