Why is it Mandatory for You to Learn and Practice Spiritual Cleansing on Daily Basis (And How to Do This)

Spiritual cleansing can be defined as spiritual hygiene – cleaning yourself from negative energies that we collect in each day of our life. There are hundreds of techniques, so everyone can find a technique that suits him or her, no matter what your religion or ideology is. But you have to practice regular spiritual cleansing no matter what, even if you’re a simple Joe Doe who doesn’t work with spiritual or psychic stuff. Why so? Because it’s a matter of spiritual hygiene – just as you take a shower each day, you need to cleanse yourself each day.

In this article, I will teach you about some universal techniques of spiritual cleansing, and I will explain why cleansing is so important. Remember about a simple truth – every single positive change in your life begins with regular spiritual cleansing! If you want your life to get better, you need to cleanse yourself regularly.


Dirty, Dirty Aura…

An aura is an energy field that surrounds every living being. As humans, we have an aura, too. And as we go with our life, we  use this aura as a mean of basic defense. It protects us from negative energies and weaker entities that fly all around us, all the time. But if it is said that aura is our basic mean of psychic and spiritual defense, it is not always the case. Sometimes, you can be hit with powerful negative energies, and often, you can become a target for powerful astral beings and powerful psychic attacks.

Even if you don’t, your aura protects you from negative energies – by collecting them upon itself, and not allowing them to reach your inner energy system – meridians, chakras or Tan T’iens. So far, so good. But the more negative energies you collect, the weaker the aura becomes. With time, even within few days without proper spiritual cleansing, your aura gets weaker, and cracks appear, allowing negative energies and beings to get inside you – reach your inner energy system, and your very self.

The less spiritual cleansing you perform, the weaker your aura gets, and the weaker you become. If you don’t cleanse yourself regularly, you may:

  • Become less sensitive to energies – it’s especially important for people interested in psychic development, clairvoyance or psychic healers, even Reiki practitioners. The more dirty you are, the less psychic and spiritual stuff around you can perceive.
  • Become target for astral and psychic attacks – people send negative thoughts towards you all the time. I will explain it in a while, and astral entities seek food. As they feed upon life energies, Chi or Prana, they seek living targets – humans, mainly. Especially if they have strong energy (they’re psychics, or work with spiritual stuff).
  • Become dangerous to people around you – energies that you carry upon your aura can be transferred to people around you. It’s like carrying a disease, bacteria or viruses, and infecting people with them. Not a pleasant thing,  but it happens to energies too. If you do not cleanse yourself regularly, you infect others with negative energies, you hurt them.
  • Your Will gets weaker – you might feel tired, and have less will to work. Or even to have fun. You might start experiencing fears, and sadness. You might be less motivated in improving your life, or growing spiritually. You might experience problems with shaping your life. For example, if you practice the law of attraction, and you work towards improving your financial situation and abundance, your dirty aura won’t help it – you will be less motivated, tired, and your inner Will towards changes and attraction will be weaker, too.

These are few examples of the dangers that come with irregular spiritual cleansing practice.

It scares me a lot when psychic healers approach their clients without any previous cleansing technique. When you live a normal life, then energetically, you infect people with a cold. But when you’re a psychic healer, it’s like you’re a surgeon operating on heart with dirty hands, carrying the ebola virus on his fingers…

I hope you already see why is it that you need to cleanse yourself regularly – it cleanse the negative energies from your aura. It makes your natural spiritual defenses stronger, and it keeps you and people you care about safe. In all cases, spiritual cleansing is all about your own safety, and the safety of people you love and care about.

How Do You Collect Negative Energies?

There are many ways in which you collect negative energies upon your aura. And you don’t have to be psychic, or spiritual worker. Every single Joe Doe is the same – we all collect this stuff upon ourselves, and there are no exceptions. So how and when do we collect this negative stuff?

  • For example, you might enter a room, in which there was a strong, emotional argument few minutes or even hours later. These negative energies will collect upon your aura. You might enter a restaurant or office space filled with negative energies, and you collect dirt.
  • You might drive via public transport. It’s enough to get nasty stuff on your aura. Or even worse, if you have long hair and a tattoo, you might end up with a curse, if there’s an old, religious lady believing that you look like Satan himself. Or you might poke someone on the street, and this person might direct some negative thoughts towards you. And again, you get nasty energies upon yourself.
  • Your boss or coworker might shout at you or at least be mad at you – et voila, you got some dirt upon you. Or you might be mad at someone, and the negative stuff you generate will collect upon your aura, as well.
  • You might have enemies that think “Oh, I wish him failure” or “I wish he would die!” and so on… If the emotions and thoughts of your enemies are strong enough, you will get hit – it’s a psychic attack.

Literally, we collect negative energies ALL THE TIME – and there is no point in giving more examples. The point is for you to start practicing regular spiritual cleansing. Regular, meaning each and every single day. If you cleanse yourself regularly, your life will be better. You will be motivated for work, and for positive changes. You will enjoy life, and attract positive changes. You will improve your financial and relationship situation, for example, and you will grow spiritually.

Remember about a simple truth – every single positive change in your life begins with regular spiritual cleansing!

I’ve mentioned that every single Joe Doe collects negative energies upon his aura, right? Indeed, it’s the truth. That is why EVERY Joe Doe, literally every single person in the world, should practice some kind of spiritual cleansing technique. All right, so how to cleanse yourself spiritually?

Spiritual Cleansing – a How-To Guide

Spiritual cleansing is a process of cleansing negative energies that you have collected upon your aura. It should be performed on each and every day. There are many ways of cleansing yourself, and here I present the simplest and the least spiritual. By least spiritual I mean that they don’t connect to any specific faith, religion or ideology, and they can be easily practiced by everyone! The following techniques are very, very universal.

Spiritual Cleansing with Fire

Fire is known for its cleansing capabilities. Negative energies that are cast into fire are being burned and neutralized. If you wish, you can light a candle in the room, and use it for energetic cleansing technique. First, light a candle, then stand in front of it. Then, focus and intend to grab the negative energies on your aura with your hands. Simple intention will be enough. Then, use your hands to collect the negative energies from your aura – but do this gently. Imagine that there is mud on your skin, and you’re collecting it with your hands.

First, collect the energy from your legs; then from your abdomen; then from your stomach and chest area. Then from both of your hands. Then from your backs. And finally, from the back of your head and from the front of your head. Each time you collect the energy from any part of your body, cast it into the flame, and mark an X sign in the air, with the intention of cutting yourself from these negative energies. Cast the energy gently, so you won’t put the candle down.

When you’re done, mark an X sign with an intention of breaking the link with the energy again, and the cleansing is done. Remember – if there is no fire hazard possible, then allow the candle to burn out on its own. And if you can’t leave the candle burning, make sure it has about 5 to 10 minutes to burn the energies.

Spiritual Cleansing with Salt

Salt has been in use for spiritual cleansing for thousands of years. It’s a very powerful method of cleansing, which you should learn, really. If you do not have a candle, you can use a glass of water with salt, and perform the energetic cleansing technique as described above – this time, cast the energy into the glass of water. Just don’t use this water for anything else – flush it in the toilet!

You can also use the salt for bath or shower. If you have a bath, add a bit of salt to the water. A bit, meaning a fist. Normal, kitchen salt will be enough. Then, get inside the bathtub and spend about 10 to 15 minutes there. You can wash yourself normally, but only with the salt water – no cosmetics, please :).

If you do not have a bathtub, use a shower. Wet salt turns into a form of “gel”, so you can rub it into your entire body – not too strong, because you might scratch yourself. Use the salt gently, and rub it into your feet, legs, abdomen, back, chest, hands and so on.

Spiritual Cleansing with Water

Normal water can be enough – if you have a shower, just keep an intention in your mind, an intention of water cleansing your aura of negative energies. And when you wash your body, visualize and intend as the water cleanses your body and your aura of negative energies. You can use this technique in smaller scale – any time you wash your hands – morning, evening, before every dish, and so on, intend the water to cleanse the negative energies from your hands, too.

Spiritual Cleansing with Incenses & Sage

Finally, you can use incenses for cleansing purposes. I have written an article about this already – how to use incenses for energy cleansing. Generally, use white sage and fumigate yourself with it – either by waving the smoke upon yourself, or by standing above a burning sage. Or an incense. Just remember – the incense that you use should be natural.

That’s it – you’ve learned four simple methods of spiritual cleansing of your aura. Now, practice them on a daily basis – when you return from school, work, or shop – any time you leave your home and return, cleanse yourself. Shower technique can be practiced daily, as well as washing of your hands. You should practice “salt shower” or “salt bath”, and you can practice cleansing with fire, or incenses, on every morning. In reality, the cleansing process takes few minutes, but it’s very, very beneficial!

Other Traditions and Spiritual Cleansing Techniques

If you are a follower of a specific religion or spiritual path, you might ask your spiritual teacher (priest, prior, shaman and so on) about cleansing techniques and rituals that you can perform on your own. In every single spiritual or religious tradition in the world, there are techniques of spiritual cleansing. For example:

In Christianity, (Roman Catholic Church, with which I’m familiar) there are cleansing rituals, as well. The candles that burn in the Church collect and burns negative energies. The incense is used to fumigate during the Mass; there are also bells ringing which do have the capability of cleansing. Holy Water that is used for blessing during the Mass or during home visits is also meant to cleanse the aura of negative energies.

In Buddhism, monks and practitioners use bells, incenses and mantras for cleansing purposes. Mantras for cleansing are powerful formulas, that can do a lot of things once you’re initiated to them.

In modern pagan practices, there’s a lot of fire, incenses and energetic work for cleansing purposes – it all depends on the specific tradition and path.

If you’re a Reiki practitioner, you can open yourself for Reiki flow; or you can use the first sign and perform Reiki shower; and you should remember about regular self-healing sessions.

No matter what your spiritual or religious path is, in addition to traditional cleansing techniques, you can practice the four techniques that I’ve described in this article. They won’t collide with other techniques, and they will benefit you even more! Practice spiritual cleansing each and every day – and after few weeks, you will notice that your life gets better and better!

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