Living with Reiki – The Story of Spiritual Journey Through the Healing Art for New Age

A small, yet inspiring spiritual book about Reiki and powerful spiritual truths of the modern world. A book introducing the reader to the practice of Reiki and to the spiritual changes, to which Reiki leads. A great reading for those who are already Reiki practitioners and would like to expand their own knowledge, and a great book for everyone who is interested in spiritual growth, as the book presents great and basic spiritual truths of the Universe.


  • Pages: 129
  • ISBN: 978-83-931471-9-9

In addition to explaining the nature and basics of Reiki method of healing and spiritual growth, the author teaches about spiritual truths and laws, and provides additional practical tutorial for spiritual skills and gives away tips for spiritual development.

Learn about the law of attraction and practical skills of spiritual cleansing. Explore the path of Reiki with a Reiki Master!

Learn About the Reiki Path!

Have you ever heard of Reiki? A wonderful method of spiritual healing that can heal your physical illnesses and speed up your spiritual growth? If you’re not familiar with Reiki, then this book is a perfect way to start the exploration of this spiritual technique. Reiki is a simple, nonreligious technique of spiritual healing that is available to everyone through the process of initiation/attunement.

“Living with Reiki” is a story of a personal, spiritual journey through Reiki. The author shares his thoughts about this wonderful method, provides insights into the world of spiritual truths and explains the basics of Reiki from a personal perspective.

In addition, the book teach:

  • Grounding techniques – the basic of any form of energy and spiritual practice.
  • Methods of spiritual cleansing – another basic ability for people interested in spiritual growth.
  • The use of Mala – and a practice of spiritual mantras.
  • Cleansing of rooms and objects
  • How to deal with negative thoughts and how to meditate
  • … and more!

Join the author on his spiritual path through the experiences of embracing human nature, meeting Archangels and Bodhisattvas, realizing the human potential and exploring the law of attraction, get your copy of “Living with Reiki” today!


“Living With Reiki” is a great book for newbies and experts alike into the world of Reiki & energy healing and what it means to be on a spiritual path.

As a Reiki Practitioner myself, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and found myself nodding along with many parts of the book. I ALSO found myself learning about things from a new perspective.

I would highly recommend this book for beginners and experts who are interested in Reiki, following a spiritual path and/or energy healing.

– Lindsay Curtis, The Daily Awe (

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