The Spiritual Understanding Of Goals, Money and Abundance

Recent events regarding the 99% movement, global crisis, which is a bit overreacted and financial problems of modern times inspired me to write more about abundance and money in our life. People have great problems when it comes to money. And from my perspective, you can’t really pursue the spiritual path, if you won’t learn how to attract money and how to create abundance in your life. That’s why for next few weeks, we will be discussing the subject of abundance and attracting financial safety.


Do you remember my article about the journey through the chakras for spiritual growth? I’ve mention there about the root chakra – which stands for material safety. And in some way, the financial freedom. If you wish to grow on a spiritual level, you can’t just develop your upper chakras – or your higher emotions like love or spiritual powers – because if the roots are weak, then the tree can’t really grow and even if it will grow, then any kind of wind will be able to overthrow it. A tree – if it wants to grow big and strong, and reach the sky – must grow proper roots, first.

That’s why it’s important to learn a bit about your root chakra, first, and work with it for few months, even years if necessary, just to create your financial safety and enjoy financial freedom.

The Spiritual Understanding Of Root Chakra

The root chakra isn’t about money. Money is just a tool. The root chakra is about strong roots that ground you in the material world. Modern New Age literature is correct – we are spiritual beings! But what most modern New Age books forget to mention is that we are physical beings, as well. As much as we need spirituality in our life, we also need material safety in our life. Even more – we need material safety first before we can pursue the spiritual path further. That’s why I’ve mentioned the tree few minutes ago.

And material safety is all about:

  • Having shelter – so you can sleep under a roof and feel safe. Feel that no one will hurt you during your sleep, the rain won’t fall onto your head, and that animals won’t eat you at night.
  • Having food to eat – because we do not feed with Prana or Sunlight as some authors would like you to believe, we need food and water.
  • Being able to travel – you want to see different places, choose a place where you will live your life, you want to be able to change your home if you feel it’s necessary.
  • Being able to feel safe no matter where you are – and when you travel, when you change the place you live, everywhere you want to feel safe.
  • Being able to set and achieve your goals – vegetation is good for plants, not for sentient beings. You want to be able to set goals and achieve them; have dreams and make them real.
  • Being able to enjoy your life – and with all of this and even more, you want to enjoy your life.

When you have a shelter, food to eat, freedom to travel and the feeling of absolute safety, you can move further the path of self-improvement and spiritual growth.

Money as a Form of Spiritual Exchange

I’ve mentioned earlier that money are just tools, right? That’s correct! If you would live on a tropical island that would provide you with wood for your house, and fruits from the trees for your stomach, then you wouldn’t really care about anything material at all. At least, only if a tropical paradise is your dream. But in this world, money are tools used for exchange – we do something for others, and we receive money in return. We give money, and we receive food. Have you ever thought of money in such way? Money is a form of energy exchange. They’re not evil nor good – they’re just neutral tools. If you wish, you can live without money, but you need to find a different way to receive goods. It’s how the world’s economy looks like.

And the universal law of exchange is not a creation of human civilization – it’s the way nature works. Money is just a form of such exchange. Don’t worry about money – they’re not evil, they’re just a form of exchange. They come and go, and they flow. And through them, you can achieve your goals and live an abundant life.

The Law of Exchange works constantly – you do something, and you receive something else in return. The more you give, the more you receive. It’s important to keep this in mind, because some people think that they will be able to give once they have enough for themselves. Well, it doesn’t work this way. First, you must give something away – only then, you will receive something else in return. It is a great spiritual truth which you should understand and apply to your life.

Give, and it shall be given unto you.

Give even if you have little for yourself, because when you give, you show the Universe that you already have enough to share, and – believe it or not – if you have enough to share, the Universe will give you more, so you can share more!

The Spiritual Understanding of Goals

Goals have a purpose, too. We live on a beautiful planet, and we live here, because we have something to accomplish. For example, we’re here to learn lesson or two; lessons that are needed for our final enlightenment. Here on Earth, we participate in the evolution of our soul. So we set goals – if we do not flow against the river, and we know it with our heart – then we achieve our goals. We achieve them for a reason. A reason of learning a spiritual lesson. Sometimes, in order to achieve a goal, and learn the lesson, we need money – since we live in the Western world.

People set their goals, and they set different goals. Some people want to build companies, and make a lot of money. Other people want to live a peaceful life with a wife and two kids. But quite often, people face a problem – they believe that their goals are driven by ego or they’re too selfish – for example, the goal of building huge company might seem ego-driven and selfish. But look at it from a spiritual perspective.

First, there is a reason why you have a goal – so bear with it! It doesn’t matter what your goal is because any goal you might set for yourself means something for your spiritual growth – even if it seems ego-driven, it’s a lesson! Secondly, remember about cause and effect. If you have huge goals that focus on big companies and a lot of money, remember that such goals will influence the life of people around you. You might create many new work places and help thousands of people. There is a reason why the Universe inspires us to set specific goals! Trust the Universe and trust your intuition :).

Once you have an inspiration and a goal, pursue it!

The Spiritual Understanding of Abundance

Money and goals, as tools, lead to an abundant life. The abundant life is not a life in which you have a lot of money on your accounts. The abundant life is a life in which you have enough. There is an old, Chinese proverb:

One who knows that enough is enough, will always have enough.

Through goals and positive attitude towards money, we receive, and we shape our life, to a point in which we know we have enough to be happy. To live in abundance means to live in such way that you desire nothing more, because you have enough for a successful life – from your own perspective. To others, your life might not seem to be abundant, because people have a different perception over abundance. But it doesn’t matter – what you think, does!

This is the state of happiness; this is the true, spiritual state of abundance – when you have enough, when you have everything you want, and you desire nothing more. But what do you really want? Well, that’s a subject for another article.

A healthy, well-balanced, healed and energized root chakra means that we always have enough money, food, shelter and additional things to live our life and never have to worry about material safety. In the end, you must understand that there’s nothing wrong with money, or abundance. We’ve been born to live in abundance. Not to be sickly rich but to live abundantly. This is the divine right of every living being! And this is your homework for now – understand and believe that you have the right to live in abundance and that once you accept this spiritual truth, the abundance will start flowing into your life!

Practice the affirmations that will help you with your journey towards abundance. You can find a detailed tutorial for affirmations here: Affirmations 101.

Affirmation for today:

  • I, NAME, have the right to live in abundance.
  • I, NAME, attract abundance into every area of my life.
  • I, NAME, understand that an abundant life is my divine right.

In the coming weeks, through a series of articles, I will teach you common problems that people experience when it comes to abundance. I also will provide you with affirmations and guided meditation recording that will help you overcome some common blocks that prohibit you from experiencing the abundance. But for now, remember – you must believe!

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What are your common problems with abundance? What is your perception of money? Do you believe you’re on the right path to abundance?

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. Nathan this article was perfectly timed, as I’ve been spending time thinking about my own businesses and times when the money seems to flow in, and others when it dries up like a desert. I try to think of what is my focus when the money flows in, and what is it when it’s not?

    I like seeing money as an energetic exchange, and I think that’s very important for healers & intuitives, etc…to remember. So many of us devalue our work and offer it for free…not realizing that we can’t keep giving and giving of ourselves without receiving something in exchange.

    Thanks for this. I look forward to your other articles!

    by Lindsay / May 12th 2012

  2. “Give even if you have little for yourself, because when you give, you show the Universe that you already have enough to share, and if you have enough to share, the Universe will give you more, so you can share more!”

    These words are so well thought. It is common for man to say he wants to be rich. It is not so common for a man to realize the responsibility one gains by becoming so wealthy. I think it can be said that money is like air. If you have enough you can breathe freely. If you do not have enough you struggle for your air. Too much air and one gets high but looses sight of his ambitions.
    In all things seek the balance.

    by Ren / May 13th 2012

  3. @Lindsay,

    Indeed, the value of our work is another subject, which I want to discuss in the future, along with negative financial beliefs and self-assessment :). Stay tuned, as there are many spiritual articles coming :).

    That’s a great metaphor with air, thanks! Truly, there is no point in gathering riches if one do not wish to share the riches with those he love and those in need.

    by Nathaniel / May 13th 2012