Psychic Development – What You SHOULD Learn [Resources List]

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Are you a new Psychic and need an educational plan? Have you found yourself confused and searching for practical, essentials guide? Has multiple books and search engines disappointed you? Have you tried finding or building an education plan, but simply came up short? Believe it or not, there are many people just like you!


An educational plan is similar to a roadmap for education; it builds a step-by-step outline for basics to advance subjects. An outline is frequently accompanied by a journal or personal records. These records are detailed accounts of methods/techniques you’ve tried, what did or didn’t work, goals you’ve set and even comments and suggestions for yourself. As you’re learning, practicing or exploring new ideas, you check out your plan and mark off subjects you’ve covered. The journal or personal record will have a detailed account of everything you feel important to remember. It helps students learn from mistakes, map their own skills and build a picture of their unique system. As you get better, you’re able to set routines and goals that work for you because you have an accurate record to refer to.

A ready-made educational plan for Psychics is rare, though; you simply have to find a search engine and type a few keywords to realize that. There could be plenty of results, but too many pieces have spiritual or religious undertones, too much complicated reading, pre-geared for professional services or promotional hooks convincing you to buy a product or join an organization. The practical, no-nonsense, essentials only plan is a rare thing.

So, to make your journey easier, I’ve built an education plan that will help you! The absolute essentials are covered without religious or spiritual undertones or complicated reading. On top of that, it’s perfectly adaptable to any level of skill, specialty and experience.

The following education plan is a rough draft. There is an explanation included with each topic.

Educational Plan

Goal: (What do you want to happen? *TIP: Try planning short term goals; it helps you maintain confidence, concentration and patience.)


A good educational foundation is similar to a solidly built bridge; it leads to farther, greater places that teach you more than where you left. A key part of building that bridge is theory. In many aspects, theory is a building block that allows students to develop an understanding and possibly a better set of skills. For an example, many students strive to develop telekinesis, so tutorials and demonstrations videos are important to them. The most important pieces of information a student looks for is an explanation of how it works, watching others accomplish it and mastering a technique to accomplish it themselves. That is a form of theory.

A common benefit of learning theory is a better understanding of how different skills could possibly work. For many students, building an understanding of a skill brings them closer to believing in and mastering it.

To help you out, here are a few sources you should consider exploring:

Reading is very important. Please try to learn everything you can, ask questions and (most importantly) expand your mind. The purpose of reading and studying theory is to build confidence that psychic skills are possible. Besides teaching students, it’s a catalyst for people to realize that anything is possible; Science is still learning. Question everything.

The list above is not a complete guide to everything available. There are countless resources waiting for discovery, but you have to find them. The list simply sparks your interest.


Meditation is a form of self-discipline that was designed to train your mind. Over thousands of years, the practice has spread to different cultures, systems of belief and developed multiple purposes. When it was developed, meditation was a practice done for religious or spiritual reasons. In modern society, many mediate to improve their health, as a hobby, to develop their minds and numerous other purposes. In Psychic Development, meditation is especially important for mental discipline, control and mental development.

A majority of students are taught to meditate properly first, then develop skills later. If you haven’t read any materials yet, please consult ‘Theory’ for information on meditation. It’s very important.

When you’re a new meditator, try limiting sessions to 5 or 10 minutes. As you improve, steadily increase that time limit. As a beginner, many people use nature sounds (CDs), soft pillows and a relaxing atmosphere to help them. If you like, try lighting a few scented candles and relax. Meditation should be a stress free time for you.

When you’re a beginner, you shouldn’t pressure yourself to get better too quickly. Before you meditate, remind yourself to forget about Metaphysics and anything else related to it. In that moment, you are a new meditator learning to meditate better.

Here are a few websites, articles or books to help you learn to meditate:

You’re going to jump from method to method for a period of time, but that’s perfectly normal. You’re discovering what works for you. If it helps, try taking notes on sessions, method you tried and other tools used to help you out.

If you’re determined to make meditation a psychic training experience, the following is a simple, yet very useful, exercise:


For an hour each day, try to remember everything—every event, information you receive through your senses and people around you. If it helps, write it down somewhere. When that hour is complete, forget about it.
When your day ends, find a quiet place to meditate with a pen and paper. Try to recall every detail within that hour. When you feel you’ve remembered everything, write it down on your paper. Afterwards, compare that paper to your first. Does it match? What is different?

The exercise develops heightened awareness and attention to detail. When developing certain psychic skills, it’s essential to notice slight changes and flows around you. Your mind has to commit everything to memory, even if you’re not monitoring it.

Why, you ask? Psychic experiences are frequently small and easily overlooked or unnoticed. In fact, many people have them every day, but simply don’t notice or write it off. The exercise teaches people to notice and pay attention.

Meditation is an important stepping stone. Here are your learning steps:

  • Learn — How it works, Why it works and What it can do for you.
  • Explore — Cultural, Spiritual and Religious beliefs involved with meditation.
  • Discover — Different methods and techniques people use to meditate.
  • Experiment — Try every method and technique you can. Find what works for you.
  • Plan — Routines are excellent for learning and training. Try setting them for yourself.


Energy manipulation is an easy-to-learn, basic skill that builds a foundation for shielding, telekinesis and other psychic abilities. While labeled ‘manipulation,’ the skill teaches people to sense, gather and manipulate it.

Energy is a driving force that allows change. For an example, energy allows heat to produce fire, cold to form ice and a body to process food for fuel. When we introduce an outside force, like setting trays in a freezer for ice-cubes, it forces that energy into movement. Any mass produces potential, untapped energy that lurks inside of it. The potential energy of an object is loosely bound by a definition and order attached to a mass. When forced into motion, the potential energy is ‘ordered energy,’ meaning it’s attached to a set definition and order for a specific usage and property. It has a limited potential and a pre-defined mold that predicts a certain behavior. For an example, ice cannot be formed by fire. Without interference, it will follow an order setting only cold to produce ice for an unset period of time. There are many types of ordered and potential energies with different usages and properties.

The easiest energies to work with are called ‘unordered energies,’ meaning it lacks a set definition and order to defy an outside will. Unless tampered with, it has no potential for any change, except what an outside will provides for it. As students of basic manipulation, we’re training to sense, gather and manipulate unordered energy. Through proper training and practice, we’re capable of providing a definition and order that allows it to form constructs, build shielding and any other uses deemed worthy of attention.

The amount of difficulty attached to a specific action (ex: forming psiballs) is directly linked its complexity of definition and order. For an example, transforming an apple into a lemon is impossible because of an undefined number of definitions and order applied to that apple. While seemingly simple, that apple could have thousands of definitions and order commanding it to form itself into an apple. While we can manipulate small amounts of perceivable definition and order, we have to apply more energy than currently contained in that apple to force it into a foreign form.

In other words, the difficulty we have in manipulating an object is co-dependent on energy to mass ratio influenced by complexity of definition and/or order attached to it.

Manipulation is a branch of Psionics that defines itself as a manipulation of energy. For an example, we manipulate energy to tell an object to move (telekinesis) or ice to form (cryokinesis) and an object to light itself on fire (pyrokinesis). When we learn to manipulate simple forms of energy, we are building a foundation to master more complex forms of manipulation.

The first step to mastering energy manipulation is learning to meditate. The following are other steps you should follow:

  1. Sensing Energy: How are you going to gather what you can’t perceive? To start your journey, try Google (keyword: sensing energy) or read ‘Theory.’
  2. Gathering Energy: An excellent exercise for students is learning to form psiballs, which you can learn how to do through PsiPog or any similar website. (You can find a link in ‘Theory.’)
  3. Manipulating Energy: The more advanced forms of constructs and psiballs teach students to manipulate energy. You can learn that on any Psionics website.

As previously stated, there are many forms of energy. If you want to develop manipulation skills (ex: telekinesis), it helps to familiarize yourself with forms that interest you. For an example, a person interested in healing would familiarize themselves with and understand biological energy. If you’re interested in developing perception skills (ex: telepathy and precognition), then understanding energy as a force capable of absorbing and maintaining information is beneficial to you. For an example, a person interested in telepathy would familiarize themselves with energy fields and interactions.

Insert Your Ability Here

Since you are an individual with unique interest, the last section will be filled by you. Before you set to forming a plan, take a moment to list abilities that interest you, organize them into skills you’re interested in and then take a moment to pick skills you suspect have. To help you maintain confidence, determination and dedication, try to start with skills you’re capable of, then gradually move onto skills that you’re not capable of.

To help you, I’m going to list skills that are popular or common.

Remote Skills

A person with remote skills is able to receive information about a target through one or more senses. Of every skill, the most well-known is ‘remote viewing.’ If understood and practiced properly, remote viewing is a relatively easy skill to master. There have been many projects, experiments and research devoted to it, so information is relatively easy to find.


Any skill allowing a person to glimpse a future is known as ‘precognition.’ Besides being popular, it is also very common; in fact, a majority of people have had a precognitive experience at least once or twice in their lives. Unfortunately, though, precognition is surprisingly tricky to awaken and master.


Telepathy is a complex subject. It’s simply better to talk to people, research and such.


Empathy is another skill that is better to research and talk about with other people.

An educational plan is very individualized. You’re going to revise it several times throughout your journey. The revisions are a sign of progress and learning, so take joy in it.

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  1. What a great resource list! I just bookmarked it for future reference. I especially loved your take on sensing, gather, and manipulating energy. I’ve found that people who learn an energy healing modality, like Reiki, tend to do pretty well with psychic development because they learn to hold on to a lot of energy. I suggest joining a Facebook group of likeminded beginners to experiment with a few of the techniques described here (ex. telepathy, remote viewing, etc.) Maybe start off with sending a color, then an object, then a word. That helped me in the beginning.

    by AJ | OpenPsychic / May 5th 2012