Understanding the Sacral Chakra

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The chakras are energy wheels or vortexes in the aura. They are the openings through which our life energies enter and leave the body. There are seven main chakras in the body, including the sacral chakra, which is also known as Svadisthana in the original Sanskrit. Each chakra is associated with certain parts of the physical body, the emotional and mental processes, and the spiritual realm. They are each associated with certain colors, sounds and crystals as well.



In order to know how your sacral chakra is functioning, you’ll need to test the energy flow. Individuals utilize visual and audio frequencies to test their chakras as well as to heal them or improve energy flow. Chakra tests can be downloaded from the internet or purchased from certain websites. They can also be learned from or performed by a skilled energy-worker.

Location and Physical Associations

The sacral chakra is located in the lower abdomen, just below the navel. It is commonly associated with physical dysfunctions related to the sex organs, pelvis, lower back, urinary tract and sex drive. The upper intestines, liver, kidneys, spleen, stomach, and the other organs of the gut are all governed by the sacral chakra.

A disruption in the energy flow to and from the chakra can result in physical ailments related to the spine, belly, reproductive system and nervous system. A closed chakra is at least partially to blame for physical ailments related to these areas of the body and improving the condition of the chakra can alleviate symptoms and some conditions.

Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Associations

The sacral chakra governs emotional connectivity and relationships. It is associated with creativity, morality, power and control. Those with a blocked second chakra may have problems establishing or maintaining intimate relationships. They may have issues with sex and money. They generally experience emotional struggles associated with control or power, including blaming others, feeling guilty, or readily justifying their own unhealthy, immoral or unethical activities.

This chakra is also the center of life balance, or a healthy yin-yang existence. It is the center of the energy responsible for making lasting and healthy life changes. It contains the answers to control issues and allows individuals to bring healthier balance to everyday life.

Healing the Chakra

Healing or rebalancing the sacral chakra requires focused effort through meditation, visualization exercises, and similar techniques. When a chakra is closed or imbalanced, you will experience physical, emotional, mental and spiritual symptoms. For example, you may have intestinal problems, difficulty with personal relationships, poor creative skills, or experience issues with trust, blame or guilt.

Bringing the chakra back into balance, opening it to allow for healthy energy flow, requires healing. Healing is best achieved through working directly in the chakra during meditation. Utilizing the elements that are associated with the chakra will help you achieve the focused internal-chakra work required.

Colors, Gemstones, Foods, Flowers and Essences

There are numerous elements associated with the sacral chakra, including colors, gemstones or crystals, foods, flowers and others. Each can be used to either stimulate and cleanse the chakra or to promote focused meditation within the chakra itself.

  • Colors – orange and red-orange
  • Gemstones – garnets, orange tourmalines and moonstones
  • Foods – honey, nuts, spices (cinnamon, caraway, vanilla) and sweet fruits like oranges and passion fruit
  • Flowers – Lady’s Slipper, Hibiscus, Indian Paintbrush

Healing Exercises

There are physical, mental and spiritual exercises which can be used to bring the sacral chakra back to healthy functioning. Physical exercises include pelvic thrusts and pelvic circular exercises, like those employed in belly dancing, hula dancing and playing with a hula hoop. Just because you’re working on a critical chakra’s function doesn’t mean you can’t have fun at the same time, and promoting improved energy in the chakra can often be achieved through playful activities like dancing. Sex, particularly tantric sex in a committed and healthy relationship, is also a beneficial sacral chakra healing exercise.

Mental and spiritual exercises to balance the sacral chakra include meditation and the use of visual imagery. Envisioning a swirling orange or orange-red vortex is a perfect use of visual imagery during meditation. Using gemstones, flowers, essential oils and audio and visual recordings during meditation can also influence the ability to work directly in the chakra during healing exercises.

Stimulating the sacral chakra with elements that feed the senses is an important aspect of chakra balancing. Foods, including the taste and smell of these elements, play a bigger role in stimulating a closed chakra than you may realize. The smell of flowers works similarly to food stimuli. The visual color of the chakra and the audio frequency at which the chakra and its associated gemstones resonate can also be used during meditation.

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