What Meeting a Bodhisattva & Archangel Raphael Taught Me About Light Beings

I was never a big fan of working with light beings. I believe it’s too dangerous, because you never know who you might meet “on the other side”. But when I’ve met a real Bodhisattva and Archangel Raphael, I’ve changed my mind. I still think it’s important to keep safety rules in mind and be careful, but light beings are real, and they’re really beneficial for your spiritual and psychic growth.


A bit of theory for a good start :). As humans, we’re spiritual beings, yes. But we live in physical bodies, as well. Beside us, there are other beings, too – made of pure, spiritual energy. Now, spiritual energy can be either good or bad. We say that there are “low vibrations” and “high vibrations”. Low vibrations give us the creeps, while high vibrations make us feel good. In most cases, good, positive light beings represents high vibrations. And with such good light beings that exist in our Universe, we can cooperate. We can learn from them and ask them for help.

I’m not encouraging anyone for practice of modern channeling, when you connect with a being you know nothing about, let her take control of your body and write a huge book to send a message to the world. Such things I call by their name – sects and dangerous people. Modern channeling is one thing; working with light beings is another.

For example, you can work with your spirit guide for your own spiritual growth. And you can also ask other beings to help you, too. Let me tell you a story of me meeting a Bodhisattva and Archangel Raphael.

Meeting Bodhisattva and Raphael

Here’s the first story.

I was practicing the 10 thousand repetition of the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum. At some point of my practice – it was near my 3 thousand repetition – I felt a great peace, and then I saw a being approaching me (yep, by use of clairvoyance). The being was made of bright light, but I could distinguish two primary colors – orange and pure white. And the being had a peaceful, beautiful face – neither woman, nor man. Then, there was a shower of energy which I strongly felt, and I knew I was blessed by Bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara, the Bodhisattva of Great Compassion.

It was a fascinating experience. I knew there’s nothing to be afraid of, because I felt it my heart. The only time I’ve felt such peace was when I met a Buddhist teacher, and when I was initiated to Reiki practice. But that’s just one story.

Months later, I was driving home, when I suddenly felt great “healing love” in my heart. And I immediately knew who “paid me a visit” – Archangel Raphael. That was the first time I met him in person (and I was aware of this). Days later, he paid me another visit, this time with lessons. My friend needed some healing, but I wasn’t sure how to proceed. And then, “he” was there, standing in my room, “telling” me what to do – I just knew that it’s him and what I should do. Place a Reiki symbol here, there and there, et voila :). It was a practical lesson, and it worked, my friend got better right away.

These are the stories of my encounters with light beings. From these stories, the teaching comes.

The Lessons

First thing that I’ve learned is that light begins are real – really real :). I mean I knew this already, but it was the first time I really felt them and “saw” them. But more important is that I’ve learned that these light beings come to normal people. You don’t have to be anyone special, you can be a normal person, but when you need help, and when you ask for help, the light beings will come. Just ask them for help from the bottom of your heart.

I’ve learned that light beings can really help you on the path of spiritual growth – like Avalokiteśvara blessed me with spiritual energies. This blessing helped me work out some of my blockages and negative mind patterns, thus pushing me further on the path of spiritual development. And Raphael taught me few interesting techniques for working with Reiki. Both experiences were very, very beneficial.

Finally, I’ve learned that, in reality, you don’t really need any special tools for communicating with light beings. Sure, cards, or states of meditation, or oracles of a different sort, like runes or I Ching; these can be useful when you’re not sensitive enough or you don’t see or hear through psychic means. But if you are a bit sensitive, then you can easily communicate with light beings – through your heart. And you receive answers and help through your heart, as well.

Finding the Balance

If you wish to be a spiritual worker, or psychic, you must remember to keep the balance. The balance between working with light beings and learning from them; and keeping safety rules in mind. Light beings are out there, and they can help you on your path. Feel free to ask them for help, be kind and grateful. But also, be aware that there are many beings flying around and that you can encounter even the bad stuff – you can’t be too careful :).

But as long as you will work with your heart, and you will feel love and positive emotions in your heart, it will be OK.

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Do you work with light beings? Do you have any special experiences with such spiritual entities? Share your thoughts in the comments below, please.

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. These are the things I am seeking out in my life right now. I am diving into Reiki head first because it is so much of a humbling experience. There is so much peace in energy work and healing. I have had a select few encounters with light beings and I was so impressed by their vast knowledge and ability to share. I want to be a student and one day a teacher of those same healing concepts. The world needs more healing hands.

    by Ren / April 21st 2012

  2. Hi Nathan,

    That is neat that you got to have these experiences. I recall only once having a truly “powerful” (like it filled the room) kind of experience and yet I know what you say is true – we are all equal and we all are able to ask for and receive this kind of help. Light beings are all around us and helping us all of the time.

    by Julie | A Clear Sign / April 21st 2012

  3. @Ren – I agree, there are still to few healing hands around us.

    @Julie – I’m glad I finally accepted the help of light beings :).

    by Nathaniel / April 22nd 2012

  4. Hi Nathan, Nice post! I think its great that you’ve opened up to working and healing with angels and ascended masters (or light beings). In complete agreement about them appearing to “normal people” as well. I think as long as we’re open to see and hear them they will appear in some for or another. Clairvoyance helps too! =)

    by geena / May 19th 2012

  5. A matter of interpretation – I can work with Angels, but I’m not going to feed any astral “ascended masters” :P.

    by Nathaniel / May 19th 2012