How Do I Use of Reiki for Psychic Development and Spiritual Growth

Reiki is, probably, the greatest gift that I have received in my entire life. It’s a life changing experience, really! Reiki, a method of spiritual healing, is used not only for healing physical illness, but it’s also a great tool that can help you in spiritual growth and psychic development. Today, I wish to share some thoughts and ideas regarding using Reiki in these two areas of spiritual life.


I have been initiated into Reiki practice and attuned to my first degree on November of 2010. Today, I’m Reiki III degree practitioner. I do distant healing and chakra balancing with Reiki, but sorry, I do not do distant attunements :). Anyway, my life changed after Reiki, oh it did! Today I use Reiki on daily basis to charge up food, and cleanse places and objects out of negative psychic energies. But also, I’m using Reiki for spiritual growth, and psychic development – or, just for psychic abilities themselves.

If you don’t know what Reiki is, don’t worry! I’ve written an article about this as well, here it is: Reiki 101.

Reiki & Psychic Grounding

I talked about importance of grounding many, many times! Reiki can be used for grounding yourself, as well.

Read a practical tutorial: How to Ground Yourself.

I’m doing it in the following manner. I’m visualizing and activating the first Reiki symbol – CR (CKR) – on both of my feet. Within each foot, there is a chakra that releases psychic energy back to the ground. When it’s activated with proper intention, it can channel more energies, and thus, ground you faster and more effective. Although it’s not a method that replaced my normal grounding techniques, it’s quite effective when I need to ground myself quickly and effectively.

Reiki & Psychic Readings

Reiki can be used for psychic readings, too. On second degree, the practitioner receives Reiki symbols to work with. Three symbols can be used for cleansing objects, healing emotional issues, bringing harmony back, or even connecting with beings, places and other people. In order to use Reiki for psychic readings, you need to be attuned to second degree, because you need the third symbol – HS (or HSZSN).

I’m using the third symbol in a simple way – I just draw it in the air, or visualize it, and I intend for the symbol to connect me with the person that I want to “read”. In Reiki, the third symbol is used for connecting with people or places. So when I activate the symbol with proper intention, I connect with the person. It’s a normal procedure that every psychic does; it’s a process of creation of a link between you and another person.

But using Reiki for this purposes seems a bit more natural to me now, when I’m attuned to Reiki symbols. Because this sign is used to create such connections, performing a psychic reading is a lot easier for me today than it was years ago.

Reiki & Working Out Emotional Issues

Reiki symbols can be used for reprogramming your mind and working out different sort of psychic blockages that slow your psychic development down. I’m sure you do remember my articles about affirmations and core images work, which turned out to be quite popular :). When I became attuned to Reiki second degree, I started using the symbols to support my core images and affirmations work.

For example, I’m using the first symbol directly on my chakras to figure out blockages – by activating the symbol on the chakra, from time to time I recall memories and visions that are forms of visualization of my emotional problems and psychic blockages. With such knowledge, I can work out the core images, or create new affirmations to work with. But I also use the third and second symbol to heal memories and emotions from my past. Thus, I deal with blockages, and my psychic awareness expands further.

Reiki & Expanding Your Spiritual Awareness

Through such work, I expand both my psychic awareness, and spiritual awareness. Through proper energy management (self-healing, grounding and charging myself with Reiki), I heal blockages that prohibit me from fully unleashing my psychic potential. Thus, my psychic abilities grow further. And by working out emotional issues and becoming more aware of the spiritual nature of a human being, my spiritual growth progress further, as well. Reiki also:

  • Improves your intuition – first, because regular practice of Reiki requires you to attune yourself to intuitive feelings, so you know where it is best to send Reiki. Secondly, because on the second degree, your Third Eye is slightly opened, and this improves your psychic intuition further!
  • Reiki relaxes you – in order to attune yourself to psychic information, for example in order to perform psychic healing or psychic reading, you need to relax yourself, and put your mind in Alpha state. I achieve this by opening myself to Reiki flow. When the energy feels me, I become much more relaxed, and this simple supports my relaxation process. It’s much easier to enter proper mind state to perform effective psychic work.
  • Reiki supports meditation – whenever you meditate, and you open yourself to Reiki flow, your meditation becomes easier. It’s easier to relax, let go of all worries and concerns, and return to “here and now”. This is beneficial for both psychic growth and spiritual development.

As you can see, Reiki can be a very effective tool on the path of a psychic and/or spiritual worker. I definitely recommend Reiki to everyone! Of course, you can be a quite effective psychic without Reiki – so it’s not mandatory.  But when you feel the call, when you feel that it’s time to become a Reiki practitioner, wait no longer – find a teacher, and become attuned to this wonderful method of spiritual healing!

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Do you practice Reiki? Do you use it to support your psychic development and spiritual growth? If so, how do you do this? Share your thoughts in comments below!

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