An Important Energy Work Safety Rule That You Might Not Even Be Aware Of

Back to the basics, yay! When you begin energy work, you learn some basic abilities like grounding or centering. These are simple skills, and they might seem trivial, but there is a reason why you should learn them. You see, when you do not ground yourself, and do not center yourself, the energy that flows through your body tends to flow in a chaotic way, and it gathers in upper chakras and spine energy channel. And this fact can lead to serious problems that might destroy your life.


New Age Syndrome

There’s something that I call the “New Age Syndrome” – as you can figure this out already, it’s a syndrome popular among New Age practitioners. When people dig into New Age, the begun meditation practice, they go to workshops, participate in psychic healing sessions, practice different forms of energy work and so on. And with time, they’re beginning to feel great – so peaceful and spiritual. And, of course, they’re becoming much more sensitive to psychic energies around them.

This leads to a Syndrom Of Spiritual Addiction – New Age practitioners need more and more spiritual work in order to operate normally. But do not be mislead. It doesn’t mean that they have a need to grow spiritually – it’s not a grow; it’s an addiction. And it’s not different than drug or alcohol addictions. It’s because the practitioner doesn’t seek enlightenment, but he seeks more physical and mental experiences that will satisfy his addicted hunger.

Finally, this leads to really serious problems – the fact that the person becomes self-centered and aggressive towards people who aren’t “developing”. Such a person could become a spiritual racist, segregating people – “spiritual people”, “evil people”. Further on, such person can break contact with friends and family, because “they’re not spiritual enough”. In the end, this leads to serious mental conditions that require very complex and long healing and treatment.

Are You Falling Into New Age Syndrome?

Be honest with yourself and see if you’re falling into this dangerous New Age trap.

  • You’re beginning to participate in esoteric and spiritual workshops not because you seek spiritual development, but because these workshops make you feel good for few minutes. But since it doesn’t last, you move from workshop to workshop just to sustain your hunger for “feeling spiritual”.
  • You go for healing sessions not because you’re ill, but because it makes you feel good.
  • You’re beginning to segregate people to those who grow spiritually, and those who do not grow spiritually. You’re beginning to avoid people who aren’t growing spiritually.
  • You’re beginning to avoid contact with friends and family, or avoid places that felt good before, and now they feel terrible.
  • You’re noticing that your sensitivity to psychic energies is developing further. You’re noticing that you sense things all the time, and it’s becoming annoying, but you don’t care, as you consider this to be a “proof that you’re developing on a spiritual level”.

People ask me “so what can you sense or see right now” – and I answer them: “nothing”. It’s because I’m open to energies and messages only when I need to. You see – spiritual and psychic development is a path to a better life. You shouldn’t fall into a trap of enjoying the physical or mental states themselves for few seconds. They’re not the point of your practice. And finally, the fact that you’re constantly open to spiritual energies and messages doesn’t mean that you’re growing – it just means that you’ve energized your spine energy channel and upper chakras, and this is a seriously dangerous stuff. Often, it’s called a Kundalini Syndrome, but don’t be mislead – Kundalini Syndrome is a much worse condition.

How To Avoid Falling Into New Age Syndrome

The reason why people fall into the New Age Syndrome trap is that they energize their spine channel, and upper chakras. Some people perceive it as the main goal of spiritual growth, but it’s just a tool, not the goal. The upper chakras will become energized with time, after many years of practice. And this will happen automatically, when you will be ready. Do not try to energize these chakras on your own – you can send energy there for healing or development purposes, but the rule is clear – do not leave the energy in the chakras.

There are many ways to avoid falling into New Age trap – regular grounding and centering practices are the basics. You should also have friends that will keep you well grounded. But the primary thing that I want to teach you now is related to energy work. You need to learn how to send the energy into your lower Tan T’ien.

The lower Tan T’ien is located an inch or two below your belly button, in your navel, few inches deep inside your body. It’s a place where all life energy is stored and transferred, being sent to areas of your body when it’s needed at the time. Whenever you finish any energy work practice or spiritual practice, it’s a good idea to spend few minutes sending the energy back to the lower Tan T’ien area. This way, the energy won’t energize upper chakras and the spine channel, and it will keep you a bit safer on your path of spiritual growth.

How To Send Energy Into Your Lower Tan T’ien

First, you need to locate your Tan T’ien.

  • Stand up and bend your knees a bit. Relax and start breathing with your diaphragm. Keep your eyes closed.
  • Focus on the area of your navel. In a couple of seconds, you should become aware of an area few inches below your belly button, inside your body. This is your Tan T’ien.

Now that you know where your Tan T’ien is located, you can send the energy there. After any form of energy work, energy healing or spiritual practice, perform the following exercise.

  • Place your right palm on the Tan T’ien area, then place your left palm on your right palm. With your eyes closed, breathe gently.
  • Intend the energy, that is not needed elsewhere, to flow into lower Tan T’ien and remain there until it will be needed. Keep that intention for about a minute or two. You can support yourself with visualization, but remember – visualize energies that aren’t needed elsewhere. Your subconscious mind will know which energies are needed, and which aren’t.
  • After a minute or two, make about 5 gentle circles with your hands around the Tan T’ien area, clockwise and then counter-clockwise. That’s it; you’re done.

As you can see, it’s a very simple technique, but it can save you a lot of troubles on your path of spiritual development. Practice it daily, and after every spiritual practice or energy work. Don’t worry if your spiritual teachers say that it’s not necessary – from what I’ve seen in all these years, people who do not direct energies into the Tan T’ien area, become mentally ill. Of course, sometimes such Tan T’ien exercise is replaced by proper centering and grounding, especially by grounding, but you know how it is – it won’t hurt to have one more safety rule in place.

And when you will keep these rules in mind, then New Age practices will become a lot safer, and more effective for you. Then, they will have a great value.

What If You’ve Fallen Into New Age Syndrome

But what if you have fallen into New Age Syndrome already? Well, realizing this fact is already a great step towards healing yourself. The entire process of healing is a bit more complex, and I will describe it another time. For now, let’s just say that you need to stop participating in all spiritual workshops, and drop your spiritual practices for some time. Then, you need to start practicing grounding and centering, and of course, the Tan T’ien exercise. You should also focus on some normal hobby – like gardening or reading :). After few months, you should see a difference. Then, when you’re free of your addiction, you can begin spiritual practice once more – but this time, with much safer approach.

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Did any teacher taught you about the danger of energizing upper chakras not by working with them, but by leaving the energy there? What other safety rules regarding spiritual development would you like to share with readers?

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  1. Hi Nathan,

    Great idea! I had not heard of this before. I certainly will add it to my bag ‘o tricks. BTW I have never actually been to any spiritual seminars, everything I do is on my own, but I do notice it’s harder to go out into crowds than it used to be.

    by Julie | A Clear Sign / March 23rd 2012

  2. Try it and if you like it, use it :).

    It’s good to know you have never been to spiritual seminars, it means you’re not a member of New Age movement and your mental health is a bit safer :).

    by Nathaniel / March 24th 2012

  3. this was a very good article. i have been trying to find something on grounding and this has helped so much. thanks

    by Lisa / April 13th 2012

  4. Its a very well written article and very valuable advice.
    Years ago, I used to practice different energy manipulation techniques, meditation and concentration practices. It felt great (but only for a bit). somewhat successful experiments in telepathy, telekinesis, involuntry pre-cog and influencing the moods of those around me :) and then, the side effects started(I did not know about grounding, centering OR shielding) I became over sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of others and couldn’t stand more than two people’s company, became a recluse, lost what social life I had, and my grades went down the drain.

    I stoped practicing and it still took around 2-3 YEARS for me to become functionally normal again! (I am still not fully recovered and its been more than ten years)

    I highly recommend grounding, also, for those who are empaths and sensitive, shielding works well.

    I just found your page via’s archive (I am one of the old members, good ol days)

    Like your work very much :)

    by Saif / April 15th 2012

  5. I’m glad you like it!

    Indeed, too many people forget about proper grounding and safety rules, so it’s important to talk about it whenever we can!

    by Nathaniel / April 16th 2012