How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others, & Speed Up Your Psychic Development

People like to compare things. “I have better computer than this guy, but that guy has a bigger house”. Comparing skills, like psychic abilities, is also a common practice, unfortunately. So I’ve figured out that it’s worth of mentioning in an article, because I guess some people just got lost. Remember one thing – psychic development is like attending school – if you’re in the 1st grade, you cannot compare yourself to those form 6th grade.


Psychic development is practised during workshops, or practitioner meetings. During such meetings, many people meet, and they have different level of their skills, and each of them has different speed of development. This leads to problematic behaviour.

People forget they’re students, too

I’ve noticed a disturbing thing among beginner psychics – they have a tendency to compare themselves to others, to more advanced psychic practitioners. Unfortunately, such a thing isn’t good, comparing yourself to others won’t speed up your psychic development, and it won’t improve your psychic abilities. It will only make you feel bad because you’re not as good as more advanced psychics.

I have few friends who can see using clairvoyance – they’re better than me, more advanced, because they’re more experienced. Their clairvoyance is often “instant”, they rarely need any form of deeper focus or long minutes of relaxation in order to use their psychic abilities. In my case, it takes more time – I need to relax, I need to enter a deeper Alpha state of mind, and I need to use many techniques in order to achieve the same thing they can achieve in a matter of seconds. From relaxation, to Mental Sanctuary, to Clairvoyance Laboratory and a ton of control questions.

If I would keep comparing myself to my advanced friends, I wouldn’t make any progress – but, I’ve learned that we are all different, and although we all have a potential to become psychics, the path and techniques we need to use are different. You can’t just copy and paste the behaviour of other psychics, because their behavior, their abilities and their techniques are based on the very core of their personality. Your personality is different, and although the foundations of psychic abilities is the same, the technique you’re going to use will vary.

I’m Reiki teacher (sorry, I don’t do distant attunements), and among Reiki teachers, I’ve noticed that some teachers feel shame because they don’t know something. They’re being asked a question, to which they do not know the answer. But instead telling the asker they don’t know and will learn and get back to him, they’re making up an answer, because they have a reputation to worry about. After all, they’re master teachers.

I mention this, because you don’t have to be a Reiki teacher, in order to behave in the same way :). Unfortunately, often forgot that it is OK not to know the answer. You’re not omnipotent. It’s OK if you don’t know something. Because the beauty of the world is that you can learn, either by finding a course, or a workshop, or a book, or a website, and learn! It works in every area of our life, from home improvements to quantum physics. We’re not omnipotent entities, but we learn constantly. And this approach works in case of psychic development, as well.

How To Be A Good Psychic Student

Do not forget that you constantly learn new things, theory, scientific research, spiritual truths and psychic techniques. Also, remember that psychic abilities are like any other skill – you develop them, and development means you begin from scratch; then you become a beginner; then a normal practitioner; then you’re advanced practitioner. If you’ve just started practicing psychic abilities, then there’s no way you’ll be as good as some professional psychics. And you shouldn’t compare yourself to them.

How to be a good psychic student? Below are some tips:

  • Don’t compare yourself to others – competition is a sign of the modern times, but it doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. You have your own psychic development pace, accept it, please. Using others, more advanced psychics, as a motivation tool, is a good thing, but constantly comparing yourself to those who can do more, sense more and see more, is a waste of your psychic time.
  • Keep learning – never stop learning. Even when you’ll start teaching others, keep learning yourself. Because a good psychic is a psychic that constantly learn: study the scientific research and reads spiritual truths; explore new techniques, and practice them if he feels it’s right. If you will stop learning, then you won’t make progress, and maybe you won’t become as good as others – in such case, if you have subconscious programs of comparing yourself to others, it won’t be a nice experience.
  • And keep in mind you’re learning – you should keep in mind that you’re learning, especially when you’re still a beginner. It will help you forget about comparing yourself to others. When you are aware of this simple fact that you’re constantly learning, you do not really care because others are better than you, as you know that one day, with enough practice and knowledge, you will be as good as they are.
  • Practice – if you won’t practice, then all of this above will be a blind circle. If you don’t practice, you don’t improve your skills, and you can’t become a better psychic. So, keep practicing.
  • Remember that you’re unique – or, that you have your own techniques. A lot of psychic work is based on some general foundations, but final techniques can vary from person to person. For example, some people prefer to meditate in Zazen, others prefer just to sit down, and breath – it looks the same, but there’s a big difference in both techniques. But both of these techniques work. Use the techniques that work for you, or even develop your own techniques – because what really matters is the result these techniques give you.
  • Don’t be ashamed because you’re not as good as someone else – maybe one day you will be as good as this person, but in the end, it doesn’t really matter. What you can do matters, so ignore others.

All of this is important, because if you will stick to the rules above, then you won’t feel bad if someone will use “clairvoyance instant”, while you have to spend two or three dozen seconds relaxing and entering your mental laboratory :). And when you will learn this, when you won’t compare yourself to others, and you won’t be ashamed because you’re slower than other psychics, only then you will be a good psychic.

There’s one more thing. How do you act if you’re more advanced psychic than others during the workshop or any kind of psychic meeting? Are you a show off? Do you take pleasure in the fact that you’re better than others? Well, such behaviour must end, because when it comes to psychic abilities, empathy occurs quite often. And others are capable of picking up your negative approach to your development. And it might reflect in a negative way upon their own psychic growth.

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Have you ever compared your psychic abilities to the abilities of others? How did you feel about it?

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. Hello! Great article! Loved both the teacher and the student point of view. I remember one of my grade school teachers told us how they all start out with this terror of being caught in a geometry or a history class with a question they can’t answer. Once you’ve been doing it long enough I guess you look forward to those moments, it gives the teacher a chance to look something up and learn themselves! Very Karate Kid =)

    As a psychic student at first I was intimidated by the readings that some of my classmates gave me. When you’re starting out you might get brief images, so quick and simple that it’s really hard to piece together a story. And most students will start with the phrase “I didn’t get much, but ….” which just undermines their confidence and their connection to Spirit. I say most students, and I was one of them! Our teachers always press us to start by saying “I got sooo many things!” and then to start talking LOL.

    Anyhooo, from personal experience I would add one tip for students:


    The first couple of months I was so nervous that my “psychic stage fright” blocked me, it wasn’t until I got better and relaxed that I started to enjoy my classes. And now I really look forward to them! I still have a long way to go with psychic readings in particular but I look forward to the journey.

    Nice article!


    ps … Skipping my psychic reading class this term! I miss it already =)

    by Geena / January 6th 2012

  2. Hi Nathan,

    I have never been in a position to be at a seminar with other psychics, etc but I do notice that there is a WIDE range of ways we get our information and answers, at every level of experience. I also think it may be that we’re not all meant to get information in every way, but if we have one or a few ways, as long as they are clear channels, we’re good. For instance, I would NOT want to be someone who sees ghosts or other spirits 24/7. That would feel far too intrusive in my own life – so I just say,”I don’t want to experience this, I would like my information to come in THIS way, please, not THAT way,” and I haven’t been turned down on such requests yet :)

    There is more than enough room for ever psychic or intuitive to have their own practice and clients, and competition among “colleagues” is just wrong. We all need to work together for the greater good.

    by Julie | A Clear Sign / January 12th 2012

  3. Nathan, thanks for sharing this list of great tips.

    As my name suggests, I often feel like I have some psychic ability that I would like to tap into, but I don’t quite know how to do it, maybe I’m trying to hard. Because of this want to be a psychic or at least be able to use my ability effectively, I am always comparing myself with others, often wanting to have the skills that they have. Thanks to your list, I know that this isn’t the best way to go about things.

    – Julian

    by 'Wannabe' Psychic Julian / January 30th 2012

  4. Slacking isn’t the word…january 6th?

    by ant / March 3rd 2012