FAQ: I can see/hear/sense emotions/spirits – How Do I Control My Psychic Abilities?

Another frequently asked question is related to control of psychic abilities. People tell me, that they can sense spirits, or emotions of others, or they know things before they happen. Basing my opinion on their emails, they panic – because they can’t control their psychic abilities. But the real question is – does lack of control really bothers you? As it may, or may not bother you.


Let’s say that you can sense spirits in the room – does it bothers you? If you won’t open to them, if you won’t allow them to interact with you, then they won’t harm you. Just being able to sense spirits it’s harmless. It doesn’t matter if you can control this ability or not. You can leave it be, or you can ignore it, and in most cases, you’ll be fine. Or let’s say that you can sense emotions of others – if these emotions that you can sense, does not bother you, and they won’t influence you in any negative way, then do you really care? Just ignore what you can sense, and you’ll be fine. The same thing applies to seeing things, or knowing things. If what you experience doesn’t influence you in any negative way, then just let things be, ignore them, and you’ll be fine.

The real problem starts when you can sense negative emotions, and they influence you in a negative way, for example, when you can sense sadness, and it puts you in sad emotional state. Or when you can see spirits, and the sight itself disturbs you. Or when you know things, and this process of knowing bothers you, as you receive only negative messages.

In such case, you should learn the basics:

These are two basic skills that often works enough. You may follow the instructions of shutting down your psychic abilities, from the article below:

But generally, learning true control over psychic abilities if no different than following the path of psychic development. So, if you want to learn true control, then you may want to become psychic. Learning about psychic abilities and learning about psychic development itself, can explain the basics and advanced issues of psychic phenomena, thus teaching you how to control these abilities.

My spirit guide just pointed me to another possibility. You may ask your spirit guide to help you out – either by pointing you to the answers, or blocking you in such degree, that you won’t be able to sense too much. It’s quite simple to do – you don’t have to believe in your spirit guide, and you don’t have to be able to hear him, either. Just ask, honestly from your heart:

My spirit guide, please, help me with the psychic abilities that I have {or explain the abilities and occurrences in details}, either point me to explanations and help, or block me, so I won’t experience these abilities and occurrences until I’m ready for it.

The communication with your spirit guide should be very natural – just explain what you experience, and explain what you don’t like in these experiences, and ask your guide for help. Somehow, your guide will find a way to help you out.

The fact that you experience psychic stuff, doesn’t mean that you can control it already – often, it’s just a sign that you have potential to become psychic, and you need to pursuit psychic development path anyway. I hope this FAQ article helped you out.

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  1. THIS IS AN AWESOME BLOG! I love the FAQ format! Have you checked out Channeling Erik? I am a physician and mother of five who recently lost my 20-year-old son, Erik. I started the blog to journal my grief, hoping I would heal by helping others. But soon Erik made his continued existence known to family, friends and blog members. As a physician with a strong background in science, this shook my entire paradigm to the core, especially since I was raised by two atheists!

    Now, I channel Erik through a world-renowned medium, asking him questions about death, the afterlife, suicide, UFOs, aliens, the nature of reality and more. Lately, we’ve been asking him to bring famous celebrities to interview including Elvis, Carl Sagan, Sai Baba, Michael Jackson, and 350 more.

    Erik also has a penchant for visiting blog members to give them advice, comfort, or play little pranks (messing with electronics, sending noxious smells, hiding items in plain sight, etc.) Over the past few months, he’s become a worldwide phenomenon and has been interviewed on many national and international shows, including The Sheila Gale Show. Currently, a screenwriter is writing a pilot for a TV show based on Erik’s life and afterlife—a weekly one-hour drama, fiction based on truth.

    Please understand that Erik is no guru or Dalai Lama. In fact, he curses like a sailor and has an irreverent sense of humor, but in a way, that’s part of his allure. Erik is one of us, someone who once struggled in life and, like us; he’s still searching for answers to those bigger questions. I can’t tell you how many grieving or depressed blog members have been saved by Channeling Erik. If you are in pain, I hope you join us on our journey.

    by Elisa Medhus, M.D. / December 29th 2011

  2. Thanks for sharing the link, Elisa, and thanks for kind feedback regarding ASoM :).

    by Nathaniel / January 3rd 2012