FAQ: Am I Psychic?

A lot of people approach me, telling me that they had some kind of weird, paranormal experience. They often ask me if they are psychics. Well, it’s a weird question, based on the fact that I represent simple theory, that everyone is psychic, or at least everyone has the potential to become psychic. But, people expect more than this, so here’s another FAQ article.


People tell me:

  • I’ve sensed a presence in the room, but I was home alone at the time.
  • I’ve sensed physical pain of my friend.
  • I can sense emotions of people around me.
  • I can see a glow around people, I think it’s aura.

Every of these stories is concluded with a question – am I psychic? Well, who’s psychic, anyway? Actually, a lot of people have some level of psychic abilities awakened, does it make them psychics? Yes, and no. Yes, because they are aware of the psychic realm around them, and no, because they cannot control their abilities even slightly. So in some way, what makes you psychic, is the ability to control your psychic skills; an ability to acquire psychic data consciously, for example:

  • To perform psychometry consciously
  • To see aura consciously
  • To communicate with spirits consciously

The fact that you’re already sensitive, that you can sense emotions, or that you can see auras or even spirits, gives you a tip, a sign that your psychic development path should be easier, than the path of people who develop their psychic abilities from scratch. Any psychic or paranormal experience, even the slightest one, is a proof that you have an asleep psychic potential.

When you can sense things, or see things, there is one thing that you should do first: go check out your doctor :). Really! There is never a guarantee that you’re perfectly healthy – maybe you have problems with your heart, brain, eyes or something else. First, check your doctor, check yourself. When your results come up positive, meaning that you’re healthy, then we can talk about psychic development further.

Generally, you shouldn’t get too excited when you’re aware that you can sense spirits, or see aura, etc. All these paranormal experiences that you may have, only point you to a simple conclusion. That you have the potential to become psychic. That you’re slightly more sensitive and aware of the psychic realm than normal people are, just like that.

But the real question is – do you want to pursuit psychic development? Do you really want to become psychic? To be honest with you, psychic path is not an easy path. So you must be really, really sure if you want to become psychic for good. As there is rarely a way back.

Experiencing paranormal, or psychic events is quite popular, but it doesn’t turn you into a psychic, really. It’s just an experience. What you’re going to do about it, it’s your choice. You can choose to become psychic, or you can choose to stick to “well, that was interesting” approach, and ignore it for good. And both choices will be OK.

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. Hi,

    I do something that I’ve never seen described before: a second or two before someone in person, on the radio or televisions says a word or number, I will say it. These words are often not overly common words and it happens too much to be a coincidence. What is this and can it be developed?


    by Brian / December 14th 2011

  2. It’s a form of premonition, it can be developed through basic psychic development and practice.

    by Nathaniel / December 16th 2011

  3. Okay, so I am able to sense other people’s emotions and I’m pretty good at it. When ever the phone is ringing I am able to feel if it is somebody I know and if it is, I can normally feel who it is. The weirdest part is that I can feel presences all the time. Mostly when I’m alone. And if I close my eyes and concentrate, I can see their faces. I know that those are the faces of the “presences” because they just come to mind. I don’t try to come up with them. How can I expand in these areas?

    by Cody / March 4th 2012

  4. I have been able to pick up on the aura or energy around people since I was younger and passed it off as tricks of the light until I was in class one afternoon. I felt dizzy and rubbed my eyes and when I reopened them the entire class was orange and the only person I could see was my teacher. I closed my eyes and shook my head and everything was normal. A few days later that teacher collapsed in class from a brain aneurism. Was the color related and when thing like this happen how can I control it and understand it.?

    by moonheart / March 14th 2012