FAQ: How Do I Develop My Psychic Abilities?

I’m often asked this question, “How Do I Develop My Psychic Abilities?” Since it probably is the most popular question I receive, I decided to use it to start the FAQ series of articles for A State of Mind. The simplest answer to this question would be:

Grab my Psychic Development Simplified book, this question is why I’ve wrote it. It’s the simplified and nifty guide to developing psychic abilities from scratch, but it can be used also by people who wish to learn control over their psychic abilities.

But let’s get into details, shall we?


A Matter Of Blockages

Everyone is psychic, or should I say, everyone has the potential to become psychic. But most people are struggling against their fears, negative thinking, worries, concerns, negative past experiences, hate and generally negative emotions. That’s why they’re blocked, and that’s why they can’t perceive psychic information. Other people are slightly more open – they do not have too many blockages, and as a result, they can see spirits, or sense emotions of others, or tell if someone is about to die, or at least get himself or herself into trouble.

Because of this, the basic step on the path of psychic development is simple: learn how to deal with the blockages that you may have. There are articles explaining this issue:

There are different methods of dealing with blockages. Affirmations is one of such methods:

Other methods are: rebirthing, regressing, different forms of meditation, exploration of Shadow Self, core images work. And these are only the methods that I’m aware of. Any technique that helps you heal your negative memories and emotions, let go of your worries and fears, is a good method to work out your blockages. The more blockages you work out, the more aware you can become of the psychic realm around you.

Learning Energy Work

After few months of working with blockages, you can pursuit psychic development further. For example, by learning visualization and basics of energy work. The article below contains a list of links to other useful articles (step by step) on A State of Mind.

Energy work, for example Yoga, Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong or New Energy Ways is:

  • A way to recall more negative memories and blockages to work with.
  • A way to improve your energetics – improve the amount of life energy you have, and learn how to control psychic energy in order to acquire psychic data, perform psychic healing and so on.

By learning energy work, and practicing it, you improve your energetics, and you become aware of more blockages, that you can remove later. This is the general path of psychic development – you build a steady core of abilities and capabilities for further use.

Practicing Psychic Abilities

Finally, after months of work, you can pursuit specific psychic abilities. As you have worked out many blockages, you’ve awakened your psychic senses, and you can pick up more psychic information than normal people can. So, you can begin practicing psychic readings, psychic healing, psychometry, or any other form of psychic work. Practice makes perfect, this is the primary rule of psychic development.

And basically, this is how you develop your own psychic abilities, this is the standard blueprint for your own psychic development. Your psychic growth may take from months to years – it all depends on how blocked or awakened you are. But in the end, as everyone has the potential to become psychic, you can achieve great results.

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