How To Improve Your Psychic Sensitivity

As I was falling asleep yesterday, a memory came. A memory from my past. A small hill near my home town, which I visited years ago. But this time, along with the image a memory of psychic feelings returned, as well. I could literally sense the place, it’s dark aura, it’s negative energies, oh – terrible. I know I’m not going back there any time soon :). But this experience is a perfect example of two things: first, you are sensitive, even if you don’t know it yet; and second, distance matters not.


You Are Sensitive Already

No matter what’s your age, you’re sensitive to psychic energies. You can pick up the “feel” of the place, person, object, or entire event, and you don’t have to be aware of this fact. Your psychic senses will pick things up, but you won’t be aware of this fact, since there are too many filters and blockages that hold you back from becoming conscious of your inner, natural psychic sensitivity.

This is a reason why removing blockages and filters, through meditation, affirmations or core images work, is so important in psychic development. Since you are psychic already, all you have to do is to tune yourself. Tuning in is all about removing the blockages on the path between the source of psychic data, and your awareness. That’s the good news that should improve your self-confidence.

But even if you’re not aware of the energies around you at the time, in the future, you might be able to recall the feel of the energies you’ve encountered. It might be very helpful in your further spiritual development. But it’s not what I really want to discuss today.

In Psychic Work, Distance Does Not Matter

There’s another thing – in your psychic work, the distance between you and the target, that you’re about to “sense”, does not matter. You can stay in New York, and be able to analyze the energetics of everything in a small house outside Tokyo. That is why psychics can easily perform psychic readings or energetic analysis over great distances. And that is why it’s much easier for you to practice your own psychic sensitivity.

Improving your psychic sensitivity, the ability to tell how the object, room, place, or person feels, is all about practice. Beginners think often, that they need to practice face-to-face with their target. That the target must be in the same room with them. This is not truth. All you really need is the coordinates. This is what Remote Viewing is based upon – you need to get the mental coordinate of your target, and you can already perform a psychic scan.

Photo is such mental coordinate – and in the age of the Internet, finding photos for your training is not a big deal. Head to Flickr or Google and you get thousands of photos to practice with. Isn’t it great?

Few Ideas For Improving Your Psychic Sensitivity

Below, I’ve mentioned few ideas to improve your psychic sensitivity.

Sense a person

In the age of Social Networks, it’s easy to connect with people. And it is easy to get their photos. Just find a person’s photo, and look at him or her – look at the person. Just like that. And answer yourself, how do you feel about the person? How does the person feel? Is the person cold, angry, patient? Can you feel inner peace, or chaos? “Temperature”, or emotions, or emptiness, or any other emotion or feeling or thought that will reach your mind, is one way or another connected with the person’s energetic field, aura and current state of personality.

Just by looking at the person and having an intend to “feel” him or her, it is enough to perform a psychic scan. And the more you scan, the better your psychic sensitivity gets.

What about privacy, you may ask. Well, before each and every person’s scan, ask your higher self if you’re allowed to perform the scan. Even if you don’t worry about privacy, ask your higher self for permission. Sometimes, the person you’re about to scan might be surrounded by unpleasant energies, and in such case, it’s a better option to find someone else to practice on.

The privacy in this case doesn’t really matter. First of all, as long as you’re not going to sell the info, or use it to take advantage over the person, there’s no problem. Second of all, you can’t read a person’s thoughts, so whatever you’ll pick up, it will be blurry enough to present to real informational value :). Third of all, in most cases, you pick up the general psychic data related to current’s state of person’s aura. Within minutes, this state can change. So your goal is not to acquire any specific info, but general feelings for your practice. So your scan does not invades person’s privacy more than your nose invades it when smelling perfumes while passing the girl on the street.

Sense a room or a place

Quite some time ago, I look at the photo of a graveyard, posted on a website about ghost hunting. The place was said to be haunted by real, nasty demon, and experienced ghost hunters were suggesting not to visit the place at all. Quick look and quick scan that I did resulted in figuring out the place was a terrible place indeed. The darkness and evil within it… I won’t recommend the place for ghost hunting, definitely.

Once again, distance matters not. You can use photos of places and rooms and buildings to get the general feeling of your target, just by having an intend to get the feeling. Just like you did in case of people. Look at the photo, and feel it. Practice it, and with time, your psychic sensitivity will improve further.

Sense an object

Just like you can scan places and people by using photos as mental coordinates, you can scan objects, too. Books, weapons, paintings, clothes – list of ideas is limitless. Look at the object on the photo, and do the scan through your intend.

But here’s another idea – you can sense symbols, as well. Esoteric and occult traditions of the world are full of magical and spiritual symbols – runes, angelic seals and modern New Age symbolism; Buddhism mantras and symbols. Look at them, and tune it, performing a psychic scan.

And You’re Not Limited To Photos

You can sense people from the newspaper’ photos; people on Social Networks; objects in shops and in the museums; you can sense food to tell if it’s full of life energy, or is it a microwaved trash; but you’re not limited to photos, of course. When you see a person in real life, feel him or her; feel the objects in your room; scan the new places you’re visiting. The only thing that limits you is your creativity. And your spirit guides, from time to time.

Just remember to cut the connection, break the mental link that you’ve created, simple by thinking about ending and breaking the contact with the object, person or place. It’s a safety issue. You don’t want to stay connected, trust me :).

With these few ideas, all you have to do is to practice – look at the target, and “sense” it – just like that, through your intend. Practice is the key to improving your psychic sensitivity. Along with continuing psychic development, of course. Good luck!

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  1. But how exactly do you “sense” something? I mean, how do you receive it?

    by unknown person / January 4th 2012

  2. I found it interesting that you used a graveyard in one of your examples. There is a graveyard in Amarillo where I live that I cant stand going into. I used to go with a friend
    who visited various graves, and each time I would get dizzy, sick, and nearly passed out once. There is no peace there, and my friend loved it there, and even stranger across the street is another part of the graveyard but its atmosphere is so much different. Any tips for that.

    by moonheart / March 13th 2012