What Can Morning Coffee Teach You About Psychic Intuition

Each morning, I drink coffee. Brushing teeth can wait, but coffee cannot. During my daily, morning ritual, I sit and enjoy the black drink, and during that time, my mind is at peace. It’s not fully awake, and the coffee is prepared automatically, so I can sleep a bit longer ;). All right, just kidding. But the truth is that mind that is still a bit sleepy, operates on different brain wave length. And thing simple fact can teach you a lot about psychic intuition.


Two Of My Psychic Experiences

I’ve experienced an interesting phenomena twice, before realizing this simple fact – that quiet mind can acquire psychic information easier. During both experiences, I was a messenger for others.

Once, I’ve received a message for a friend. A message was very, very simple. I was meant to tell her that she’s beautiful and that she shouldn’t worry about others saying she’s not. And that no matter what, she should pursuit her dreams. Simple to say, I passed the message, just like that, just as I’ve “felt” it. It wasn’t a message like “word after word”, but a classic psychic “knowing” – I just knew that I have to say to her. At the time, I didn’t know that, but as she explained later, she really needed something like this to be said, as at the time, she had a hard time.

That was the first experience.

Another time, during another coffee, I’ve received a message for a sister of my girlfriend. I was meant to tell her about the path she should walk regarding choosing the University. Once again, I just passed the message, just like that.

In both situations, I was fresh out of bed, enjoying my coffee. This experience taught me two things.

Relax & And Keep Calm

When you’re calm, your brain shifts to Alpha wave length – your thoughts are clear, and your mind is at peace. At this state of mind, you experience psychic intuition, clairvoyance, and general psychic stuff. Many basic psychic practices, like meditation or core images work, is meant to clear your mind, and teach you to enter Alpha state within seconds. Of course, for first few months, or even years, it may take many minutes to enter this state of mind. With practice and mind programming, this state can be achieved within seconds. And then, you can “see things”, experience visions, and receive psychic messages.

When you’re fresh out of bed, your mind operates in the Alpha state. And then you can perform a lot of psychic work, or just sit still, and open yourself for psychic messages. Often, it’s more beneficial just to listen, than to seek consciously specific information.

Learning to relax and enter Alpha state is one of the basic skills of psychic development. Without it, you can’t really learn clairvoyance, aura view, and you can’t perform psychic readings or psychometry. But when you learn this ability, at last, then it will give you great benefits and results. That’s the first thing I’ve learned from my morning coffee ritual.

Just Pass The Message

Now, it’s time for the second thing I’ve learned. As psychic, you may receive messages from higher entities, love one who passed away, or even spirit guides of other people. Although I advise caution when it comes to channeling, if you feel that the message is not meant for “the entire humanity to save it from total damnation”, it’s safe to pass the message. And pass it in the same form as you have received it.

Whether you’re just a psychic, or a medium, the more interpretation of the message you do, the more damages to this message you make. Let’s say that you, just like me, received a message for a friend, that says: “remember that you’re beautiful, no matter what”. So, it’s the message you should pass to the friend. Don’t analyse it, don’t ask “why should I pass it” or “what does it mean, is she in trouble?” Just pass the same message. Because, as far as I understand and experience it, the person will know what the message is about.

When you see a color, let’s say: blue, then you have two choices – you can interpret it according to some wicked dictionary of symbols, or according to your own understanding of the color blue. But what if the message, blue, is clear to the person? Sometimes, the person can shout “oh, my grandma loved blue!” and that’s all – the message is clear, as it was a keyword that forced the person’s own psychic intuition to understand who’s the author of the message. Sometimes, the less you say the better.

Last Thing The Morning Coffee Can Teach You

There’s one last thing that you can learn from your – you need to pay attention to small things during your daily life, as they can teach you a lot in case of psychic development. Often, we ask questions, we want to learn more thing that can improve our psychic work. And we receive them – through simple things, like realizing the Alpha state thing in my own case. The Universe gives us the answer as long as we ask questions. All we need to do is to learn how to notice the answers.

Pay attention to your daily life, learn to enter Alpha state for psychic work, and pass the psychic messages without too much own interpretation, to make sure the message will be clear to the receiver. Then, your psychic work will be very effective.

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How do you enter Alpha state? And how long does it take in your case? Have you learned it, or is it an “automatic” skill? And do you make additional interpretation for the things you perceive, or do you pass the message “as it is”?

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  1. GREAT post, Nathaniel. Thank-you! And you know what? I received your name a little while ago: Nathaniel. I thought it was the name of one of my guides, but now realize they were letting me know that you were to be found in response to a request I made to them to lead me to information and knowledge about my “abilities”. I’m just waking -up and am grateful for your site. This post is great too, and I once went back to bed one morning and had my first lucid dreaming experience. Thanx again! Namaste!

    by Ricky Ferdon / November 12th 2011

  2. Ricky, thanks for kind words, and thank you for reading! And yes, guides can point you to many sources of knowledge :).

    by Nathaniel / November 17th 2011

  3. This is a wonderful article on learning to be open to psychic experiences. We believe that the vast majority of the population has had a paranormal experience, whether or not they actually believe it is so. The more people who share their experiences, the more others will be comfortable doing so and the more honest we can be with ourselves and others. Thank you for the post!

    by Marion Williams and Elena Micheals / November 17th 2011