Healing Touch Meditation, or How Free Hugs Can Heal Your Second Chakra

When is the last time you touched someone with care? Human beings require touch to live a normal life, and yet, in many cultures, it isn’t widely accepted to touch others. Sometimes, it even is inappropriate, like in the modern business culture: you shake a hand, and it’s OK; but when you hug Dorothy from the accounting department, it’s sexual harassment and you end up in Court. You know, this is sick! Sick is limiting the touch – the natural need of every living being. 


The issues of touch lie in the second chakra. It is there where problems grow, and at some point of life, becomes really, really problematic. For spiritual workers and psychics, the problems seem even bigger. Through this chakra, energies flow up to higher chakras, which are responsible for spiritual growth and psychic abilities. By healing material problems (money, for example), you heal the first chakra. Now, it’s time to heal your second chakra, and one of the problems that lie hidden there, are the problems related to touch.

What is touch? Beyond the natural explanation when one object or body touches another object or body, touch is a… phenomena, as I see it. It’s a wonderful gift to physical beings. By touching someone in this specific way, with care and love, you make someone feel good, feel special. Touch heals, when we’re sad or scared, all we need to feel a bit better, is a caring touch.

When we lack “spiritual” touch that is full of care, we can feel the emptiness of something within us. Kids, when they receive not enough hugs in early years of their lives, have a tendency to show off problems in the future. They’re afraid of physical contact; of relationship; of caring or showing off emotions. From all forms of touch, caring hugs are most powerful.

What If Someone Doesn’t Like Hugs?

Not everyone wishes to be hugged, of course. I can understand this in case of total strangers on the street. But if two school buddies, or co-workers don’t like to be touched, or worse, when a friend or family member does not like to be touched, then I call this a problem within the subconscious mind, a problem from the Shadow Self area. Maybe someone has been hurt in the past, or the form of the touch was aggressive, not caring. Such problems can be healed through core images work, or any other methods of working with mind patterns and Shadow Self.

But, there’s a different form of healing – the healing touch, as I call it. I come up with this form of spiritual healing over weeks of observation and discussion with people, but I’m sure I’m not the first person in the world that figured this out :). Actually, the person who discovered this, was the first person who hugged someone :).

The Healing Touch Meditation

What I call “Healing Touch Meditation” is just a form of touch. At first, you can just hold someone’s hand, with time, you can move to hugs. The meditation is quite simple.

  • Find someone to practice with – it doesn’t have to be someone very, very close, just a person you’re comfortable with. It might be a person who wish to heal his or hers own issues with touch. With this person, you will practice, so he or she shouldn’t be a stranger (until you feel comfortable with the person). The point of this meditation is to heal your issues, so later, you won’t have problems with touching or hugging less familiar people.
  • Touch the person – hold his or hers hand, or hug him or her. Do this with care and attention, make sure the person will feel safe with your touch.
  • Start breathing – make calm, natural breaths with your eyes closed.
  • Observe – observe all the feelings that reach your conscious mind; observe all emotions; observe all images and thoughts that appear within your mind. And let them flow. At the end of the meditation, you may want to write them down, so you can work them out with the Core Images work method. But for now, just observe.
  • Flow – if you want to cry, cry; if you want to smile, smile; if you want to laugh, laugh. Let your emotions flow, feel free.

After few minutes (or few hours, there’s no limit), end the session. Write down your feelings, emotions and experiences in your journal, if you have one. From time to time, you can repeat the meditation, until you’re very comfortable with hugs. From that moment on, use every opportunity to hug someone. This meditation is simple and pleasant.

Don’t be afraid of using this form of meditation when you’re sad, depressed, scared, or you just need some care. And don’t be afraid of offering caring hugs to those who need them. This form of spiritual healing (because this is what this meditation is) will not only improve your relationship with others, but it will also be a next step on your path of spiritual growth and psychic development.

Free Hugs, Anyone?

I love actions like “free hugs” – I don’t want you to go on the street and offer free hugs, of course, but if you have the opportunity, hug the person offering free hugs. It’s a great inner healing practice. Any form of manual therapy – massages or Reiki, for example, are forms of healing touch. Although if you have problems with touch, I suggest practicing hugs meditation, or getting a Reiki session first, as it has stronger effects.

Hug often – hug with friends, co-workers (if they allow it), family members, school buddies, sometimes even strangers. Hug those in need, and ask for hugs when you need them. It’s so simple method, almost lacking spiritual elements. But spirituality can be found within the caring, healing touch. Don’t dissociate yourself from this gift of touch, embrace it, and offer it to those in need.

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How do you feel about touch and hugs? Do you hug often? Have you ever tried to heal your touch issues? Do you know other methods of healing such problems?

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