All Your Psychic Attacks, Or Why Aren’t You Saint, And How To Stop Attacking Others

Being free of psychic attacks is one of the goals you should achieve 0n your path of psychic development. But rather teaching you new methods of psychic self-defense, today I will teach you about the attacks originating from you. There’s a great chance that you’re attacking others psychically, maybe you’re doing it right now. A lot of people don’t understand that most of their negative thoughts directed towards others can be classified as psychic attack.


What Is Psychic Attack?

You might be familiar with few types of psychic attacks already. For example, energy drain or energy overload, to name the few. But generally, a psychic attack is a form of energy work, that influences the energy system of the other person without that person’s knowledge or acceptance. Just like an intrusion on your physical plane (hurting your physical body), psychic attack is an intrusion to your emotional and spiritual world. In most cases, it can be recognized as direct manipulation with your own energies – draining them to make you weak, or pumping energy to overload you. But this is very general.

Energy follows thoughts – this is the general rule of the energy manipulation and general psychic phenomena. Whatever you think about, you direct energies “there”.

  • You may worry about something, for example, about your job. And by worrying, you direct energy to the source of your worries. Let’s say you worry about losing your job. You direct energy to the source of your worries and you make it stronger. And when it’s strong enough, you may actually lose your job, because you manifest what you fear the most.
  • You may be angry at someone, so you direct negative energies of anger towards that person. If the person is unable to defend himself or herself, then your negative energies will influence that person in some negative way.

These are very simple, and very general examples of directing your thoughts to perform psychic attack. Unfortunately, a lot of people who walk the path of spiritual development or spiritual growth, forget about this, and they, for example, think bad about others. If you want to grow further, you must learn to stop attacking others psychically.

When you will stop doing psychic attacks, even these unaware, your energetics will develop further, and more positive energies will flow through you. This will lead to advanced psychic development, and faster spiritual growth. And with these things, your life will get better.

How Do You Attack Others

How to stop attacking others psychically? Simple, by learning how you attack others. When you know what kind of psychic attacks you’re performing, you can pay close attention to your doings, and then, you can see when you need to stop before you do something bad. So, how do you attack others?

Manipulating Others

A lot of people manipulate others – their love ones, friends, co-workers and so on. But manipulation is wrong, as it influences the free will of others. Whenever you manipulate others, you send them negative energies, and you build up a charge of negative energies within yourself. This is especially visible in case of marketers, or all these NLP fans. I don’t need to explain manipulation – there are many books on the market that can explain this.

But there’s one thing that I really need to explain – it’s the “positive manipulation”. You know the situation when your mother wants all the best to you? Or that you dad tells you that “this” career is the best for you? Or when you tell your life partner to do something, because “this will be the best thing to do for us”? Well, when we do such things with negative intention of manipulating someone for our own gain, then it’s psychic attack. And it’s unacceptable, mainly because if the person has a weak mind, then he or she will have troubles with achieving personal goals.

And tell me – what gives you the right to block the dreams of others? I tell you – you have no such right.

People have free will. You can wish them all the best, but as long, as you won’t force them to believe that your point of view is the best for them. People, instead of wishing others success, wish them success based on their own perception.

For example, you want to be an artist, but your mother tells you to go to medical school, and she says that “I just want the best for you, going to medical school is the best choice” – well, it isn’t, because you don’t want to go to medical school, you want to be an artist. In such case, she uses her thoughts to influence your decision on the astral plane, she’s manipulating you, and thus, she performs psychic attack.

You might be doing the same thing. Support others, wish them all the best, but according to their standards and dreams. Support them in their actions, but do not force your own vision upon them.

Malediction, or Wishing Others Bad Things

People often have bad intentions about others. They want others to get harm, or to fail in their projects, or in life, or in a job, or in a relationship. Wishing others bad luck, and all sort of malediction is another form of psychic attack. Being jealous about something – a new car, for example, also represents a form of psychic attack.

You’re jealous about your friend, who got a promotion, while you still do the same job. You may have negative thoughts about your friend because of this. And this is psychic attack. Or, you see your friend in the same dress that you just bought. In some circles, it’s unacceptable to a girl to have the same dress as her friend. Don’t ask me why, I don’t really know, nor do I care :). But, some kind of hate might appear in the relationship between two friends. One more psychic attack to our collection.

She has a new dress – hate her; your boss gets more money for his job than you – hate him. Your friend starts his own company, while you still work in the office – hate him. Oh, and wish him to fail.

Does these examples sounds familiar? Be careful what you wish to others, and what you think about others. Your negative thoughts turn into negative energies, and negative energies turn into psychic attack.

Hate Speech

How often do you curse your politicians? How often do you speak negative words towards people you don’t like? Someone parked in your place, you curse; the politicians voted for new tax, you curse; your kid is ill, and your doctor is on vacation, you curse. Any time you speak wrong words because of someone, it’s psychic attack on that person.

These are most popular psychic attacks everyone performs, unfortunately. Remember one more thing – in every case of psychic attack, the energy you send, returns. It’s law of the Universe. Any attack you performed will return to you. But don’t worry, as there is a simple way to block most of your unconscious psychic attacks – stop directing negative thoughts towards others. Give up hate speech, forget about malediction, do not manipulate others. Simple :).

How To Defend Against Such Mental Attacks

You know what kind of psychic attacks you perform, but how to defend yourself against such attacks? There are few methods.

  • Psychic Shields you can learn how to create a psychic shield meant to deflect negative energies that are directed towards you.
  • Affirmations – you can also practice affirmation for 21 days, like “I, NAME, am free of all forms of manipulations and negative thoughts”. This will create a simple mental defense screen.
  • Forgiveness – you should also forgive everyone who ever harmed you. This is an element of working with Core Images, and you should practice it all time. When you’re the one who attacks others psychically, you should forgive your target. Sometimes,  because someone hurt us, we attack them unconsciously, because we hold the grudge towards that person. Learn forgiveness, it’s a powerful tool in the hands of psychic.
  • Fear not – also, you should not be afraid of your attacker. The less fear you have, the harder it is for the person to attack you. But having no fear against the attacker is just one element of the puzzle, it can help you, but it won’t be enough. Therefore, getting rid of fear must always come along with other means of defense – such as psychic shields or forgiveness.

With these simple methods, you will be safer in the world of energies.

Become Free Of Psychic Attacks

Now you know a bit more about psychic attacks. But, this article might have awake a feeling of blame. Well, don’t blame yourself and don’t panic. We often attack others unconsciously, but it’s not a big crime – you won’t go to hell because of this, and then, your life won’t be really bad because of this. Yes, it’s better to become free of psychic attacks, but when you catch yourself on attacking someone through hate speech, or similar, relax. Forgive yourself, and become more aware of your reactions. Try to recognize your negative thoughts towards others, and calm yourself – and you will make progress. And the bigger the progress is, the easier it will be to control yourself.

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What other types of psychic attacks are you familiar with? Do you have some methods of controlling your negative thoughts?

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. Nathan,

    You make a really good point here, one that I have never seen discussed anywhere else. infste cont

    by Julie | A Clear Sign / October 23rd 2011

  2. I have found forgiveness sometimes help a lot in getting rid of psychic attacks but sometimes I think how many times and how far you can go to forgive a regular offender of your natural rights.

    by Meryem / October 31st 2011

  3. Something has been attacking me lately. I’ve been getting massive headaches, feeling really dizzy, and getting to the point of almost passing out. I have no idea what was happening until I read this article. What do you think would be causing it?

    by Haley / November 15th 2011

  4. Haley,

    There are many things that can happen – entities, other people, or just a some wicked source of energy near you; a psychic vampire maybe? First of all, you should read all the articles about psychic self-defense here on A State of Mind. Setting up psychic shield and grounding yourself can help a lot.

    Second of all, you should check your doctor – quite often, such things have very natural explanation, you should first consider health issues to be a problem, and not psychic issues.

    by Nathaniel / November 17th 2011

  5. I am continuously attacked sometimes as Haley has been but usually just a pressure build up in my head like my brain wants to puke… a swimmingly confused feeling…
    I know for the second part people around me want to see inside me which I fight, as I believe my memories are MINE and no one has the right to them.

    Stay Strong!

    by Daryl / November 22nd 2011

  6. Lately, I have been having the same dream over and over again. Way back in march, a friend of mine had a party and invited me to come along with other girls. In her neighborhood, there is this really old building. It was built way back in the 17 century. We saw this door that had been nailed shut. So we decided to pry it open. Unfortunately, we opened it. When we went back on the main floor and I heard a demonic laughter. Then I felt extremely dizzy and I looked back at the door and saw a figure of a man. He had piercing red eyes and told me that there’s no going back. Now I believe that he has returned. Could it be possible that this man is a demon that has latched itself onto me?

    by Haley / December 3rd 2011

  7. @Haley,

    There are many possibilities – maybe someone just scared you, maybe it was an entity. The best thing you can do is to search for someone who specializes in such cases – witch, druid, exorcist, professional psychic and so on. I do not work with such cases any more, so I can’t help you more.

    by Nathaniel / December 9th 2011