How To Ground Yourself, Active And Passive Methods

Grounding is one of the basic abilities that every psychic and spiritual worker should learn. It’s an ability to control psychic energies that flow through you, and an ability that allows you to remain present here and now, without wondering away with your thoughts, or your inner energies. There are two types of grounding: one is active, and another one is passive. Learning both types should be one of the first things on your “wanna be psychic TODO list”.


In the past, I’ve published a short article about grounding, and I’ve also discussed the subject in my book, Psychic Development Simplified. But since grounding is an ability that can be used by everyone, not just psychics, I want to share the knowledge for free in this article.

Who Should Use Grounding Techniques?

Who else, beside psychics, can use grounding techniques? Actually, everyone! From a social worker and teacher to businessman, to a priest and spiritual worker. Grounding, when used along with centering ability, can help you refocus on here and now, become present, and control your thoughts and energies better.

People have a tendency to wonder their own thoughts and energies.

  • For example, if you’re worried, your thoughts and energies are directed towards a reason of your worries. Let’s say you worry about financial problems. Your thoughts direct your energies towards the source, towards the reason for your financial problems. You focus on this, and because of the universal Law of Attraction, you attract more negative things. And this isn’t good.
  • When you’re scared, your energies and thoughts move towards the source of your fear. Let’s take a young kid, for example, and let’s say he is being bitten in school. Fear of his enemies attracts more fearful occurrences. Or, let’s take a very psychic example. Let’s say you’re in a haunted house, which is haunted by a very nasty entity. Fear feeds the entity, the more afraid you are, the stronger the entity becomes.
  • When you’re angry, your energies (negative energies, not good) move towards the source of your anger. Let’s say your competitor managed to sign up a contract which you wanted badly. You’re angry at your competitor, and beside attracting more bad stuff into your life, you’re also attacking your competitor psychically.

In all these examples, you can see a simple mechanism – energy follow thoughts. You not only waste your life energies, but you also attract more negative stuff, and finally, you perform psychic attacks. These are negative examples, but positive emotions and thoughts may lead to negative results, too.

  • As psychic, your mind may wonder when you need to focus, actually. For example, during psychic reading, or any form of psychic work. Thinking about positive things is good, but not when you need to focus.
  • Let’s say that you’re excited because you’re about to sign up a great contract that will make you a millionaire. Your positive thoughts may block you from noticing few paragraphs, that may be dangerous for your company. Grounding in such case brings your mind back (especially when used along with centering technique), and you’re able to think clearly about the contract you’re about to sign.

No matter who you are and what you do on a daily basis, grounding is very useful skill, that doesn’t require too much psychic skills, really.

Active Methods Of Grounding

An active method of grounding focuses on doing conscious, or semi-conscious energy work. Conscious energy work occurs when you’re clearly conscious of the energies you manipulate. For example, if you can sense or see energies, you can manipulate them consciously. In case of semi-conscious energy work, you think to manipulate the energy, but if you can’t sense or see it, then you cannot be 100% sure if the energies do what you want. So, you can only trust your thoughts.

Active form of grounding is simple – you release energies from your body, energies that aren’t needed anymore. You can do this just by intending to do so. Energy follow thoughts, so if you’re not skilled energy worker, just think about releasing energies (release the tension, huh!).

Releasing Energy To Any Grounded Object – Basics

A grounded object is any object that is, one way or another, connected to ground, that big brown thing below. Ground is grounded; building floor and walls are grounded; most pipes are grounded, as well. In order to release the energies into the grounded object:

  • Visualize roots growing from your feet into the ground, and then visualize as the unwanted energy move through the roots, down to the ground.
  • Or skip the roots part, and just visualize energy being released through your feet, down into the ground.

This simple energy work technique should be enough to ground yourself properly.

Hugging A Tree

Trees are grounded, as well. Many schools of meditation or spiritual work teach this very simple grounding technique. All you have to do is to hug a tree, and intend to release the unwanted energies. The tree will do the rest. Often, this method is mixed with charging yourself with positive energies, as trees do work as big energy antennas. But for now, just remember, if you have access to a tree, go and give it a hug!

More Tips For Active Grounding

Beside very obvious methods of grounding that I’ve described above, you should also remember about few additional things.

  • Centering and finding yourself – grounding is useful, but it works even better when used along with centering techniques. Whenever you can, practice centering, as well.
  • Identify your emotions and emotions of others – empaths may know what I’m talking about. Often, the emotions you feel are not really your own. Beside obvious grounding, you should also identify if there is a real reason why you feel in a specific way. Because if there’s no reason to feel the way you feel, then perhaps the emotions you feel are not really yours. In such case…
  • Psychic shielding as vital stuff – when you feel emotions that aren’t yours, remember about psychic shielding, and try to separate yourself from the rest of the world.

Now, that you know these few additional things, let’s discuss passive grounding.

Passive Methods Of Grounding

Active grounding is all about energy work. Passive grounding is about making sure your mind is grounded enough in general. Passive grounding can be described as building a dam that will hold the water even if you will go sleep. Through various activities and habits, you add more and more blocks to your mind dam.

Forming No Attachments

The primary step in building the dam in your mind is to learn not to form any attachments. When you care about someone, or when you hate someone; when you focus on something, or when something irritates you; all of this forms attachments, like energetic links, through which energy flows. When you’re angry about something, you form an attachment, through which you send energies towards someone or something you’re angry about. This way, you lose energy.

The same thing happens when you worry or when you care about something or someone. Generally, any emotional behavior creates a form of energetic interaction, that results in lack of grounding. The less attachments you have, the more grounded you are. Now, you may dig into advanced Buddhist practice and attach to nothing. But as a person living in the Western world, you should just get rid of negative attachments, and don’t worry about positive attachments.


  • Worry not – do not worry about things that may happen, do not worry about people, do not worry about your future, school, work, whatever. Just relax :).
  • Angry not – stay calm and relax, as anger leads to the Dark Side. Also, anger is a form of psychic attack (when “targeted” at people) and it generates a lot of negative energies that may influence both you, and people around you.
  • Hate not – hatred is a strong, negative emotion, and just like anger, it’s a psychic attack that generates nasty energies.

Lear to forgive yourself and others, and focus on positive emotions always. Bad things happen all the time, but the true power is to remain calm and happy in the world of darkness. The less things you’re angry about, and the less things you worry about, the more grounded you are.

A Grounding Hobby

Another method of passive grounding is simple – you just need a hobby. Some people play computer games; others play golf; other cook, and so on. This is very important especially if you’re a psychic or spiritual worker. When you work with psychic energies, spiritual things and entities, you may easily lose your contact with real world. Trust me, this is possible. In a simple way, you may go crazy, or at least, you may perceive everything from a spiritual perspective, while you should perceive many things from very earthly perspective.

I have few activities that aren’t a hobby, but they keep me grounded. For example, I enjoy cooking meals; I also play computer games; I write fiction; finally, I read books about quantum physics and space exploration :). Now you get the idea of a grounding “hobby”.

In order to protect yourself against losing your mind, you need a very grounding hobby, something that allows you to free yourself from spiritual thoughts. Or, if you’re not spiritual worker, but, for example, a businessman, you may wish to play computer games or become interested in spiritual stuff, just to stop thinking about doing business. This can be really, really helpful.

Other Grounding Activities

Getting a cup of coffee, going out for a beer, cooking dinner or having sex, these are only few examples of small grounding activities. In short, shift your focus to something that connects you with manual work and physicality, and one way or another, you will be grounded.

Such grounding knowledge is useful for psychics, spiritual workers and even those, who have too much on their head (that’s 90% of world’s population, I guess). Grounding should be performed whenever you feel that you’re losing focus: during or after work; during psychic activities; before and after spiritual work; in a stressful time, and so on.

And remember, these few techniques that I’ve mentioned above are only few examples. You may find or develop another technique that will work better simple because it will suit you. And once you have a good method of grounding in your reach, stick to it. And use it whenever you need.

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What other methods of grounding are you familiar with? Please, share them with ASoM readers. Also, do you have a hobby that makes you relax after hours of psychic or spiritual work?

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