The Journey Through The Chakras For Spiritual Growth

Have you ever wondered how to proceed with your own spiritual growth? There are different schools of thoughts, different opinions, different systems, but one of the oldest, and the wisest, is the journey through the chakras. As human, you have seven major chakras – the energy centers, through which the life force, Chi, flows. But chakras are also the centers for different psychological aspects of your personality. Knowing this, can help you proceed with safe, and effective growth.


According to Hindu knowledge, passed on to Western man through Theosophical teachings (and based on my personal observations, too), every person have seven main chakras. In each of these seven energetic centers, specific emotions, blockages and energies exist. By working with your chakras, you can release old negative patterns, parts of your Shadow Self, and work them out. This way, you grow – your spiritual development proceed.

There are different systems of spiritual growth. Personally, I’m using Reiki and the technique of Core Images. In addition, I use affirmations to reprogram negative patterns. Some people work directly on the chakras, but I don’t recommend this until you’re experienced enough to do this. Anyway, the knowledge of chakras can help you in a different way. By knowing what the chakras stand for, you know how can learn how to proceed with your own spiritual development.

How so? First, you must know the basics for the chakras. Below I’ve included the basic knowledge.

  • Root – it stands for material safety, money, physical health.
  • Navel – represents sexual relationship, life force, creativity.
  • Solar Plexus – here you find your goals, dreams, personality, habits.
  • Heart – this is where we learn to love, and where our emotions are born.
  • Throat – through this chakra, we express our thoughts, dreams and goals.
  • Third Eye – this is the source of psychic and intuitive knowledge.
  • Crown – this is the essence of spirituality.

Additional knowledge can be obtained from the article about chakras, linked earlier, and more information is available in my book, Psychic Development Simplified, in which every chakra has been described from a psychological and personality point of view. There are many, many sources available both on-line and off-line, some are free, some are paid. I suggest that you should learn as much about chakras as possible.

How can this knowledge help you? There is a system of chakra work, in which you develop from the root chakra up to the crown chakra. That’s all. But, examples will be useful. Spiritual growth is like building the house – you start with the foundations, then you go for the walls, and the roof is the last to build. You can’t build the house by making the roof first, right?

Gently, Step After Step

Or, we can talk about spiritual growth by comparing it to evolution of our civilization. At first, people were interested only in surviving. When they learned how to build shelters, and how to provide themselves with enough food, they began to expand, and form basic relationships (families, tribes). Then, they’ve begun to form larger groups with basic social structure. Shamans, elders, builders, farmers, it was all about evolution of civilization – basic needs like food or shelter were provided, so people could focus on doing other things – like improving the creative skills to build better shelter, or grow better food.

This is where goals and creativity become important. It allowed the social structure to evolve, so some people could focus on doing other things than hunting or having sex :). They could create innovation, focus on religion or philosophy, invent new devices and so on. The civilization was evolving further, and the third, fourth and fifth chakra became active – more people were seeking self-realization, womans were seeking emancipation, and homosexuals could stop worrying.

And today, humanity, with all the basic needs met, seek spiritual and psychic development, as the last two chakras are becoming active. This is the evolution of the civilization. And this is the way everyone should proceed with spiritual growth. From the basic needs, to spiritual needs.

The Conscious Spiritual Growth

Your spiritual growth should be conscious and reasonable. You can’t just jump to the crown chakra and connect with the Absolute. Yes, there are systems of the spiritual growth, according to which, you can jump from chakra to chakra; or, from pattern to pattern. But in my opinion, and based on my own experience, the growth should be reasonable, and it should be conscious – this means it should be like building a house – start with the foundations, and build the roof at the end.

The Root

The very basic need of every person is the material safety – you want to feel safe. You want to feel healthy; you want to have food to it, and shelter at the reach of your hand. But we are often afraid of our health, and we have problems with money, too. Fixing these issues should be the first step in your spiritual growth. You should fix your financial issues, heal your approach to money. If you have healthy approach to the money, you will attract them. This will help you work out problems with lack of food, or lack or shelter. Your material safety will be protected.

The elements of your Shadow Self, negative patterns, for example, are hidden in the root chakra. Knowing what is hidden in this chakra, can help you identify the basic problems that you may have. When they are fixed, you can move up, to the second chakra.

The Navel

When your material needs are met, you can move further. You seek a mate, and basic interaction with people – buddies to hug, a person to have sex with (this chakra is about physical sex, not love, sorry). But you may have problems with physical touch, with basic relationship, or with sex. Here, you must fix these problems. And you must fix all the other problems that are related with this chakra that can be identified.

  • Of course, I don’t meant that you should love if you’re working on your second chakra – our heart may be OK at the moment :).

The Solar Plexus

When life force flows, when you’re OK with basic relationship, you can move further. You have shelter and food, and you have your mate, your next step is meant to achieve your goals and dreams. You want to have a better job, or a better hobby, or you want to be respected and so on. These are the issues of the solar plexus. This is where we store our goals and dreams, things we want to do, people we want to be. This is where our personality takes place. This is where many of our habits exists.

The problems of our personality and ego, dreams and goals, hobby and work, all of this must be fixed and worked out. Working with these things is your next step on the path of spiritual growth.

The Heart

And when all these things are worked out, you’re a safe human, with shelter, food, mate and goals. But being human means you also feel, you feel higher emotions – peace and anger, love and hate. Many people have problems with their emotions. They have problems with friendship, honesty and, of course, love. Problems of the heart chakra must be worked out, until you move further. Emotions are part of our life, and love, the most powerful emotion, is the key to further growth. When chakras 1-3 are OK, it’s time to deal with the emotional layer of being human.

The Throat

When negative emotions and issues related to your heart are fixed, you must express your true self. This can be done through your throat chakra, through which we communicate, and we express all of the things that exist within us. Fears, imbalance, shame and problems with communication are only few examples of the things that relate to the throat chakra. Fix them you must, in order to move further.

The Third Eye & The Crown

And when this is done, you begin to work with your third eye. You heal the problems related to mind – your IQ and thoughts, your beliefs and intellect. Then, you begin work on healing your intuition, and with a new tool, an open third eye, you make another step towards exploring your inner self. From that on, you move to the crown, and you work out all issues related to the spirituality.

And that is what I call spiritual growth. Read about first chakra, and identify the problems that you may have, regarding the first chakra. Fix them, and then check if there are more problems there. Use affirmations and core images and other methods, as well, to identify as many problematic issues related to your root chakra. When you can’t find anything more, move to the next chakra, and work it out the same way. That’s how you can work with all seven chakras.

But It’s More Than That

It may take months, or even years before you reach the crown chakra in order to fix spiritual stuff. But when you will be done, especially after opening your third eye, the game will start over. Because with a new tool – the third eye – you will see more problems within you. And you will have to start the journey once more, from the root chakra, up to the crown. Does it ever ends? Of course, the end is called enlightenment. Reaching it is hard, but everyone can do it.

Why such conscious spiritual growth is important? Because often, when you decide to start with “something cool”, I mean the third eye, you may not be ready to learn the things you want. Or you may experience no results, because the lower chakras aren’t ready. Therefore, conscious development from the root up, is highly effective, and it should be applied as often as possible.

There’s one more thing. When you fix the money issues, you have the money to pay for books, courses and therapies. But you’re also not afraid about money, so you can focus on the “higher things” – it’s one example only. But the general thing is that the higher you go, the less worries you have, and the more focused you are on the current development needs – the lower things are not a problem anymore, so you can focus on really important issues. And this creates peace of mind. So Zen…

If you want to develop your inner self, at least try the above system. Start from the root chakra’s issues, and move up. You don’t have to believe in chakras. Just read what they represent regarding psychology and personality, and with this knowledge, you can identify the which of your issue is “lower”, and which is “higher” – this knowledge is enough for your spiritual development to be steady and conscious.

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What system of spiritual growth do you use? Do you use the knowledge of chakras for your spiritual development? 

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  1. Excellent post. I’ve never really looked at the Chakras as a self improvement system before, so I’ve learnt something today.

    by Warren / October 5th 2011