How To Shut Down Your Psychic Abilities

There are so many sources of knowledge regarding psychic abilities development, but rarely anyone talks about shutting down such abilities. Yet in all these past years, I’ve been asked many times how to shut down psychic powers. Is it even possible? Oh yes, it is, and while a lot of people want to develop psychic skills, a lot of people would love to shut them down, as well. But becoming psychic no more is a bit tricky – yet achievable.


Why Would Anyone Like To Shut Down Psychic Abilities

Let’s admit it, psychic abilities can be a pain in your ass. Knowing things, sensing emotions of others, headaches caused by psychic sensitivity, seeing dead people, these are only few things that may be problematic. Some people may experience these things without any previous training, because they’re natural psychics. Others may have wanted to be psychics, but after experiencing things on their own, they decided they don’t like these abilities.

Finally, sometimes you just want to take a break – just like me right now :). It’s like taking a psychic holiday, when you just want to shut yourself down and see and feel nothing but physical things. For all these reasons, you may want to shut down your psychic abilities – for few days, for few weeks, and sometimes, for many years. But how to do this, actually? As I said, it’s a bit tricky – because I do not know the definitive answer to this question.

All I can provide you with is the basic energy techniques, and an intuitive knowledge that works quite well in my own case.

Energy Ways To Shut Things Down

The basics are quite simple

  • Shield and ground.

That’s all – grounding pushes the unwanted energies down the ground, so they don’t influence you anymore. And psychic shielding blocks unwanted energies from reaching you. But, this is where we face the irony: the more you use energy work, the better psychic you become. But, if you want to shut things down temporary, the best way to do so is to shield yourself and ground.

This method is often used by people working with energies and by psychic empaths. And it will work for you too, if you wish to block psychic input for few hours, or few days. But if you wish to block yourself for longer, let’s say, for few weeks and even more, then you need to apply some other rules. These other rules are being applied by millions of people each day, and they’re learned during early childhood.

The same knowledge that makes people not aware of being psychics can be used to stop being psychic later in life.

Use Your Mind To Shut Down Your Psychic Abilities

The only thing that can shut your abilities for good is your own mind. Therefore, you need to program your mind, so it will block any psychic input you want. By using subconscious programs to shut things down, you can take a break from using psychic abilities, or even experiencing things.

There is a phenomenon, known as 11:11 phenomenon – basically, it’s the thing when you look at the clock, and there’s that funny hour, like 11:11, 20:20, 14:14 and so on. Some people think that this is a proof of psychic phenomena, or that has some paranormal or spiritual meaning. But the truth is, it’s just a proof that you can program your subconscious mind to pay attention to these funny hours, and direct your conscious perception on the clock at the same time when such hour is being displayed.

So no, no paranormal stuff, just a proof of how easy your subconscious can be programmed to do things. The more you notice “funny hours”, and the more fascinated you are by this, the more often you will notice them. Learning this helped me understand not only how to develop psychic abilities further, but how to shut them down, too.

This knowledge can be used in learning psychic abilities – by noticing coincidences and signs of psychic phenomena, you program your mind to notice these things more. If you want, you can use this in becoming more psychic.

To use this knowledge in shutting down your psychic abilities, you need to do things in reverse – you need to stop paying attention to these psychic things. This is the exactly same thing that young kids do, when they are told that psychic abilities are just results of their imagination. They ignore signs of psychic phenomena, and with time, they don’t even notice psychic stuff happening around them.

Programming Your Mind

The very first step in re-programming your mind to block things is to shape such intention in your mind. Tell yourself, that from now on, until you say otherwise, you will experience and perceive less and less psychic stuff, until you won’t perceive or experience it at all. That “until you say otherwise” thing is your safety switch.

  • You may want to create an anchor that will help you regain psychic abilities in the future. For example, you can create an affirmation, that once spoken, will begin awakening your skills again; or you may want to create a symbol, that once starred on, will begin awakening your abilities. In both cases, when creating an intention to shut down your psychic abilities, also state, that once you will speak the affirmation or look at the symbol with proper, conscious state of mind, your abilities will begin to re-awake.

When the intention is created in your mind, it’s the first step in shutting down things. Everything else is quite simple – all you have to do is to pay less and less attention to psychic occurrences each day. This way, your conscious mind will receive less and less information coming through psychic sources, and at some point, you will close yourself to such way, that you won’t have to consider yourself to be psychic anymore. And that state may remain for weeks, months and years.

  • An important thing to keep in mind – whether you allow psychic information to reach you or not, remember that you’re still interacting with these energies. Negative emotions will “touch you”, people will be attacking you psychically (for example, through their negative intentions), spirits may try to reach you and so on. You can’t free yourself from such energetic interaction. Therefore, remember about safety rules – keep performing aura cleansing from time to time, remember about shielding and grounding yourself.

The less attention you pay to things, the less things you notice. They’re still there, but you’re not cluttering your conscious mind with them. And that’s the best way to shut psychic abilities down. Don’t enjoy psychic experiences, don’t seek them, just ignore them, perceive them as something useless.

Also, do not perform any psychic readings, do not practice aura view, do not seek ghosts or spirits, do not communicate with entities and so on. Just relax, take a break, just like going for vacation after long months of hard work – you don’t take your work with you on vacation, do you?

Will Blocking Psychic Abilities Block Your Spiritual Growth, As Well?

The question above is often being asked by people who wish to shut down their psychic abilities. The answer is no, shutting down psychic abilities won’t block your spiritual growth, at least based on my own knowledge and experience. Actually, according to some spiritual growth schools, psychic abilities are nothing more but a distraction on the path of spiritual growth; therefore, shutting them down should even improve your growth. I don’t agree with this statement, but I agree that shutting down psychic skills won’t block your spiritual development.

There is no need to be afraid of this. Yes, both things are connected to each other. Often, spiritual growth results in psychic abilities and vice versa, psychic abilities result in spiritual pursuits and growth. But you can still grow on the spiritual level, you can remove blockages, heal your emotions, and explore your personality, even without using psychic abilities, which, after all, are nothing more than yet another method of perceiving the world around you. At least, in most cases.

If One Day You Will Decide To Become Psychic Again

And what if you will decide to become psychic again, after shutting down your psychic abilities? Well, you can use your safety switch, that’s one thing. And you can form an intention in your mind, that from now on, you’re regaining your psychic abilities. Then, just do the stuff above, just in the opposite direction – pay attention to all psychic occurrences around you. Go back to practicing psychic abilities, giving psychic readings and such. Quite fast you will regain your psychic abilities – this thing cannot be easily forgotten.

That’s it – now, whenever you feel a need to take a break from being psychic, you may want to try the above – we all need a time off, even when it comes to being psychic.

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Have you ever tried to shut down your psychic abilities? Were you successful? What other methods of shutting down psychic abilities can you recommend with ASoM readers?

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. Very good post and very helpful. I turned my skills off for about 25 years and didn’t open them at all. As a psychometrist, imagine shaking hands, borrowing objects, touching items in stores? Yeah, not fun. I just learned to force myself to take an item from a shelf when my instincts would have told me to pick a different one. I realized that parts of being a psychometrist can almost seem obsessive compulsive. I learned to not look at the things that came up, emotions, images, memories. I simply divert my attention to tasks at hand and when someone does ask me to do a reading of an object, I can settle my eyes in the right position and retrieve the info from the object. So, it’s sort of like when you have a bad relationship and you don’t stop and look at it, but get caught up in day to day activities. You have to stop and focus on it to use it. It works well for me in a world full of touching things.

    by Autumnforest / September 16th 2011

  2. As I said on facebook. I personally don’t recommend a permanent removal of your powers, because you have them for a reason. Sure if you started to activate it to start your journey to the higher mind then it will be very useful to help you take smaller steps that you feel comfortable with. Aging your soul takes time and there is no point in it to rushing it, go at the speed you like. Also in the end we have to maintain control, no matter what level we are.

    I did not read the whole article, but I did check the titles and get a feel of your approach. I have recently thought of giving guide lines to do the same thing, only thought of the reprogramming part. Though now that I think of it the grounding will be needed if said person was emphatic or just plainly has a system that is use to having a high energy vibration, because it will cause leaks of info at times no matter how extremely you block yourself. Shielding is actually also obvious if I think of it.

    Agreed, shielding best for the breaks. Could even manipulate a nice amount of energy in a shield to cancel all energy that comes near you. Preferable enough to lower your base resonance of energy to the lower chakras so that you will have a hard time to “see/feel/hear” anything, ie interpret the vibrations. Could maybe go lower than hart if needed, but not lower level than Solar plexus level of energy. If you do you will probably feel permanently tired cause your core energy is to low.

    Only do this if you feel that it is needed for you to do and the energy lowering would only be needed for people who are blocking and still getting a feed of information. If you where to lower energy, shield and block yourself… then best to rather get use to these things cause you are needed for a task. Might be your next life, but it is needed for you then to learn.

    by Henk, Merlin / September 17th 2011

  3. When I find myself in the ethers and needing to snap back to “reality” in order to take care of day to day things, I imagine that grounding rope tying me to centre earth. I imagine, as you say, that setting the intention is what’s needed.

    by Julie | A Clear Sign / September 18th 2011

  4. Nice post. I think there needs to be more articles about turning off, even temporarily, your psychic abilities. You don’t see much about that subject on the Internet. I can understand the need to at times take a step back and have some peace.

    by Anne @ Psychic Awareness / September 19th 2011

  5. @Autum,
    I know what you mean, not in case of psychometry, but in case of empathy.

    Permanently, no, it’s the soul’s evolution that sometimes requires us to use our psychic abilities. But sometimes, people are not ready for these things, and it’s wise to shut them down, even for many, many years.

    A nice form of grounding, thanks for sharing!

    Well, the Web is full of how-to learn stuff, but rarely anyone speaks of unlearning things, especially in the area of the occult and paranormal.

    by Nathaniel / September 19th 2011

  6. Pleasantly surprised. When I think of the “how do I shut down my psychic abilities” question, I anticipate the worst. But you pretty much nailed the point.

    by Ren / September 21st 2011

  7. What do you mean by “the worst”, Ren?

    by Nathaniel / September 21st 2011

  8. As an empath, with very undeveloped abilities, I know very well that knowing how to shut down abilities can be extremely useful. I’ve had to do so many times. Luckily for me, I discovered how to do this long before I even realized that what I was experiencing was empathy. Believe me, this is definitely something you want to learn how to do.

    by Joshua / November 4th 2011