Meet AsomGuides: Core Images Work, An Auto-Meditation Recording

Often, courses and books related to psychic development (and spiritual growth, as well) mention dealing with negative patterns, blockages, bad habits and painful memories, telling you that it is crucial to work out these things if you want to improve your life, and develop psychic abilities further. But rarely, these courses and books gives you the right tools to do so. Today, I give you an AsomGuide for Core Images Work. It is an auto-meditation recording that will help you work out your negative patterns and blockages.


Core Images Work AsomGuide is a DMR-free auto-meditation recording saved as mp3 file. Within 14 minutes of this auto-meditation, you can heal a single core image, by listening to my instructions, enjoying the background music at the same time. And it costs only $4 USD.

You can purchase the recording here.

Auto-meditation recordings are a perfect way of improving your psychic and spiritual growth. When you lay down, and relax, you enter an Alpha state of mind. In this state, it’s much easier to heal negative programs, and “upload” positive programs – habits, thoughts and beliefs. While listening to relaxing music, you relax more, and you follow the instructions better.

Personally, I’m using auto-meditations made by others to improve my self-confidence, heal my contact with “God” (the ultimate spiritual power, an Absolute), and to speed up my own spiritual growth.

More AsomGuides? Possible :)

If you will find this AsomGuide to be useful, and it will receive positive feedback, then I will create additional recordings for:

  • chakra reading
  • psiball creation
  • psychic shield creation
  • grounding technique

And other psychic skills and spiritual techniques as well.

Don’t forget to send me a review of AsomGuide when you’ll finish working with it :).

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. Sounds great. I just made the purchase. I am interested in trying it out.

    by Anne / August 23rd 2011

  2. First purchase, and already some problems, sorry about that Anne :). I hope you will receive the second download email that I’ve sent.

    by Nathaniel / August 23rd 2011

  3. You would think that plain meditation, e.g., TM; would achieve most of the same results?!?

    by Myrrdin / September 21st 2011