8 Rules Of Safe Spiritual Work

Psychic or spiritual work is not just about sitting on your… chair, and practicing some exercises. I mean, it is about these things, but it requires more than just sitting. It requires some safety rules. Even if something is psychic or spiritual, it doesn’t mean that it is safe. Or that it leads to safe results. Lately, Rachel wrote a great article about side effects of psychic energy, you should check it out. Today, I provide you with some tips, or even rules regarding safe spiritual or psychic work.


Every field of knowledge has its safety rules. “Don’t touch that”, “don’t play with that”, “do A before doing B” and so on. Psychic development and spiritual growth are no different, this field of our life also has few safety rules. I tell you, if I would know at least half of the rules below I would be far more developed than I am today :).

I’ve spoke to many people who are beginning their spiritual or psychic practice. When I ask them about the rules below, they don’t know what I’m talking about. And sometimes, it can be seen within their aura, that they have no idea what’s going on.

So here are 8 rules of safety psychic and spiritual work.

1. Never practice when you drinked alcohol in the past 24 hours. Make it 48 hours just to be sure :)

Let’s say this, alcohol is not very spiritual. It leads to negative physical effects, problems with equilibrium and your inner Chi (life energy). If your stomach came in close contact with alcohol, stay away from spiritual or psychic practices. First of all, if you practice spiritual things while being influenced by alcohol in your blood, you’re saying “screw that spirituality, I feel good”, and feeling good after a stimulant is not a path of spiritual grow.

You’re also losing control over your body and mind, and this can lead to energetic problems (these are not pleasant, trust me), or even to getting an attachment from a nasty negative entity. At some point, you might stop drinking alcohol at all, but at first, just remember – wait at least 24 hours after the last glass or bottle before you practice anything spiritual or psychic.

2. Do not practice after eating, wait at least 2 hours

Have you ever tried to meditate or practice energy work after dinner? When you eat anything, the process of digestion begins in your stomach etc. Your body needs to focus on digestion, and digestion requires energy, too. So, your stomach leaves you without much energy for spiritual or psychic work. That’s one thing, but you also need to remember – you need to focus on what you’re doing when you practice energy work, or meditate etc. It’s hard to focus on anything mind-related if you feel the pressure or feel full in your stomach.

No, wait at least 2 hours between eating something larger, and practicing spiritual exercises. This way, you will make sure that your spiritual work is effective and pleasant.

3. Never practice after coffee, wait few hours

Coffee is yet another stimulant that we use to drink all the time. If you don’t drink coffee, trust me when I say – don’t try it. It’s easy to get addicted :). But let’s face the truth, coffee is a stimulant, just as alcohol is a stimulant. Wait few hours between coffee and spiritual work, so coffee will be digested, and your body will get back to normal.

Once, I remember that I enjoyed my coffee, and minutes after that, I decided to practice some Core Images Work. Sufficient to say, I’ve heard a voice in my head… OK, it was more like an intuitive thought. Anyway, it said to me “don’t”, and I knew why, instantly. I just knew that coffee makes bad things to your vibrations and to your mind, so I needed to wait few hours before practicing anything spiritual or psychic.

4. For guys, never practice after sex or masturbation

Now this is going to be something meant for guys, mainly. I’ve said it few times already, but I will say it one more time. Guys lose energy when they experience an orgasm with ejaculation. If you practice Taoistic or Tantra techniques of ejaculation control, and you experience orgasm without ejaculation, then couple of minutes between orgasm and spiritual work should be enough. By couple, I mean 15-30 minutes.

But if do not practice any sexual art, and you do ejaculate, you loose energy, and then, for a couple of hours, up to 24 hours, you’re out of the game. And I suggest no spiritual or psychic practice, because it will give you no effects, and it can lead to serious energetic problems, too. So – sex or masturbation equals few hours of break, really.

In case of ladies, sex energizes you – you should know that already. But still, it is better if you wait few hours between sex and spiritual work, and at least couple of minutes between masturbation and spiritual work. During sex, your energies mix with the energies of your partner, and they need some time to get back to normal, before you can use them for your own advantage.

And no, I will not give you any personal story here :P.

5. Never practice in a room that has not been cleansed from negative energies

Negative energies can be sucked into you when you open yourself for psychic information – that is transferred through psychic energies (in theory, at least). The best place to give psychic services is a room that has been cleansed of negative energies; and the best place to practice psychic abilities and practice spiritual techniques, is a room that has been prepared for this purpose and cleansed of negative energies, too.

Make sure that the room is “sterile” on the energetic level, and it is filled with positive energies, only. If it is not, then cleanse it, but please, do not do anything spiritual or psychic within a room filled with negative energies, unless you’re an experienced spirit “releaser”, or an exorcist.

Once, when I opened myself in a room containing a nasty earthbound spirit, for the next couple of mounts, I “earned” myself an attachment, and I tell you, it wasn’t pleasant. Headaches, lack of energy, and attraction towards the “dark side of the Force”, or black magick, well, it’s not the best thing that happened to me.

6. Do not practices in a day, when you suffered from a lot of stress, or anger etc. In such case, practice relaxation methods only.

Stress and anger does terrible things to your energy body, and it lowers your energetic vibrations. If you have suffered from stress or anger during a day, then focus on some relaxation technique and calm down, rise your vibrations first. There will be time for spiritual and psychic work later, when you’re ready for it.

When you perform psychic or spiritual exercises, yet you’re angry, or depressed, or stressed out etc, then you send negative intentions, and you do not only attract negative energies, but you also attract negative entities, that might attach themselves to you. And that’s not cool.

When I’m angry, or sad because of something, as sensitive person, I do notice a difference in my own energies. And I can “see” that I don’t have the energy work spend on spiritual or psychic exercises. I don’t give psychic services, nor do I work with my mind. I just relax, then go to sleep. I know that I will feel better on the next day.

7. Ask your higher self for guidance

One of the reasons, why I tell you “learn the basics of psychic growth” is that this way, you develop intuition. And through intuition, you can communicate with your higher self, and with your “spiritual guardian” – whether it is your spirit guide, The Universe, God, etc. When you have good contact with your higher self, you can use it to make sure you will remain safe. Whenever you’re about to start a new practice, or perform some kind of psychic service, ask your higher self if it is wise to do so. Ask for guidance, and you won’t get harm. Simple.

Not so long ago, I spoke with a nice lady that was initiated into Reiki practice. She told me that someone was harassing her, by telling her that she was not initiated to Reiki, but to some other practice, and to make sure, that person will take a look at her energy, and check it out… For money, of course. So I took a look at her for free, because I won’t charge for 2 minutes of work, and I’ve learned that was initiated to… Reiki :).

The real point of this story is that if she would trust her intuition more, and trust in her higher self more, then she wouldn’t worry about the person trying to… do something to her. So – learn to trust your psychic intuition, really :).

8. Get help from others, too

You’re not alone, and you don’t need to rely on your higher self only. There are people around you, so if you’re not sure about something, then don’t hesitate to ask for help. People will help you if you will ask them to, you can even contact me and ask questions.

Some would like to think I’m some kind of a guru (really, I’ve received such emails, calling me “guru” or “master”), but the truth is, I’m not. I don’t know everything, and I, too, have teachers and friends to teach me new things all the time.

More Tips

The eight rules above were larger, but below I have few more, smaller tips.

  • Of course, no drugs – drugs will kill you, sorry :). The choice is simple, either you expand your consciousness with spiritual drugs, or you dig your grave with drugs. And sorry, smoking “holy herbs” used by shamans and tribe members is not a spiritual growth, it’s just a piece of bullshit.
  • Light a candle – I say this all the time, a source of open flame is very useful, and even mandatory tool for spiritual work. So light a candle. Use incenses, too, if you like.
  • Do not practice when you’re ill – while some spiritual practices can cause a cold or flu (because sometimes, your body reacts this way for blockages removal, it’s normal and safe), you should not practice any spiritual or psychic work when you’re ill. Your body needs energies for self-healing, and you should not waste your energies for other things.

With tips and advices above, you should be far safer in your personal growth. Remember – safety rules make sure you will live long enough to learn the things you want :).

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Comments and Discussion

Be sure to add your own comment, feedback, opinion and/or suggestion :).

  1. Nathan,
    This was an excellent article. I so agree with your tips here especially staying away from alcohol and drugs before doing psychic work. I rarely, rarely drink. It has to be a real special occasion. I find that alcohol dulls my senses for up to 48 hours or longer depending on how well rested I am. If I’m not well rested it could dull my awareness for up to 72 hours. Thanks for putting these tips together for us.

    by Angela Artemis/Poweredbyintuition / August 5th 2011

  2. Hi Nathaniel,

    Great list you put together. I think I need to adhere to it a little better.

    by Todd | Channelingmyself / August 8th 2011

  3. Thanks you both for kind words :)

    by Nathaniel / August 9th 2011

  4. Hey Nathaniel!

    It is wonderful that you bring awareness to the community. I have found, through higher self, that the struggle is on so many levels (spiritual, physical, emotional, etc), that you can feel it the most once you are open up to it. But once you see that the struggle that tends to follow you (through any of these aspects), is deep within us — We are empowered over these things. YOu have mentioned higher self connection! Such a wonderful thing! Because once these deep rooted emotions are resurfaced…we have a chance to learn from them through higher self and it’s almost like we rise above the chaos and develop peace within us. The struggle has to be extinguished or else it will get our attention on so many levels until we get it right and let it go (and this can be lifetime to lifetime). Asking for clarity and guidance is one of the best ways to CLEARLY see what emotion it is that brings certain things to us in our lives (no matter what level it is on).

    Thank you again Nathaniel for this article…it’s always a pleasure stopping by! :)

    by Kenya / August 9th 2011

  5. Indeed Kenya! Becoming aware of the fire that burns within you is the first step in cooling it down, and connection with higher self surely helps!

    by Nathaniel / August 10th 2011

  6. good day, all;

    I got bounced here from Phantoms and Monsters and read this article and couldn’t stop myself from commenting.
    1.) great article; a bit biased; a bit misinformed, but hey everybody is entitled to their opinions.
    2.) No drugs, Alcohol, or sex? you have heard of tantra, psychedelic shamanism, and half of the faery traditions of Europe. Yes, they can dangerous I am not refuting that but then again so can a gun in the wrong hands. I have been practicing for twenty plus years and as long as you are using these things responsibly they can be very useful. But like the two edged knife of the western traditions, they can also harm and delude.
    3.) coffee and cannabis; and sometime tobacco can open the senses to the spiritual and I have been using the combination for years with great success. Mushrooms, LSD, and Peyote all provide a powerful psychological and hence spiritual; pathway to clarity. A person can meditate and do mantras for decades and not achieve the results of one guided psychedelic experience.
    4.) This (as in everything around us) is all just an illusion, that responds to human consciousness; so if it is all in our heads, so to speak, what helps you is what you believe helps you (reality responds to intent and belief) and what hampers your workings are that which you believe to stand in your way. What I am saying is that if you completely believe in these limitations then by the gods you should obey those limitations; yet another individual will experience different limitations based upon their social mores, taboos, and belief set.
    5.) As to practicing after recently being stressed out or angry; if you can channel it to usefulness with tainting your work then why not? It is quite useful to be able to operate under stress with a clear mind.
    6.) Don’t practice when you are ill; choose not to be ill. The more reality you give a virus or bacteria or other bugs (spiritual or otherwise) the more it will ravage you because you are feeding it energy; this is also a quick way to attract etheric larvae and other energy leeches.

    I would like to finish by saying that I enjoyed reading your article. getting a chance to understand the way you practice your arts, and getting a chance to exchange opinions between practitioners of the arts. It is my sincerest hope that I did not offend you, as this is not my intent, and if I have have please forgive me.

    May the Goddess Bless you

    Rev. Matthew

    by Reverend Matthew / August 22nd 2011

  7. I think these rules are quite subejctive and it is far more better to discover this by one’s self for example in my case meditation and energy work is a good way way to get rid of depression/anxiety/curing my physical body so I don’t see why I shouldn’t practise meditation and other energy work while being ill or stressed out.

    Anyhow it is advisable to have good bases bases for me grounding, shielding and centering are good bases prior any practise.

    by Alex Sanchez / October 18th 2011