How To Cleanse Your Own Aura In 7 Easy Steps

Your aura is an energy field that surrounds you. Within it, a psychic can see illnesses, emotional problems, and such. But what interests you more than an ability to see your own aura, is the fact, that aura collects a lot of negative energies each day. In order to stay healthy and emotionally stable, you need to remember about cleansing your aura as often as possible. Today, I give you a free tutorial for aura cleansing.


The Problems With Aura

Aura, as your energy field, extends far beyond your body. And there is constant interaction between your aura, and your inner energies. Because aura extends beyond your body, it comes in contact with physical objects around you, and with other people, too. And let’s be honest, objects around us, and people that we meet, hug, have sex with, kiss etc, not always have a nice energy field around them. Your aura, thus, collects a lot of negative energies.

How much time do you spend in bad places? Work space, shopping centers, bus? How many times a day do you touch people around you? How often do you have sex with random people? If you’re alive, then I bet you collect negative energies. Don’t worry, we all do :). The difference is that some people cleanse their aura, while others are not aware of the fact that they need to cleanse their aura.

My girlfriend works in a store and she comes in contact with hundreds of people each day. For some time, she was going back home, and she was very tired, with this “heaviness” upon her aura. When I started using my healing and cleansing techniques on her, the problems begun to disappear slowly. Her mood improved, and she no longer needs a second coffee each day :).

Today, I want to teach you how to cleanse your aura. This technique will benefit you greatly! And you do not need to be a psychic, you don’t even need to wish to become psychic. You might be an ordinary person who just wants to improve his or hers day. Basic aura cleansing is simple and effective, and should be performed as an element of your inner development path, and your holistic life.

Who Should Cleanse His Or Hers Aura?

You may ask, do you really need to cleanse your aura? Who should do this, and who should skip it? The simplest answer is that no one should skip it, and everyone should cleanse his or hers aura. Especially if you:

  • Work in a toxic environment. Toxic on the etherical level, of course. If you’re a teacher, law enforcer, lawyer, judge, or you work in a prison, or in a hospital etc. then your work conditions are difficult, and your environment is toxic on the etherical level. Your aura won’t shield itself from it, and you will need aura cleansing sooner or later.
  • You’re ill. When you’re ill, then your aura is weaker than usual, and you should definitely cleanse it in order to keep it as strong as possible. Illness refers to both physical problems, and emotional/mental problems.
  • The more problems you have, the more suffering you see, the more stress you experience, the more negative energies gathers within your aura. It needs to be cleansed from time to time.

Now, to the actual technique of aura cleansing. Don’t worry, it is simple, fast and effective.

How To Cleanse Your Own Aura

The technique that I’m going to share with you is quite simple. All you need to use it, is a candle, and intention. The intention is your will. You intend to cleanse the aura and to manipulate the energies on the aura. That’s everything you need, literally. The candle is required as an additional tool. If you’re a frequent reader of A State of Mind, then you should already know, that any source of open flame is a tool that get rid of negative energies. Often, psychics light a candle during their psychic services. I do this all the time when I give chakra readings, or perform intuitive energy healing, whether face-to-face or a distant healing.

So, make sure you have a candle ready.

There is an interesting story beyond the technique that I’m going to describe. One day, I had a hard time. I didn’t know why, so I decided to check my energy body, chakras and aura. I was searching for a something that wasn’t right. And then, I saw darkness upon my whole aura, so only my third eye was visible, yet barely. I asked the higher power for guidance, and I have received it.

Through my psychic intuition, I received a message: get up, give yourself a Reiki shower (a Reiki cleansing technique), then light a candle, and collect the negative energies from the aura, and cast them into the flame. Repeat on your entire aura and you’re done.

When I was done with this cleansing, I felt lighter, and once again, I took a look at my etheric body. The darkness was gone, and I was able to see my chakras clearly. And that’s how I have learned the technique of the cleansing aura. And now, I’m about to share this technique with you.

So here you see, that learning the basics of psychic growth can greatly improve your psychic work. A developed intuition is a powerful tool.

Cleansing Aura

You can cleanse your aura in few, simple steps.

  1. Find yourself a room, and 15 minutes of free time, give or take. Make sure no one will disturb you in the next 15 minutes.
  2. Light a candle. The side and the color doesn’t matter. The fact that it is a source of open flame does matter :). When the candle is ready, stand in front of it.
  3. Now, close your eyes and visualize a powerful, bright, spiritual light descending from the above, like a shower, flowing into you, and cleansing your aura of negative energies. Continue such visualization for the next minute.
  4. When you’re done, open your eyes. Now, you’re going to grab the negative energies, and cast them into the fire of the candle. So use your hands, and slope to the front, so you can reach the floor. Then, intend to grab the negative energies with your hands, and grab/comb these energies from the floor up to your head. Then cast the energies into the fire with a proper gesture and intention in your mind. When the energies are cast into the fire, mark an X letter in the air, or a cross, with an intention of cutting yourself off the negative energies you just cast.
  5. When you’re sloping, inhale. When you’re grabbing and combing the energies, exhale. The point is not to inhale the negative energies back into your body.
  6. Continue the process of grabbing the energies around your entire aura. You can go clockwise, or counter-clockwise. Personally, I cleanse the energies from the front, from left, from right, and from the back, and I’m done.
  7. When you’re done with grabbing, pick up the candle. And comb your aura with it, from the bottom to top, all around you. The fire will be an additional method of cleansing aura.
  8. And when you’re done, intend to cut yourself from the negative energies, and from the candle. Then, put out the candle, gently. And you’re done.
Aura Cleansing Disc

Aura Cleansing Disc

That’s how it works. Now, a word of advice – using a candle to comb your aura can be used as a separate method. Whenever you come back from a trip or shopping etc, you can use the point number 7 to cleanse your aura quickly. It won’t be as effective as the full technique, but better this than nothing.

Personally, for quick cleansing, I’m using a psychotronic device, a disk for aura cleansing. You can see a photo of it on the right side.

Anyway, the method above can be used as a self-cleansing technique, but a question might appear. You may ask, can you use this technique to cleanse an aura of someone else? I say no. No, because until you’re a spiritual worker who really works with higher spiritual energies, then you might add more negative things to someone else’s aura, instead of cleansing the aura.

But, you can experiment a bit. You may want to cleanse yourself first, and then, try to cleanse someone else’s aura. Will it work? Honestly, I don’t think so, and my intuition tells me, that the above technique should be used for your own purpose, only. In order to cleanse an aura of others, you should become Reiki practitioner, or Pranic Healer, things like that. Higher vibrations and purer intentions are required in order to work within someone else’s aura.

What Else Should You Know

How often should you use the above cleansing technique? Well, I’m cleansing my aura according to the above tutorial once a week. But, I have two things that you might not have: my aura cleansing disc and Reiki flowing through me. You might want to devote these 10 to 15 minutes each day, for example, in the evening, to cleanse your aura each day. It’s not time-consuming method of aura cleansing, right? Then, you can practice it daily.

You should also perform aura cleansing after any form of psychic work, even if it is just a form of practice or training. If you have performed psychic reading, or psychic healing, cleanse your aura. During a psychic service, you come in close contact with different energies, and often, such energies remain within your aura. Cleanse it, cleanse it, cleanse it :).

Other than that, there’s nothing more that you should know. But for your advantage, I will share some additional methods of cleansing aura, submitted by ASoM’s readers.

Reader’s methods

I asked the followers of A State of Mind on Facebook what is their favourite method of cleansing auras. Below are some of the answers.

Visualize a mesh net collecting all negative energies from my feet up to my crown chakra ;) – Ursula Kirk

I swirls my hands around the circumfrence of m energy field and imagine that they are picking up all the impurities there. Works for me. – Christopher Davis

I visualize a huge bucket of water being thrown on me from above … – Diary of a Psychic Healer

As you can see, there are different methods of aura cleansing available. Once again, you need to use your intuition to find out the best technique for yourself. But if you’re unable to do so, then don’t worry. The technique I’ve described is safe and effective.

Now, you have learned how to cleanse your own aura. From now on, you should cleanse it at least once a week, and definitely, after each psychic service that you perform. With time, you will notice that you feel better, because you will be getting rid of more and more negative energies that influenced your life once.

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Do you cleanse your aura often? Or at all? What other nice methods of cleansing aura do you know? Please, share them with other A State of Mind readers.

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  1. As usual a very nice article. :D

    … and as usual I can’t keep myself from adding a bit xD.
    I agree 100% that you should not try cleansing people aura if you don’t know yet what your doing. Experimenting for the more skilled I would suggest to get a friend that also is rather skilled to practice with. There is relatively very minor things that can come forth if you where to drastically mess up, nothing that he/she can’t fix themselves. Just don’t go and experiment on your grandma or random people that can’t fix it as effectively.
    Sure when you wanna get the feel for it go ahead and cleanse as much as you want to, but for the learning of it is best to do it on either yourself in different methods(see if you can come up with an intuitive 1 yourself that feels great for you) or some method of cleansing a skilled friend. :)

    by Henk / July 30th 2011

  2. Great advices Henk, thank you for sharing!

    by Nathaniel / August 2nd 2011