How Can You Benefit From Chakra Reading, Chakra Cleansing, And Energy Healing

The article today is going to teach you two things: first, in regard of attracting wealth, that self-marketing isn’t evil :). But, the important thing is the second things, that is: you should not be afraid of asking others for help when it comes to psychic development. To be exact, you should not be afraid of things like chakra reading, or aura cleansing. I’ve noticed that many people do not wish to pay for such services, and it’s not limited to my website, only, but in general, people seem not to be aware of the benefits some services can give them.


Most people don’t know that they can benefit from different psychic services. These services can help them learn psychic abilities faster, deal with spiritual problems, and speed up the process of inner growth. And, what’s more, often such services performed by others work better than your own psychic or spiritual work. How so?

The Problem Is Subjective

The problem is – when you send yourself Reiki, or when you look at your own chakras, you’re not very objective. When you’re a beginner, and you do not have a good contact with God (or whatever higher power you believe in), or with your psychic intuition, you might not see the real problems, and your self-healing might not be as effective as healing performed by someone else. In other words, things others can do for you works better than the same things that you do to yourself.

For this very reason, I have no problems with asking other psychics and practitioners for help when I need one. I simple use psychic and spiritual services provided by others, such as regressing, or karma cross removal etc. Therefore, I have the benefit of progressing faster than people who do not use help of others and their skills. Because I know that I can’t make so fast progress, if I will depend on books, only. It’s like changing the 10 years of self-development into 3 years of self-development with the help of others :).

Self-reiki is less effective than Reiki channeled by someone else; but energy healing isn’t the only problem with subjective perception and thinking. For example, using a pendulum to answer your own questions (or Tarot cards, or Norse runes, etc.) might not give you the answers you need, but the answers you want. But what you want and what you need isn’t the same thing, you might simple lie to yourself.

When you need a psychic input, and when you’re not well connected with God/higher power/intuition, ask other psychics and practitioners to give you a reading.

Now, to make you aware of some benefits, I’m going to present some services offered by psychics and spiritual workers.

Intuitive Chakra Reading

Intuitive chakra reading is quite simple. The practitioner looks at your chakras and makes an analysis. He can tell which chakras are blocked, and which requires balancing. It’s possible to analyse the flow of the energies between chakras, and the blockages that block the flow. In the end, with the chakra reading, you can learn your primary blockages and problems that hold you back in your psychic development, but also in your daily life, from relationship to finances.

  • When you’re a psychic practitioner, you might be blocked by many negative thinking patterns, fears and thoughts. The practitioner can tell you what you problems are, and what kind of blockages you should work out. For example with affirmations, or core images work.
  • The same thing applies for spiritual workers – if you want to develop on the spiritual level, you need to work out your problems. Blockages and negative patterns are such problems.

In my personal case, beside scanning your chakras (reading, scanning, it’s all the same), I often take a look on the entire etheric body, so I can tell you if any of your inner organs requires some energy healing :). But, this is me. Intuitive chakra reading is safe, and it doesn’t hurt. Although, a couple of people told me that when I was performing a reading, they woke up in the middle of the night. Well, I prefer to do the readings when people sleep, because their chakras are normal then. In the daytime, a person can spot chakras to be quite active, and this might blind you from the real chakras state.

Intuitive chakra reading is like a diagnostic tool – it allows the practitioner to recognize the problems, and advice further steps. For example, chakra balancing and cleansing.

Intuitive Chakra Balancing & Cleansing

As you already know, chakras can be blocked with negative patterns and energies. This blocks the energy flow and cause problems in daily life, and on your psychic development or spiritual growth path. Blockages can lead to problems with relationship, money, job etc. Cleansing and balancing chakras can bring you back to harmony. It can heal many problems, and cleanse negative emotions, as well.

Chakra balancing and cleansing is a temporary” state” that can last from few days to few months. You need to pay close attention to this part. Some practitioner promises to cleanse and balance your chakras for good. Now, this is impossible. If you want to cleanse your blockages forever, you need to head towards spiritual and psychic development practices. This is why people have created different spiritual growth techniques, like core images work, or affirmations.

But cleansing and balancing your chakras can help you in time of great trouble, or when you’re a beginner psychic, and you’re not sure how to cleanse yourself, yet you’ve collected some negative energies during your training and practice. Or, when you suffer from many problems and your life turns into chaos, then cleansing and balancing can put you at peace for some time. In result, you will be able to solve your problems gently, one by one.

Often, chakra cleansing can even get rid of a problem for good, by removing the blockage, the pattern that was stored in your etheric body. But, it’s not always the case, so whenever you’re willing to get yourself a balancing & cleansing, you need to be prepared for further work. The good news is that after balancing and cleansing, that further work should be much easier.

Intuitive Energy Healing

Now, it’s something not related to psychic development or spiritual growth, really, but it’s something for ordinary people :). I mean, while everyone should grow on the spiritual level, not everyone is willing to do so. At the same time, intuitive energy healing is something that everyone should order from time to time. It is like a medical check every few months, to see if everything is OK. But in this case, energy healing isn’t a check, but it’s a therapy, already.

We live in a world full of energetic dust, negative emotions, and energy suckers. We loose energies and we are being planted with negative patterns and energies, too. All the time. And of course, this results in illnesses, emotional problems, physical conditions etc. Intuitive energy healing is a way to get rid of negative energies, and recharge your inner batteries, to feel good, relaxed and healthy once more.

When it comes to intuitive energy healing, I’m using the power of Reiki, the spiritual energy.

Reiki is a form of spiritual healing. It can heal both your physical illnesses and emotional problems. When you suffer from pain or illness, or stress, you can use Reiki to relax, relief pain, and speed up the healing process. In case of most illnesses, Reiki should be used along with classic, Western medicine. This is important to remember – no holistic treatment should be performed as stand-alone practice. We need both Yin and Yang to heal the problem, so energy healing should be considered as an additional practice.

Most of the people I offer Reiki to, ask for a session at least once a month. And my girlfriend gets a session once a week. This helps her stay energized and relaxed for the entire week.Most of The people

You should order intuitive energy healing:

  • At least once a month, so you can get rid of negative energies, relax, and recharge yourself, especially when you live in a city, or work in a stressful environment. You can order the treatment on my services page, or you can find a friendly practitioner in your area, if you prefer a human touch :).
  • When you’re ill, because energy healing can speed up your healing process.
  • When you suffer from stress, because in such case, you’re out of your energies, or you’re going to be soon.

Regular healing sessions will not only improve your energetics, but it will also result in improving your mood, health, and can even lead you to new paths of your life.

Finally, what’s with the ‘intuitive’ thing? It’s simple: nearly every practitioner of spiritual or psychic arts do use his or hers intuitive. Intuitive guides the practitioner, so he knows what to do, where to do, and how to do. Holistic practice is different from classic, material skills or abilities. You do not have the guidebook that guides you, really, because the psychic and spiritual perception is subjective, not objective. Therefore, a practitioner needs to use the intuition to perform the task. The cool part is – when you’re tuned into your intuition, you will be rarely wrong :).

The Basics Of Holistic Life

All of these techniques and methods described above can be classified as basic holistic health practice :). There’s a diagnostic tool, and there are healing tools, as well. Remember, that your health and well-being on all levels (physical, mental and emotional) depends on many factors. But in the end, everything starts and ends with the energetics – and all this stuff that is within you. Therefore, while you should still read good self-improvement books, and while you should still use the services of Western medicine (!), you should also remember to take an intuitive healing session from time to time, at least.

You can find many spiritual workers, Reiki practitioners, and even real shamans all around the world. I‘m sure you won’t have a problem with locating a holistic practice near your living place. But if you cannot find such practice, remember that, in this field of knowledge and practice, distant does not matter. And you can order different types of services online, and they will be performed over a great distance.

The Matter Of Yin And Yang

It is the greatest problem of our world today. People live according to the Western rules; they use technology, and benefit from Western medicine. But this is the Yin side of the coin. There is also the Yang side – you cannot live a successful life without the benefits of spirituality. The spirituality can take different forms. From learning forgiveness, to learning the law of attraction and attuning yourself to inspirations regarding the ways of making money.

Holistic practices such as energy healing, or chakra balancing, are just part of a wide field of methods, techniques and abilities that can improve your life in nearly every area of it. It doesn’t really matter if you’re going to order intuitive energy healing, or if you’re going to buy some spiritual books. Because what really matters, is the path you walk. As long as it benefits you, and it benefits others, then you’re on the right path.Still, I’m here, and I offer cool things, so be sure to check my services page :P.

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Have you ever received chakra balancing, or any form of intuitive energy healing? Reiki, for example? Do you often benefit from such services?

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  1. Nathaniel — Thank you for bringing awareness to the different beneficial services out there. Very nice article :)

    by Kenya / July 24th 2011

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