How To Practice Psychic Abilities Online For Free

The Internet is a powerful tool that can be used for many things. For example, share ideas, make money, learn and teach. But have you ever thought about practicing psychometry over the Internet? This is something that I haven’t thought about for many years. Most of the time, I was asking my friends to provide me with objects for psychometry. But, my psychic motto says, “distance matters not!” And indeed, it doesn’t matter. You can practice psychometry online! And not only psychometry, but psychic readings, as well.


In the old days, at the beginning of XXI century, the community around was practicing telepathy over the Internet. People were using IRC rooms to practice telepathy exercises. I was one of those who tried this way, and I have to admit: we had some interesting results back then.

Today, we have Facebook, we have Twitter, Flickr, and hundreds of other fascinating social networks, which you can use for your own psychic development. The distance between people is much shorter today, than it was 10 years ago, at the time of (gee, I’m so old). And because of this, an excuse like “I have no one to practice with” is no longer valid.

The basic idea is simple – find a place where you can ask people for photos, perform the reading, and get the confirmation. You can find dozens of online discussion boards, where people do ask for readings, and then, with their permission, you can practice. Again, distance matters not! Today, I will teach you, how to perform a psychometry or psychic reading over the Internet cable. And then, I will explain how can you practice psychometry and psychic readings (or even get FREE psychic readings) on A State of Mind’s Facebook page.

How To Perform Psychometry And Psychic Reading

This tutorial is going to be very short. Mainly because everything you need to know, has been already published on A State of Mind. So, make sure you read over the following articles:

If you’ve awaken your psychic potential (either with my book, or in some other way, as there are many systems out there), then everything else that you need is already in your reach. In order to connect to a person or an object, you need a “target”. A target is something that allows you to target the person or object. For example, I’m using photos of people and objects to connect with them. Often, if you can’t use a photo, you can use a voice of a person (via Skype, or phone – now you understand how phone psychic readings work). Or, you can use a full name along with address and birth date of a person.

If you trust in God, then you might want to ask him for guidance, first. And ask him, if you are allowed to do the reading. If you sense that it’s OK for you to proceed, then proceed. You might ask this question to God, your spirit guide, a guardian angel, or whoever you perceive as your spiritual guardian.

Now, all you have to do, is to look at the photo, and then visualize the person or object in front of your, within your Clairvoyant Laboratory. Or, you can use any other way of psychic perception – from different clairvoyance techniques, up to clairaudience, for example. I can’t really help here, since I’m clairvoyant, and I’m not really sure how can someone who’s primary clairaudient, target a person or an object. Maybe you can listen to it? :)

Then, set the intention to learn few things about the person, or object – either general information, or detailed information. You might want to use a notebook, too, in order to write keywords, or draw symbols that you see. Or, perceive, if you have different psychic senses than clairvoyance. It will be useful especially if you create a dictionary of your psychic perception. And, when your psychic reading is done, be sure to cut the link. Break the connection with the person or object, so you won’t lose energy this way.

Whenever you perform a reading, whether it’s face-to-face or distant, set a candle flame, some pleasant incenses if you like, and a digital audio recorder for any future references. Or in case that your memory isn’t as good as your psychic skills :). Beside the recorder, the point behind candle and incenses is to protect your room against negative energies. Candle flame burns negative energies, and often, scares negative, weaker entities away. And smoke can be used to cleanse the place of negative energies. Also, don’t forget to ground yourself, and center. And when you’re done with the reading, use your favorite technique to cleanse your aura of negative energies.

I’m always lighting a candle, whether I’m doing a face-to-face or a distant reading or psychometry, or distant or face-to-face Intuitive Energy Healing. The energies in the room are much more peaceful, and psychic-friendly.

That’s all – use a target, make a connection through intend, get the information you seek, break the link, and you’re done. Remember about safety rules, and your reading will be fine. Your failure or success depends on how good you work with intuition, and how nicely-developed is your energy body and your chakras. But basics of psychic development is something you should already know. If you don’t, get my book :).

How Does Distant Readings Work?

How does distant readings work? If we would look at this matter from a perspective of quantum science, then we would have to say this: the particles that make you, starts here, inside your body, and end at the other side of the galaxy. Therefore, we are part of one, big organism. And this is something that almost any spiritual tradition will tell you. Every person, animal, object, planet etc, creates one big organism – something I call, the Universe or, as Buddhists call it, an Absolute.

Therefore, if we have an intention to connect with something or someone, then we can achieve this connection – with a person, animal, object, place or event. And basically, that’s everything you need to know. Even without this knowledge, you’re able to connect yourself with anything or anyone. Just don’t let it get to your head, stay cool. Linking with everyone around you might create energetic problems, so be sure that you link only when it’s required, and don’t forget to break the connection, always.

The knowledge from this article applies not only to a practice session over Facebook. When you understand that distance matters not, and you can use photos, or voice to target a person, then you have a simple way to learning how to perform psychic services over the phone, email or Skype. 

Facebook + A State of Mind – Free Psychic Practice!

Now, you know how to practice your Extra-Sensory Perception over the Internet. And you don’t have to look too far away. I organize practice sessions through Facebook. Few times a month, we pick up an object that is a subject for psychometry session. And few times a month, we pick up one person that would get a free practice psychic reading. Below is what you should do:

  1. Like our page on Facebook.
  2. Wait for an object for reading to appear. And then, use the knowledge from this tutorial, and other resources on A State of Mind to perform a reading.
  3. Add your findings as a comment to the photo on Facebook.
  4. Wait few days for the photo’s owner to confirm or deny your findings.
  5. Finally, enjoy! Because this is not a competition, but rather, a way to improve your abilities and have fun.

Because the community allows you to practice, then I ask you to help the community, as well. We need photos of objects and people who wish to receive a psychic reading. If you acknowledge that this is a practice and that some of the readings might not be accurate, yet you still wish to get a psychic reading from A State of Mind readers, please submit photos of yourself to me via my email: nathan [at] Within the email, please write that the photo is meant for Facebook readings practice.

  • If you wish, you can ask a specific question regarding the psychic reading, so users can help you out. Yet, keep in mind that, during a practice session, different answers might appear, and they might not always be accurate. Or, you can post a photo for a general practice, so users can use their skills to describe your personality.

Submit photos of your objects, as well. They can be sent to the same email address as above. Within the email, please write that the photo is meant for Facebook readings practice.

  • Please, remember that if your photo is set as target for a practice session, you are kindly asked to confirm or deny findings of ASoM’ readers. You can do this, once I (astateofmind on Facebook) write a comment that the practice session is complete, and the owner can give the history of the object. This applies for both readings of people and objects.

Along with the photo of an object or photo or a person, please submit a short biography of yourself or object, in case that you will be unable to comment at the end of the session, to confirm or deny user’s findings.

If you are a ‘reader’, please, remember about the following rules:

  • No medical advices! None at all.
  • No strict financial advices.

And that’s all. Remember, A State of Mind will add a photo to our photo stream on Facebook, but we do not claim any rights to the photo you send to us. You remain a copyrights owner, so whenever you will decide that you don’t want the photo to exist on ASoM’s Facebook page, contact me, and I will remove it. Also, I do not sell your photos to any second or third or fourth parties, so fear not.

Questions? If you have any, please ask.

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Comments and Discussion

Be sure to add your own comment, feedback, opinion and/or suggestion :).

  1. Hi Nathan,

    I love the fb idea and would be happy to volunteer myself (or object) if you need extras.

    I am primarily clairaudient and just wanted to mention that yes, I “hear” the information in my head (it’s exactly like taking dictation or notes when listening to a Professor in a classroom). Of course you “hear” it like you “hear” your own thoughts, so it isn’t the same thing as hearing voices.

    by Julie | A Clear Sign / July 16th 2011

  2. Julie, just let me know via email that you agree for a reading by ASoM readers, and within few weeks, I’ll post your photo :). Thanks!

    I had experience with clairaudience, and yes, it’s like hearing your thoughts, not voices, but also, I’ve experienced hearing disembodied voices, too. Not like hearing someone talking to me in a real world, but like a… speech over the fog of war (RTS players know what I’m talking about), as I call this wicked dream state. I mean, I can hear voices for “real”, but not as physical voices, rather as a voice you can hear when you’re dreaming. These are not your thoughts, but still, they’re… separated from your mind. Umm, does it make any sense?

    Anyway, these clairaudient experiences I had are very rare and random, so I don’t teach about them since I don’t understand them, really. I prefer to see things. On the second hand, one cannot limit himself to one source of psychic input, only. One must be open for any psychic data that might arrive.

    by Nathaniel / July 16th 2011

  3. hello! I get clairaudience in the same way that Nathan and Julie do, hearing thoughts in my mind. One of the reasons its good to practice mental stillness, is that its hard to notice those clairaudient thoughts if your mind is busy and cluttered. I have only ever heard the disembodied voice once, as I was falling asleep on my 30th birthday. The word I heard was my name, and it was breaking up with lots of static, similar to what Nathan suggests

    I used to wonder why I only heard things in my head, not outside like an actual voice. One of my psychic teachers is also a social worker/counselor, and she mentioned that as a rule, if you hear it inside your head it is clairaudience. If you hear a voice outside your head, i.e. coming out of the walls or thin air, it is usually a mental health issue. So now I am relieved that I only hear things inside my head =)

    Nice post by the way! Shared the 1st picture on my page this morning

    Take care


    by Geena / July 16th 2011

  4. Usually when someone is trying to get my attention I hear them call my name (as if it is a live person, so that you look around like,”What?”) but I suspect that is more of a ghost or passed relative thing. There is never any auditory follow-up, but sometimes a physical one.

    THEN there are the times when I hear another voice (sounds different from my own “self talk in my head” that goes on 24/7). It comes inside my head in the upper left and is usually loud and commanding. That voice comes in emergency situations where I am being warned of something, and I can’t miss it. It is rare that I get this (like years may go by in between) but it was when I started to acknowledge the existence of guides/angels as separate from me. I assume that’s who it is, which one it is I haven’t figured out yet (could be more than one).

    by Julie | A Clear Sign / July 16th 2011

  5. Thank you Geena!

    By the way, don’t you think that hearing voices is a bit… spooky? I guess I prefer to stick with my clairvoyance :).

    by Nathaniel / July 18th 2011