What Is Spiritual Growth, Really

A lot of time ago, I thought that psychic development is free of spiritual growth. Meaning, that you do not need to develop your spirituality, in order to develop psychic abilities. With time, my approach to this matter has changed. Today, I understand that psychic development leads to spiritual growth and that spiritual growth might results in awakening of inner psychic abilities. As spiritual explorer, you should learn about psychic phenomena, and as psychic, you should learn about spiritual growth.


Some time ago, I’ve wrote an article about spiritual development from a psychic growth perspective. Today, I want to write about spiritual growth a bit more general.

I use to say that it’s all about your blockages – negative mind patterns that fill your subconscious mind, and control your life. Believe it or not, but it’s the truth. Let’s say that when you were a child, your father taught you that rich people are liars and thefts, who have committed many crimes in order to get their money. In result, in the future you will treat it as the ultimate truth – and you might have problems with becoming rich. This pattern might be conscious, or subconscious.

  • When a patter is conscious, then you are aware of it – and you follow it intentionally. For example, you might repeat the “truth” that your father passed on you, and you might consider it your own opinion. A pattern can be subconscious, as well. In such case, you might feel conscious respect towards rich people, but at the same time, your subconscious treats them as liars and thefts. In any way, you won’t have an easy financial life. At least, you won’t be able to achieve great financial success.

For some people, money are very “unpsychic”, and completely not spiritual. But the problem is – money create problems on your spiritual path, and on your psychic development path, as well. But the problem is not, as most people think, that money are evil. The problem is that you might think money are evil. While, in reality, they’re not. They’re just tools, neutral tools. The problem is not in the money, it’s in your perception of money.

What Is Spiritual Growth, Really

To understand this better, one must understand what spiritual growth really is. In short, spiritual growth is about becoming a better person, and overcoming your problems. When looking at this matter from Buddhist perspective, we could say that spiritual growth is about removing all attachments, and becoming free, so you can achieve enlightenment. But, as long as you live in the western world, it’s hard to remove all attachments. You don’t live in a monastery, are you?

No, you don’t. You live in a Western world filled with money, crimes, war, technology and material goods. In this world, there is a different spirituality meant for you. It can be defined as a process of removing attachments to negative things, and strengthen your attachments to positive things – such as love, happiness, friendship, creativity, and things like that.

Therefore, a spirituality that is important for you as psychic, is to focus on good things, and stop worrying about bad things. This can be achieved through many different exercises. The negative things I’m talking about are, for example, negative attitude towards money; aggression towards rich people; problems with alcohol and drugs; bad behavior and eating habits; negative emotions towards events; but also your own focus on negative events, things you don’t want, things or people you dislike.

Positive things are happiness, love, friendship, creativity, focusing on good things, being helpful to others, smile, altruism etc.

Should You Grow?

The question is – should your grow on a spiritual level? Well, yes – you should. Because negative things create negative vibrations. They cause you to lose energies and to block the energy flow. Not only you cannot live a happy life with all these negative patterns in your mind, but also, you cannot develop and use psychic abilities with so much negativity in you. Therefore, you need to rise your vibrations – this is that New Age famous saying, to rise vibrations. Rising vibrations is about shifting your focus from bad things to good things.

But do not be mislead. Most people and books tell you that all you need, is to think in a positive way. But positive thinking itself isn’t worth much. It won’t work, and it will only make more problems. Why so? Think about it:

  • You think in a positive way about something. But it doesn’t happen, and your dreams are still your dreams. This leads to being sad and depressed because of the fact that your positive thinking has led you to no results.

You shape your life through your subconscious mind. What you believe in deep inside, is what you get. Sure, you can use the tips and advices from The Secret, and use the law of attraction to attract good things. And it’s OK – but positive thinking and believe requires a lot of time to start working. You can achieve things faster, by beginning a work with your mind.

Spiritual Growth For Non-Psychics

Because this is A State of Mind, I always talk about things from psychic perspective, and for psychic perspective. But spiritual growth isn’t reserved for psychics. Everyone can grow on the spiritual level, because spiritual development leads to a better life, in general. Spiritual growth leads to:

  • Better relationship, from love to friendship, or even better relations with coworkers and neighbors.
  • Better work, because you learn what you like doing, and what you dislike. Through various job shifts, you can end up doing what you love – whether this means a post in a large company, or your own company.
  • Financial prosperity, because you learn to enjoy your money and material wealth, so in the end, you can attract more wealth, and you’re no longer afraid of money problems.
  • Happiness, because relationships, work, financial safety, and spiritual wealth are the elements of a great, happy life.

If you want to develop your spirituality, but not your psychic abilities, my tips are simple: use the knowledge from A State of Mind that relates to spirituality, not psychic development directly, and you will find my website useful. Now, let’s get back to more advices.

The Problems You Face

A lot of people who beings their journey towards spiritual awakening, and psychic development think, that their growth and development is blocked by “subject patterns”. It means that they think that psychic development is blocked by negative patterns related to psychic development and that their spiritual growth is blocked by patterns related to their spiritual and religious beliefs. This is true, but it’s just a part of a wide range of blockages you might have. In reality, you might be blocked by things unrelated to psychic skills, or spirituality. For example:

  • Finances – you can have problems related to money and material safety. Or your health. Or your job. For many, it doesn’t sound like something related to spirituality, but it’s important to remember: you are a physical being, and you need material safety. You need to feel safe, and stable. Without a good grounding, that can be found in material goods and money-related issues, it’s hard to think about developing in any additional field of life.
  • Relationship – for example, without money, you might be worried that you’re unable to form any kind of relationship. But we’re human beings. We need others and others needs us. It’s normal; it’s part of life. Problems at any relationship level lead to many problems: sadness, depression, to name the few.
  • Expression – we want to feel needed. We want to help others, and we want others to help us. And we want to express ourselves as we want it. When we have money, and we have relationship, we need a way to tell the world what we need. Blockages in the field of creativity, art, communication, and self-expression are also problematic.
  • Emotions – and all the problems lead to negative emotions. If you don’t have the job you want; if you can’t have the girl you want; if you see nobody appreciates you; when you feel useless; when you have no goals, no dreams; in all these cases, problems results in negative emotions that hurt both you, and people around you.

It’s all part of life. A lot of New Age followers and “illuminated” beings forget about this simple fact – that spirituality is life, and life is spirituality. You cannot have spirituality without life, and you cannot have life without spirituality. It’s all part of big spiritual ecosystem. To learn to make money by doing what you love; to accept that money are tools that allow you to make good things; to learn that sex isn’t dirty, but it’s a sacred beauty; to learn that we can count on others in the time of the need; to learn that there’s time for changes and that you don’t need to become a vegetarian and stop drinking coffee and bear overnight. All of this is spirituality.

When people ask me where to seek spiritual development, I say – in the smile of the girl on the street, and the green leaf of the Oak outside your house. Spiritual development isn’t something that cannot be touched. Spiritual development is to live. To live a life you can be proud of.

My idea of spiritual development is simple. To appreciate life; to learn that money aren’t evil, but they can be used to help yourself, and to help others; to achieve happiness; to remove negative attachments. And when you’re happy of your life; when you’re capable of shaping it as you want it to look like, then you can begin an advanced spiritual practice of Buddhist schools, to achieve the final enlightenment.

The Tools Of The Trade

There are many tools that you can use in order to remove the negative attachments, worries and concerns.

  • Affirmations – these are slow, yet very effective tools, that can reprogram your mind, slowly, yet with good results. And they work, if you cannot identify the sources of your problems.
  • Emotional Healing – also known as core images work, it’s a technique of working with your memories in order to heal them.
  • Forgiveness – to forgive is to let go. People rarely forgive others their crimes, or mistakes, or bad teachings. But you need to learn to forgive people, only then you will be free. But even more important is to learn to forgive yourself. Forgive yourself your own wrong deeds, mistakes, and bad beliefs.
  • Gratitude – the more things you’re grateful for, the more things to be grateful are attracted to you. Be grateful for money you make, for people you know, for food you eat. These are simple things, but these simple things are very effective.
  • Meditation, and other practicesmeditation is a powerful tool that puts your mind at peace and helps you communicate with your higher self.
  • Your mind – finally, your mind is the greatest tool of spiritual growth. Through it, you have access to intuition and spiritual guidance. It can recognize synchronistic events, and coincidences that lead you from point to point, and allow you to grow.

There are also other spiritual practices, closely related to specific religions and philosophical systems. Reiki practitioners might prefer Gassho Meditation; Buddhists will use mantras etc. The methods I’ve mentioned above are universal and can be practiced by everyone.

Your psychic growth would be incomplete, if you wouldn’t develop your spirituality, too. Spiritual workers, on the other hand, can focus on self-improvement, and they might never really develop any advanced psychic skills. It is a point of focus. From now on, A State of Mind will publish articles related to spiritual development, but they won’t be related to psychic growth anymore. This way, anyone interested in spiritual growth, can learn about it, without worrying about psychic abilities.

Spiritual growth allows us to become better people: live a great life, and let others live their great life. In the end, everyone benefits from spiritual practices. And since, in reality, spiritual growth isn’t really mystical or religious as some people think, there’s no need to avoid it. After all, it can turn your life into a great adventure.

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. Spirituality and psychic growth almost seem to be synonymous. However, I have learned that psychic growth or Conscious Awareness increases without as much static when we learn to balance all aspects of our lives. Love the article! Thank you Nathan :)

    by Kenya / July 12th 2011

  2. I’m glad you enjoy it :).

    by Nathaniel / July 12th 2011

  3. As a christian who has experienced many paranormal events, I can say that through it all my faith has helped me to understand and overcome a lot of supernatural activity which at one time was becoming fairly strong in our home.

    So I would have to say that for me personally, spiritual growth was realizing that what I had believed for most of my life was a reality where spiritual situations and things of this nature are concerned.

    In other words, having gone through the paranormal experiences that I and my family have gone through only really ended up causing my belief in God to be much more strengthened, and I hope that I can help others who are going through similiar occurrences.

    by Sheryl / July 15th 2011

  4. Sheryl, I’m glad you’ve found your own path!

    by Nathaniel / July 18th 2011

  5. Really like this, kinda on the late side for me, but would have been super useful back I was first exposed to things.

    Faith is good, faith in yourself, faith in that you will be protected no matter what or faith in whatever.

    My faith grew from what I learned from War Hammer 40k: Dawn of War (A game). Space marine: “Fear denies faith. Doubt is disbelieve. Faith is our shield.”
    No matter what the topic or faith you have, these 3 things will help you to develop.
    For some believe systems a 4th might be useful as well.”Heresy grows from idolize.”
    I was raised a Christian. Some of it I still have in my believe system, my perspective has just changed a lot from a series of events that forced me (That is how I know I’m on the right path for me) to look at it this way.

    by Henk / July 21st 2011

  6. Henk, just don’t push too much with 40k, their faith was (after all) kind a blind and led to a great war :).

    by Nathaniel / July 25th 2011