Psychic Development Simplified 3rd Edition Is Here!

After additional months of work, the 3rd edition of Psychic Development Simplified has arrived. It’s longer, more detailed, and available in many more formats, at last! If you haven’t read my book yet, it’s time to do so. But before you do so, read what’s in the book, what are people saying, and where can you purchase it.


What’s Inside

Psychic Development Simplified is a workbook meant for beginners, who want to learn psychic abilities from scratch; and for natural psychics, who already have their skills working, but they would like to learn more control, and deal with problems that natural psychic abilities might generate. Inside, you will find:

  • Tutorials, tips and advices – very practical, yet simplified, meant to provide you with step-by-step knowledge, so you can develop your own psychic abilities.
  • Theory, that, when used with practical exercises, can teach you how to unleash your psychic potential, how to deal with your blockages, how to stay safe when it comes to psychic work, and how to develop your abilities further without any problems or accidents or dangerous situations.

All of this filling over 260 pages of text (over 280 in case of printed paperback). Simplified, yet detailed, Psychic Development Simplified will unleash psychic potential in everyone, and you are no exception!

What Are People Saying

Below are some reviews of the book:

Psychic Development Simplified is an amazing source of information. I learned a few tips and tricks even I hadn’t known! Nathan has done a fantastic job compiling information and making it understandable for everyone! I highly recommend it to others! – J.V Krakowski (psychic teacher)

Interested a book on psychic development that’s different from all of the rest? Try Nathan’s new e-book, Psychic Development Simplified and you won’t be disappointed. (…) It is dense, extensively informative, and something that I would liken to a Psychic Encyclopedia. (read whole review) – Julie Barrett (professional intuitive)

I had the good fortune of being able to read “Psychic Development Simplified” and am so glad I did. (…) It is exactly as the title states – simplified. (…) I would highly recommend this for all levels of learning and practicing psychics. (read whole review) – Jennifer (psychic in training)

Where To Purchase

The 3rd edition can be purchased not only via A State of Mind directly, but also via Amazon and Lulu. Below are your purchase options.

  • Via E-Junkie, where you purchase a package including PDF, MOBI and EPUB formats. This way, you can read the book on your computer, iPhone, iPad, Amazon Kindle and any other device you can think of. Only $14.95.
  • Via, where you can purchase a printed paperback for $16.95. You can also purchase a PDF format for $12.95.
  • Via, when you don’t need many formats, and you own a Kindle, for $8.95 (VAT not included)

The best option is to purchase the package directly through E-Junkie, and you’ll be able to read the book on all modern devices. If you’re unsure of E-Junkie safety (yet I assure, it’s VERY safe, both E-Junkie and PayPal are encrypted with SSL), there’s Amazon and Lulu to choose.

And when you will read the book, don’t forget to add a review on Amazon, or Lulu, or send it to me, so I can place it on the website, as well :).

Persuaded already? Then I’m looking forward for seeing you among my customers!

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