Improve Your Clairvoyance With A Technique Of Clairvoyant Laboratory

A lot of psychics ‘in training’ knows this: they have learned the basics; they work out their blockages; they reprogram their mind, and master the energy work. And they want to get better and better, but they’re not sure how. Today, in this article, I will share a great clairvoyance technique with you, so you can improve the effects of your psychic work. Remember, the advanced stuff might not work for you if you haven’t learned the basics, so be sure to check my book, first :). When you’re done with the basics, enjoy more advanced stuff.


 The Clairvoyant Laboratory

Often, clairvoyant psychics mention that in order to acquire information, they need to visit their private, sacred space. It is an area within their mind, a place, where they can pick up psychic data, and interpret it. But rarely any psychic explains what this sacred space is, and how does it work. I’m going to share my sacred space with you now, and reveal the secret:

I close my eyes, take few deep breaths, and relax. Then, I visualize myself to be standing in the center of a large library. This is my sacred space for psychic work.

Simplified, isn’t it? But this is what sacred space in case of most psychics really is – it’s a visualized area, or even a wall upon which pictures appear. It is all about visualization, and letting go of your conscious control over the images. Within such visualized space within your mind, you can pick up psychic data in various ways – through sounds, smells, images and feelings.

Within my library, there are bookshelves, and I can pick up and open every single book. There are doors which I can open. There are pictures on the walls, and desks to sit by. There are many objects I can interact with.

When I perform psychic reading, or when I need to get detailed information during chakras reading, I go to my library, and I open myself for information.

When I need to know something, I let go the control of my visualization. I see the library, and I follow my intuition. It guides me to the bookshelf in the right corner of the library. I pick up the book that I sense I should pick up. And I open it, and I look at it, without any control over the images. But the images appear, and all I have to do is to interpret them. Then, I have my psychic answer.

This is the clairvoyant laboratory that I use for my psychic practice.

Why Does Clairvoyant Laboratory Work?

Your subconscious mind has troubles with throwing random images on a blank screen. In other words, if a psychic information you’ve picked up does not have a ‘hook’, it might not be displayed to you in any form. In case of clairvoyance, the hooks are images that you visualize. When they’re visualized, and you have an intention to acquire specific information, then all you have to do is to let go of the illusion of control, and observe. If there are any impressions or messages coming through your psychic senses, they will hook themselves, and you will be able to perceive them consciously.

It’s exactly what I do, when I “pick up a random book” in my visualized library. I visualize; I keep an intention; and then, I let go. If there is something for me to pick up, I will pick it up, so I can pass it to my customer, for example.

The Clairvoyant Laboratory can be expanded into other forms of psychic perception. As I said, psychic information needs to have a hook to attach itself to it, and become a conscious thought that you can perceive. I’m clairvoyant, so I attach psychic impressions to images. If you prefer to smell or see or touch, then you need to create such mind-hooks. “Visualize” a smell or a sound, hear a tune in your head, and then let go. Let’s see what can you hear later.

  • When you prefer to hear psychic data, then start humming a tune in your head, and let go. You might hear words, or other tune, or sounds etc, which you need to interpret.
  • When you prefer to smell, recall a memory of a specific smell, and let go. Another smell might appear, and it will require to be interpreted.
  • When you’re a tactile person, visualize a touch on your physical body, and let go. Another physical sensations might appear.

I talk about clairvoyance because this is what I use for my own practice. Now, how to create and use your own Clairvoyant Laboratory?

How To Create A Clairvoyant Laboratory

As you should know already, creating your clairvoyant laboratory is all about visualization. You need to visualize yourself a place, in which you will be performing your psychic work. So, sit down for a while and close your eyes.

  • Take few deep breaths and relax. See the darkness in front of your eyes.
  • Think, what kind of space do you want to create for yourself. Is it a library? Or maybe your home? A large Victorian mansion? Or maybe a scientific lab? Visualize a space that you enjoy. You need to like the place in which you work. It’s a Feng Shui thing :). Or at least a psychological matter.
  • Fill the place with interactive objects. For example, add bookshelves; a desk; a plant; few doors; a computer; a large LCD. The point is to have as many objects to interact with as possible. Think what else can you add to your laboratory?
  • Finally, when everything is in place, memorize the place. You’re going to return here soon. That’s it. You’ve prepared yourself your very own Clairvoyant Laboratory.

I’ve mentioned large Victorian mansion. A word of advice here, because some of you might want to create a haunted building for your psychic work. With such visualization, you add an intention of the building to be haunted, and you expect it to be haunted. Thus, you might, accidentally, attract spirits, ghosts and even negative entities to your life. Please, don’t. Spirit communication, and dealing with ghosts, these are very advanced, and slightly dangerous things to do, I don’t recommend it.

So, don’t intend your sacred space to be haunted, because you might get what you wish for, when you’re not ready for this.

How To Enter And Leave Your Clairvoyant Laboratory

In order to enter your clairvoyant laboratory, you need to take few deep breaths, and relax. Clear your mind, and chill out. Then, simple visualize the laboratory you’ve created earlier. See the objects, the walls, all the doors etc. In order to leave the laboratory, all you have to do is to open your eyes, and become conscious of your physical world once again. You might want to add grounding and centering skills to your work with the laboratory.

As you can see, it’s very simple.

How To Use Your Clairvoyant Laboratory

In order to explain how to use your lab, we need an example situation. Let’s assume that you’re doing a psychic reading for someone. So a customer, let’s call him Joe, asks, “what is the source of my financial problems?” You need to enter your clairvoyant laboratory, and with the intention in your mind, answer the question.

  • Enter the lab, by closing your eyes and visualizing yourself to be standing in your psychic space.
  • Ask a question, “what is the source of financial problems of Joe”, and start hunting. Relax, and clear your mind, and feel if you’re attracted to any object or are of your sacred space. Let go of control, and follow your intuition (it will develop with time and practice of the basic psychic awakening practices).
  • You might be attracted to a room you newer seen before, and see a person there. Ask the person about its name. Let’s say a person’s name is Emily. So ask your customer if he knows someone called Emily. Maybe she’s his ex-wife who took all his money during a divorce? And he’s attached to this fact, and he can’t let it go, so he attracts more financial problem, hmm?
  • Or, you might be attracted to a book. Open it, and see what’s inside. Maybe there is a photo of a car there. And maybe Joe have bought a new care, but in order to do so, he decided to live in a debt. Or, the book might be empty, which can be interpreted not as “there’s no answer to your question, Joe”, but as “you have no plans for the future, you’re empty, you need to set yourself some goals”. Interpretation can be tricky.
  • When the answer is provided, you can leave your lab, and wait for another question. Or end the reading. Don’t forget to break the link with your customer when you’re done. And with all the objects you’ve read.

I think this should give you the basic idea of how your clairvoyant laboratory works. It’s very simple – you visualize the lab, you set the intention, and then you let go. All you have to do next is to interpret what you perceive.

Additional Tips

You can continue to program your sacred psychic space. For example, you might intend for things related to the past appear on the right, and things related to the future to appear on the left. While the things related to the present will appear in the middle of your sight. To program your lab in such way, all you have to do is to keep that intend every time you practice in your lab.

  • When you cannot see anything, there are few possibilities. For example, you might need to interpret the empty message :). Or, it might mean that your intuition isn’t developed enough, and you need to spend more time with the basics, before you will decide to practice advanced stuff.

The Clairvoyant Laboratory technique is a great way to improve your results in clairvoyance. And it can be used for psychic healing (when performing a diagnosis), in chakra reading, in psychic reading and in psychometry practice. It’s a useful tool to work with, but as everything, it takes time to master. At first, you might have troubles with visualization and with following your intuition. But keep practicing, and with time, you will get better and better. Psychic abilities are no different from learning any other skill, from a bike ride, to drawing and programming.

Remember, this advanced technique like this might not work if you haven’t finished your basic psychic development practices such as energy work, mind re-programming etc. People tend to jump to advanced stuff right away, and then they’re sad if nothing works for them. Please, don’t do this – the basics are fascinating, and they can lead to really fast results. And the best part is – when you’re done with the basics, then the advanced things shall hold no secrets :).

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Do you find this technique of Clairvoyant Laboratory useful? Have you ever used such technique on your own? How effective it was in your case?

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. I’m a Christian that believes in and works on psychic abilities. For example, I believe in mystery religions and I believe that the Bible is full of cryptic messages like when Jesus said the kingdom of heaven is within, and to not throw pearls to the swine. It is evident that he was referring to not giving knowledge to the uninitiated, and to look within for peace and bliss. I wish that many other Christians would stop externalizing the words of the Bible to see evil everywhere and rather realize the evil they see is an expression of discontinuity within.

    Thanks for this site, I will watch for it and am interested in link exchange if you are as well :)

    by Henrik / July 9th 2011

  2. I know I could use a lot more practice at visualization. I have an akashic record meditation CD that has some good techniques, I need to find it and start listening to it again.

    by Todd | Channelingmyself / July 9th 2011

  3. Oh, I love that picture for a lot of reasons! I kind of travel to those places in my mind.

    I have honestly never thought of, you know, using a Clairvoyant Labratory. I visualize a lot and have no problems with it but you put it in a somewhat – dare I say it – ‘scientific way’!

    Oh well, you have a nice flavour to your writing. Some of the concepts you presents are a little foreign to me, but hey, variety is good. You learn as long as you live.

    Have a nice day.

    by Sol | Some Insight Required / July 10th 2011

  4. I think that is a fantastic idea! I have trouble creating a “blank” slate in my mind during meditation. .
    When visualizing, I’ve always put myself into a beautiful garden of flowers, and nature, and green lush grass. I’m always directed to sit on a bench in there and wait to see whoever comes up to me, or notice something else in my “garden”
    But I like the idea of of the “Library -labatory” and just wait to see what else comes in. I love your idea of having the ‘bookshelve’, with the possibility of being directed to a book and opening it to the right page of information.
    I think I will give that a try today!

    by Sowilo / July 10th 2011

  5. Todd, keep in mind – if visualization is not your thing, then you should focus on your favourite way of perceiving things, instead of forcing yourself to use something that is ‘just’ popular :).

    Sol, the ‘laboratory’ is just a term. If you want, you can visualize a cave, in which every stone will carry a symbol with a psychic meaning. It’s more like a playground than a lab this way.

    Sowilo, good luck with your experiment, and remember to share your results!

    by Nathaniel / July 11th 2011