See It Psychically! Things You Need To Know About Clairvoyance

Mysterious clairvoyance is an ability to perceive psychic information as visual data. I don’t mention seeing things with your eyes for a reason. You see, a common misconception of most people that want to learn psychic abilities, is that they think they need to see auras, chakras and energies with their physical eyes, for real. But in most cases, it’s your psychic inner sight that really sees things, and not your eyes.


Definition Of Clairvoyance

As we can read on Wikipedia:

The term clairvoyance (from 17th century French with clair meaning “clear” and voyance meaning “vision”) is used to refer to the ability to gain information about an object, person, location or physical event through means other than the known human senses,[1][2] a form of extra-sensory perception. A person said to have the ability of clairvoyance is referred to as a clairvoyant (“one who sees clearly”). (Source)

Actually, clairvoyance is a mean to acquire psychic data as visual data, like I have said already. And that’s it, basically. To see images of a different sort that are information about a person, event, place etc., while not using any of your five physical senses, this is clairvoyance. For some people, it’s the primary psychic “sense”, others use visual data, as well as sounds, smells and tactile feelings to get a clear information about their target. All of this creates psychic perception.

How To Learn Clairvoyance

In order to learn clairvoyance, a person has to practice general psychic development –  start with affirmations, meditation and emotional healing (core images work, for example). Basically, do everything that I have described in my book. But beside tons of exercises, a person must understand what clairvoyance really is. Or at least, how can one perceive stuff by using clairvoyant vision. With this knowledge, you won’t have expectations of stuff, so you will be able to see things for real.

Now, let’s say this openly – clairvoyance is not a psychic ability. Psychic ability would be to acquire information via psychic means. Clairvoyance is just a way to understand the information, which you’re capable of picking up. In other words, clairvoyance is an effect of your brain translating psychic data into a language that you can understand.

It Is Your Brain That Sees

What a lot of people don’t know, is that it’s not the eyes that see. Eyes only pick up some photons, and then they send electrical impulses to your brain. Then, inside your brain, a whole profess of translating the impulses into an image happens. During that process, a lot of things is going on. The image you actually see goes through so called perception filters. Perception filters are your beliefs, thoughts, ideas, worries and concerns. In other words, if you don’t believe that something is out there, you won’t  see it.

It’s best to give an example here, an example with aura view. Let’s say you’ve been taught that auras do not exist and that you cannot see them. Maybe even I taught you this in the past, before I understood things better. Your belief creates such perception filter. And you cannot see auras even if you try. Therefore, you need to reprogram your mind through affirmations and other techniques, to deal with that negative thought patter, that negative belief.

Your Psychic Sight

Now, the cool thing is – your brain still perceives things, but won’t allow your eyes to “see” them. Or should I say, it won’t allow the image layer of an aura, for example, to be included in the actual image that it serves to your conscious mind. Reprograming your mind to see things through physical eyes (through brain, but seeing them as real things) is tricky. But, because the information reaches your brain, you can still access it. This can be achieved, when enough patterns and blockages has been removed from your subconscious mind. That’s why emotional healing and affirmations are required for psychic growth.

Actually, it’s just how I teach psychic growth. Affirmations or emotional healing by use of core images work is just a technique, a tool, one of many. But these are very effective tools, that’s why I recommend using them. But if you stumble upon other way of reprogramming your mind, and that method will work for you, then use it, as well.

When you can access the images in your mind, this is called Psychic Sight, and this is what most psychics actually sees. It’s not a real, physical image, but it’s more like an effect of simple visualization. You see images in your mind. This apply to other psychic senses as well, like sensing scents, or hearing voices through psychic means. All of these phenomena can be picked up on the physical layer, or, if your mind isn’t clear enough, on the very “clair” layer. The methods of using Psychic Sight have been described in my book.

Can A Person See Psychically?

Now, the obvious question is – can a person really see psychically, but not as psychic sight, yet through physical eyes, or brain? I think so, yes :).

I do remember, that, in the past few years, I was able to see auras, energies and spirits, by using my physical eyes. I just switched to Psychic Sight, because it was much easier, and faster to use. And it was more accurate. I believe that, with enough training, I would be able to use my physical sight to perceive energies, yet for now, I see no need to. It’s even a bit safer for my mental health, because if I would start seeing things through my physical eyes, I would start to worry that I’m hallucinating.

Hallucinations are an interesting concept, because being afraid of mistaking psychic clairvoyance with hallucination might be an actual blockage, a subconscious blockage that might block you in seeing things physically, “for real”. Hallucinations, it is a subject in which I cannot advice, because I was never hallucinating, and I’m not really sure how to distinct hallucinations from real, psychic vision.

I can only speculate that the way to differ these two things is an ability to listen to your intuition closely. This way, your intuition and your spiritual guidance can help you separate hallucinations from legitimate psychic data.

I’ve spoke to few psychics who admitted that they can see things through their physical sight, and most aura view tutorials are based on teaching how to see things through your eyes. It’s safe for me to safe that it is possible to see things with your physical eyes.

My advice is simple, though. Do not expect that you will see things physically at first. Do not expect to see things with your inner sight, as well. Expectations might create additional blockages. Just practice, practice, practice. And keep an open mind. With time and practice, clairvoyance will develop.

How Does Clairvoyance Looks Like?

The best way to understand how clairvoyance looks like is to provide you with some examples from my private practice.

  • One day, I was doing a small psychic reading for a new person. I didn’t know anything about that person, so I closed my eyes, and immediately, I saw a factory. The factory looked like these factories from movies with a plot set in the industrial age – you know, chimney and smoke. It was pretty clear image, but do not be mislead. It was more like visualization, and not like normal sight. By normal sight, I understand a situation, when you see, for example, this text in front of you. In result, the person confirmed that her flat is located in front of a big factory, indeed.
  • I often get this question, “how do you see the chakras?” And I give this simple example. Walk into a dark room, in which there is a device with a LED light. Look at the light – do you see how it glows? Make a mental photo of this LED in the dark, then walk out of the room, and recall the image in your head. Et voila, this is how I see the chakras :). At least most of the time :).
  • Sometimes, when I do a psychic reading, I visualize myself in an old library. I just visualize things with my eyes closed, and then I let them go – and I ask questions regarding the reading, and then I observe the images that appear in my visualized library. And then, all I have to do is to make an interpretation.

I hope these few examples gives you a good understanding of clairvoyance. Let’s make a fast summary.

  • It’s possible to see things with your physical eyes – people report seeing spirits, energies, astral lights and so on. And, in addition, you can find many psychics, who will tell you that they can see things physically.
  • Do not expect anything, let it flow – but at the same time, you should not expect to see things with your physical eyes, nor you should expect to use your inner psychic sight right away. Take it gently, and do not expect anything. Because when you will let things go, then you will develop psychic abilities, instead of creating new blockages made of your expectations.
  • Inner sight is like visualization or recalling memories and images from the past – sometimes, the images are more detailed, and sometimes, they are quite blurred. Do not worry about it, and keep practicing.

Clairvoyance is an interesting ability, but not everyone can learn it. Some people will prefer to use pure intuition and “knowing things” in their psychic work. Others might prefer to hear things, or use other psychic senses. Knowing things, and clairvoyance are just one of the most popular techniques of using your psychic abilities to acquire information.

Therefore, this is another thing that you need to know: do not struggle to learn clairvoyance. Like I said, develop your skills in gently way, practice the exercises like these provided by me on A State of Mind, and let things develop on their own. Once a psychic skill awakes, you can develop if further. But do not struggle to learn clairvoyance just because it’s popular and because everyone uses it. Let things develop on their own, because you might find out that your strongest psychic sense is clairaudience and that you can “hear” psychic information.

Why Is Clairvoyance So Popular?

The only reason I can think of is this: clairvoyance is a popular technique, because we are visual people, mostly. Nancy Du Tertre explained this in her book nicely – Psychic Intuition. The very first sense that picks up the information is our sight – when something is far away, we can’t smell it, we can’t hear it, or taste it, or touch it. But we can already see it. And because our senses are dominated by our sight, clairvoyance is an obvious answer to “which psychic sense will dominate” question.

This rises an interesting question. Can a blind person learn clairvoyance? Can a deaf person learn clairaudience? Hmm… unfortunately, this is a question for you – if you know the answer. I do not know, simple because I never worked with blind or deaf person, who wanted to become psychic. Maybe in the future I will learn the answer. For now, it’s a question for you – do you know a blind clairvoyant?

You have learned few things that should change your expectations and make your clairvoyance development a lot easier. I hope you have found this article helpful.

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How do you use your clairvoyance? Do you see things through physical eyes, or through your psychic sight? Or maybe you have a different way of acquiring information via psychic means?

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. So clairvoyance isn’t actually communication with the spiritual realm like a psychic does? The clairvoyant just picks up on the “data” and doesn’t necessarily know where that information is coming from?

    by Todd | Channelingmyself / July 2nd 2011

  2. When you are clairvoyant you tend to pick up data you want, but sometimes data of an unknown source does come by, regularity of it has many variables. However it ain’t that hard to find out from where the data came from.
    My approach is that I set an intention of finding the source and look for it with my psychic sight. This helps me zero in on the exact place and energy signature of the source. This helps me to “feel” the source and gather extra info if need be. I usually then track and locate it to a physical place that it is at that moment based on the info I gathered. It all depends on what is sending the data.
    I don’t know how other do it (kinda learned it early on to do), so anyone that learned to do it via textbook is more than welcome to give another method. :)

    by Henk / July 2nd 2011

  3. Todd, I think you have mistaken psychic for a medium :). Medium is a person that communicates with the spirits, psychic is a more general term. And a psychic does know the source of the information – the person, the object, or the wide field of psychic data that surrounds us all the time.

    Henk, your methods sounds like really “textbook”, so I guess that what you’ve learned on your own, others have put into books :). I mean, a lot of psychics I know use the very same, intuitive methods to work.

    by Nathaniel / July 4th 2011

  4. I Love This Post!!! It is really good, especially the bit that reads:

    “Your belief creates such perception filter … Therefore, you need to reprogram your mind through affirmations and other techniques.”

    I’ve noticed that things start happening to me psychically after I read about them, it’s like knowings it’s possible makes it happen. Sometimes things come about on their own, but more often than not I hear about something and then it happens to me. I used to think it was suggestion, but now I think its just awareness. And as long as the info is confirmed by the sitter I know it’s true (and eventually you don’t need that confirmation anymore).

    Gone way off topic but good post =)


    ps …. @Todd: Clairvoyance is one of the ways we receive information, generally you can see, hear, smell or feel it. It’s a psychic skill, and even mediums might use clairvoyance or clairaudience to communicate with someone who has passed on.

    As far as I know, I’m not a medium but I am psychic. What this means is that I “see” and “hear” things but I’ve never actually talked to anyone’s dead grandma (well maybe once).

    by Geena / July 5th 2011

  5. I am a deaf person and I just found out recently that I am clairaudient. I have been like this for as long as I can remember–I never knew that “hearing and feeling the sight of words” was part of clairaudience. So there is your answer–deaf people CAN be clairaudient. :-)

    by Deafie / July 7th 2011

  6. Deafie, that’s interesting, thanks for your input!

    by Nathaniel / July 7th 2011

  7. @Nathan: Awesomez :D that gives me some confidence boost. Ego is all like, “Skills, I haz ’em.” xD

    by Henk / July 7th 2011

  8. I know of a few blind people who are also clairvoyant, our psychic senses have nothing to do with our physical senses, it is more the psychological block that might keep us from seeing, hearing, feeling, in any case ….

    by Geena / July 8th 2011

  9. is it possible to see a persons face in your mind even though you have never seen that person before or met them and if so what does it mean,

    by prins / July 15th 2011

  10. Prins, it’s possible, yes. Sometimes, you can see the exact face of a person, and sometimes, you’re receiving symbols, like a lady with dark hairs only to learn that the person you were reading does have dark hairs, but her face is completely different.

    As for a meaning, in case when a person was never met before, it depends, and it’s really hard to tell what does it mean. You need to enter a meditative state, and ask this question, “what does seeing this face means to me?”, and meditate on that, because only you can answer this question. It’s like with dreams – you can read a lot of dream books, but only you can make the final interpretation, as there are no dictionaries for your psychic work :).

    by Nathaniel / July 15th 2011