Silvia Brown, Celebrity Psychics & Fake Psychics

Silvia Brown is probably the most popular celebrity psychic out there. You all know her, and if you don’t know her, then you should fix that and head to Wikipedia. She represents the group of psychics that I call ‘celebrity psychics’. Some of them are legitimate, some not. What about Silvia Brown? Is she a legitimate psychic? Well, I haven’t scanned her, so I cannot say. But I’ve read opinions of others, who did scan her, and they can say this: she’s psychic. She’s not very spiritual, but she’s psychic.


Celebrity Psychics?

Celebrities are all around us. We have celebrity actors, singers, politics, bloggers, and if you’re ready to learn a bit about the Internet, you can become a celebrity plumber (and it’s not an irony about Ghost Hunters). We have celebrity psychics, as well. Psychics who work in radio, who have their own TV shows, and things like that. It’s the old way of becoming famous and making huge money by being a psychic. But today is different.

The Internet gives so many great opportunities for psychics these days. You can create your own website, publish e-books, and offer psychic services. And you can get a large group of fans, customers and readers. And you can make a career. In the old days, the only real way to make a career as psychic was to go to a TV station, and become a celebrity. Silvia Brown is a result of such old school approach. What you should understand is that a celebrity psychic isn’t the same thing as fake psychic :). There are many famous psychics that are a real deal.

I’m not a type of celebrity psychic. I’m a type of normal psychic who uses different mediums to reach as many people as possible. But don’t ask me about TV appearance :).

A Psychic In A TV

Some time ago, yet I’m not sure where, I’ve read something like this: “no psychic will refuse apperance in TV; after all, this is what all psychics want“, and there was something about proving that psychics are fake and things like that. Well, what is my opinion about this? Yes, I would like to be famous. I love when people are recommending my website and my books to their friends. I love when someone is referring others to my psychic services. Does it mean that I would agree to appear in any TV show? Short answer is – no.

Simple because I do not like TV shows that discuss paranormal and psychic phenomena. And I believe that psychic and spiritual growth is not something that should be changed into an entertainment show. It’s much more than this. I’m not here to prove anything, or entertain people. And I understand the word “famous” differently than most of these TV show guys. It doesn’t mean that I won’t appear in TV in the future. It just means that I’m not going to appear there to prove anything, or discuss psychic phenomena etc. You know that it’s much more possible that I will appear in TV as a businessman than as psychic.

My teacher told me a story. He was approached by a man who wanted to perform a de-Christianization – remove the energetic imprints of Christian rituals. Everything was already set up, but the man said to my teacher, “One more thing, I would like to invite the TV”. When my teacher heard that, he said, “No.” Just like that. The man in question has found another person to perform the ritual. My teacher didn’t want to make the whole ritual (psychic work) into an entertainment show.

This is something most people forget about. Psychic work is not a show for your entertainment. It’s a way to work with your mind, soul and physical body. And sometimes, it’s dangerous, or at least problematic for people who receive psychic help.

When Psychic Is Finally Wrong

The problem with celebrity psychics is that they are “subjects” (sorry guys) to the laws of celebrities. It means that the press and media will hunt for their single mistake. And for big media, single mistake is the only mistake that they need. One mistake and you’re a fraud definitely. Or a sex maniac. Or drug dealer, or things like that. This is something that has happened to that guy who predicted a mass grave, that turned out to be fake.

The big media are interested only in the failures of psychics. And when there’s a psychic that is correct, then you can be sure that you won’t hear or read about him or her in big media. Why so? One of the ASoM’s readers, Lars, commented this on Facebook:

I suppose people like to take advantage of that window of opportunity to show their aggression/dominance towards something they don’t understand.

Whoever controls the media, controls the people’s mind. This is so simple. And that’s why I don’t like TV – it’s a tool of manipulation. And for this reason, Silvia Brown might be known as one of the most famous fake psychics out there. As I said, I didn’t scan her. Other psychics say that Silvia Brown is a real deal. But even so, by most people she will be considered as fake, just because she made some mistakes that become popular on Wikipedia and YouTube. Or should I say, just because her failures were famous in the media, while her successes are less known. Our big media are making money because they provide information about destruction, failures, problems etc. It’s hard to make money on positive stuff, isn’t it?

No Psychic Is 100% Accurate

If you want to be a professional psychic (or maybe you are already), then you need to remember this lesson: no psychic is 100% accurate. Psychics get things wrong from time to time. It’s all based on your experience, knowledge, skills, and interpretation abilities. But you might be wrong. Celebrity psychics aren’t different. The problem is that some of them might make this “100% accurate” their slogan, a marketing tool. And when they will be wrong at last, it will lead to problems.

Here’s an advice from less known psychic for you, famous guys :). Don’t pretend to be 100% accurate, because you’re not. And in most cases, you won’t ever be 100% accurate. Accept that you might be wrong, and admit it. I often take this modern economics approach to psychic skills. Be like a modern company – admit when you’re wrong. It sounds honest to say “I’m 99% accurate”, than to say “I’m 100% accurate”. Because when you’re wrong, people will remember your dishonesty. And when you say that you can get wrong from time to time, then people admire your honesty. When you’re wrong, offer a refund. Or additional service for free.

There’s Nothing Wrong With Being Famous

There are different forms of success. Some people want to be famous, and personally, I see nothing wrong with that. I would like to be popular, as well (except TV appearance). Maybe you wish to get popular. Know this, you don’t have to become popular to be professional psychic, and at the same time, you don’t have to feel bad about being popular psychic. I see nothing wrong in this kind of marketing, as long as you’re honest with people, and honest with yourself.

When Fake Psychics Strikes

There’s a problem, though. Not every psychic, celebrity or not, really is psychic. Some are just faking stuff just to get attention, or to make money. It’s normal, and it happens in every field of our existence. Except paid sex, you can’t fake sex, can you? Fake psychics might lead to many problems.

  • When a psychic is fake, and at the same time, he or she is popular, then if he or she is fake, it gives bad reputation for the entire psychic community. When a less-popular psychic gets wrong, he or she might be able to explain why the ‘wrong’ happened. And with a bit of diplomatic skills, like in any fields of the economy, he or she might fix things up. But a fake psychic will try to get around things, and it can harm the community even more. Especially, when the fake person was a common element of popular TV or radio show.
  • For some psychics, especially those who are just learning things, learning that one of your favorite psychics turned to be fake, can lead to subconscious blockages. Such blockages might hold you on your own psychic development. How would you feel if you would learn that I’m a fake (he he, I’m not, don’t worry)? It’s a great example – you know me, you read my tutorials, you learn with my help. If I would be fake and you would learn it, then most probably, you would lose trust in anything that I have written, and in serious cases, even in your own abilities, or the reality of psychic phenomena at all.
  • If you’re a fake, then the more you practice fake abilities as stage tricks, the stronger your own blockages become. Therefore, if you will decide ever to develop the real psychic abilities, you will have a lot of subconscious blockages to overcome, first.

As you can see, fake psychics can be problematic, really. But is it our job to track down fake psychics? I don’t think so. I believe that the best thing to do here, would be to let go of any mission you might have. Don’t try to hunt psychics, because it’s pointless. And it might hold you back in your own development. Let the Universe guide you, maybe it will lead you to some fake psychics who could use your real psychic help to learn some things for real?

Learn From Celebrities

There are few things yo can learn from celebrity psychics, both from their mistakes and successes. If you’re thinking about becoming professional psychic, or at least semi-pro, below are things you should keep in mind.

  • Be honest – don’t lie, and don’t pretend to have all the answers. Treat others as you would like others to treat you.
  • Don’t be afraid of marketing – marketing and self-promotion is OK, there’s nothing wrong with it. And if you believe that it’s a bit egoistic, then you should definitely read my article about psychic and ego.
  • Admit your mistakes – when you’re wrong, admit it. Say that you’re sorry, offer a refund or something in exchange. Take responsibility for your actions.
  • Don’t push too much – if you want to write books, write honest books. Do not make things up, do not lie about channeled messages, do not channel sources of which honesty you’re not sure. And remember, when you do share your knowledge and experiences, remember that it’s your point of view only, and perception is subjective.
  • Explain things – explain how things work from your point of view, explain why things don’t work. And network, if you can’t explain why something happened, refer people to someone who can. I don’t know a bit about Tarot cards, so in most cases, I refer people to my friends who do practice Tarot readings.
  • Accept the fact, that people will wait for your mistake. This is what many people do. They wait for your mistake, so they can have a proof that you’re a fake definitely. And because of that, the entire psychic community is a bunch of frauds. Accept it, you can’t change it.

With these simple advices, you will be a bit safer in the world of professional psychics, and your customers will be much happier. And remember – there’s nothing wrong in being a celebrity psychic, as long as you remain both psychic and honest person.

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What do you think about celebrity psychics? Do you believe some of them are fake or not? What do you think about Silvia Brown?

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. My biggest example is Lisa Williams,she is just a great and sweet person but also
    she does did in a natural way and she is so loving and caring and even funny and then people are feeling much better even when it was hard to hear more about someone that passed away ,people feel much better after talking with her ,other so called psychics use cold reading and say things that are so vague that it could be a reading for anyone but some are really really nasty ,those people who write you first with so called good news like Gabriella,Isabella and others who promise a lot and when you dont react start by freighting you by staying you are gonna have a lot of bad luck when you dont pay this amount for protection and a other amount for something else and i am sure it is a computer and there is no Gabriella or Isabellla those people are marketeers and are working with al kind of psychotrics so you feel guilty when you dont use there help it is terrible those people are real fake ,when you have the nerv to come on tv at least there is nothing you can hide on tv ,every word and gesture you say or do can let others see if you are knowing what you are talking about and that you are someone who is trustworthy and honest ,every mistake can be seen and every lie can someone read from your face so i allways think why other people keep on hiding behind there empty words and promised ,at least when you are before a camera you cant fake who you really are ,for some people they can look right through someone and then it helps when people see that you are human and that you are a real person and they get to know you better.It is much better for the fake ones to hide between a website and empty words .This is just my point of vieuw not a judgemental comment or so …

    by angelheart / June 25th 2011

  2. Hi Nathaniel,

    I never have given much attention to celebrity psychics, mainly because I believe their intentions aren’t to help people but to get famous and make a lot of money. Now there is nothing wrong with that desire but like you said no psychic is 100% accurate. And when a psychic that is famous is in the spotlight they can’t afford to be wrong so what other choice would they have but to give false information.

    Another thing I have always wondered about any psychic that is being paid for their service, do they just tell the client when they don’t know something or when there is no information coming through? Or do they feel obligated, since they are being paid, to give the client something to go on?

    by Todd | Channelingmyself / June 25th 2011

  3. @Layla,
    There are different people, different psychics :). Is it a gentle suggestion that I should speed up my efforts of launching Video Posts category so you can finally see me in front of a camera? :)

    And please, no obvious self-promotion in the comments. I’ve told you before. Any business between you and me is impossible, accept it.

    I don’t know how other psychics do things, but I can tell you what I do. When my client is blocked, and I can’t receive any info, I don’t continue the reading, and offer a full refund. But when I do have a message for my cleint, and I can provide him with information, I’m saying what I have to say.

    by Nathaniel / June 27th 2011

  4. Read her website, Nathan. Trust me, she’s not psychic. If she’s psychic, then I’m Queen Nefetiri. Her claims are bogus. If she has any psychic abilities, it’s not above a simple sensitivity. In my opinion, that doens’t qualify as being psychic.

    I’ve scanned her during every kind of situation. She’s bogus.

    The readings are simple changes in concentration, but nothing to mark a real psychic ability. I’ve met real mediums. She’s as fake as it can come.

    by J.V Krakowski / June 28th 2011

  5. Judia,
    As I said, I did not scan her :). By the look of her website I can assume that she’s definitely not spiritual, and she’s too commercialized.

    by Nathaniel / June 29th 2011

  6. I am from Pennsylvania and I went to this Psychic Medium, she is the real deal. Could not believe what I heard. Her name is jeanann and she is awesome.

    by dan / February 7th 2012