7 Common Blockages In Psychic Development And How To Deal With Them

Psychic development is simple: start energy work and meditation, then identify blockages and remove them. Repeat until you’re psychic enough. The problem starts when people are getting to that blockages part. Most of you are able to work out most blockages through affirmations and core images work. But sometimes, you have blockages you’re not even aware of. These serious blockages might block you entirely in your psychic development progress. To help you out, I’ve prepared a list of most common types of blockages you might have.


I’ve head that conversation lately with a person I’ve taught about aura view a bit (it won’t sound much of an English, it’s my raw translation from Polish to English):

– I’ve been practicing your tutorials for months, and I still can’t see auras!
– Do you believe that seeing auras is possible?
– Yes!
– Do your subconscious beliefs that seeing auras is possible?
– Umm…
– Finally, do your subconscious beliefs that you can see auras?

If your subconscious doesn’t believe in something, then it’s not possible to accept, understand and use. And all your blockages are stored in your subconscious mind. To deal with them, you need to use affirmations, meditation and core images work (or any other method of healing the patterns).

Below, you can see 7 common blockages, or types of blockages you might have. I’m giving you basic examples that may help you understand what you should look for in your mind and memory. Think about them, and analyse, if something similar ever happened to you. Don’t worry if you can’t remember something. The more energy work you have, the more memories you can recall for further work. This article can be used as reference in the future.

1. Lack Of Belief

Do you believe in the reality of psychic phenomena? Do you believe that psychic abilities are real? Hmm, maybe you do. But the real question is: what is it, that your subconscious believes in? If your subconscious doesn’t believe that you can see auras, then no matter what you do, you won’t see them. Unless you will reprogram your mind into belief. This can be done through affirmations, or intense practice. Think about this: six months of trying to see the aura is exactly the same thing as spending a month on writing down affirmations. It’s reprogramming your mind.

You may say “but I believe”. Yes, you are correct. But your subconscious might believe in different thing. For example, your subconscious might believe that seeing auras is impossible. And you won’t see them. How can this happened? Well, there are multiple reasons.

  • Maybe you have read a book, in which some wise scientists said that seeing auras is impossible. Or that psychic abilities are impossible? Or, it was a TV documentary, with the same message?
  • Maybe your school buddy were able to see auras, and you were envious about this. Subconsciously, you regret that you cannot see anything, and you have programmed your mind that you cannot see anything. Or even worse, you said to yourself that if you cannot see anything then it doesn’t exist and that your buddy was not telling the truth to people. That’s even worse.
  • Maybe you saw something when you were a kid, but your mom told you that you imagined things. You don’t want to be a crazy kid. You want to be normal, as every other kid. So the mom is right, you imagined things. And guess what – you won’t be able to see auras in the future. Not until you will get rid of that bad experience with your mom.
  • Or, maybe you have seen a ghost as a child, and it was such a scary experience that you negated it. Or programmed your mind, that you do not want to see ghosts again in your life. And, in the future, you’ve learned that seeing ghosts and seeing auras is nearly the same thing. Et voila, no aura view for you.

Beliefs must be reprogrammed through affirmations, while negative experiences must be cleansed through emotional healing (core images work). Remember what Jedi Master Yoda said to young Skywalker:

– I don’t believe it!
– That is why you fail.

Suggested Affirmations:

I can see auras.

It is possible for me to see auras.

My psychic perception is real.

I know that psychic abilities are real.

2. Opinions Of Others

Your subconscious is programmed not just by you, and you only, but also by people around you. Do you believe in the opinions of others?

  • A lot of people think that psychic abilities are just wrong and that they should not be used by anyone. Or that they’re unnatural, and no one wants to be a freak, so no one who consider himself or herself normal, should be willing to develop psychic abilities. If you accept this way of thinking, then your subconscious will consider it as your own opinion. And it will block your development efforts.
  • Psychic abilities are a gift. It is a common (wrong) belief of some people. And if you accept it, then there is no way that you’re going to learn psychic abilities consciously, unless you believe that you can receive such a gift. But if you don’t consider yourself worthy of such gift, then learning things as I teach them on A State of Mind, is not going to work.
  • Psychic skills are evil, they’re a work of Satan/Devil/negative beings. If you’ve heard that a lot, and especially when you have accepted this point of view in the past, then it’s going to block you. Just because you don’t want to be evil, or use things that are evil. You’re a good person, after all.
  • Psychic abilities are anti-Christian! If this is something that you have been taught and if you consider yourself to be a good Christian, or Christian at all, then I’m sorry, but you’re going to fail in your psychic development. Personally, I know few Christians who are pretty skilled psychics.

The fun fact is that these beliefs might have been programmed in your subconscious mind long time ago, in the past. Today, your opinions might be different. But that won’t change one thing – your subconscious, if it still beliefs in the old patterns, will block your current thinking ways. You have to reprogram old beliefs and opinion, and think for yourself, if you want to be a psychic.

The beliefs and opinions of others, when they are accepted by you, quickly becomes your opinions and your beliefs. And this is when the problems begins to block your own psychic growth. Once more, affirmations and emotional healing is the path to deal with these things.

Suggested Affirmations:

I can really develop my own psychic abilities.

Psychic abilities are meant to improve my life, and the life of those around me.

3. Aggression & Hate

There is no place for hate nor aggression in psychic mind. The more aggression and hate you have, the less psychic you are. Hate towards religion, hate towards miracles, hate towards psychics. Think about it:

  • Let’s say that you don’t like Christianity. And Christianity is related to Angels. And if you think that all Angels are Christians, or that they come from Christian mythology, then how can you open yourself for Angel guidance, hmm?
  • And what if you don’t like psychics, because you consider most of them liars and frauds? Your subconscious won’t care about thinking “OK, this psychic is a real deal, but this psychic is legitimate”. Rather, it will accept the thought that you focus upon. And if you focus upon psychics that are frauds, then your subconscious is going to believe in it. And you don’t want to be a fraud, do you?
  • Let’s say that someone experienced a miracle. And everyone says that it’s a blessing from God. But for you, the word ‘God’ is equal to ‘Christian God’. And if you still hate Christianity, then you’re going to hate Christian God, and if you hate Christian God, then you’re not going to accept his miracles. With this approach, tell me, how are you going to perform a psychic healing that can lead to true miracle?

Aggression, hate and dislike comes in many forms. Get rid of negative emotions. You don’t have to accept things you don’t agree with. But you cannot react with hate and anger towards such things.

Suggested Affirmations:

I accept and respect people who have psychic abilities.

4. Financial Issues

Money can be a serious problem for many, indeed. First of all, constant worries about money and material safety create problems on your root chakra. Without good grounding, it’s hard to achieve proper level of energetics. But this is not the only thing that might go wrong regarding money.

  • What if you don’t like the fact that psychics take money for their services. What if you consider this a wrong deed. What if you believe that psychic abilities are true gifts received for free, and that they should be given away for free, as well? In such case, two things might happen. First, you will be worrying about money and it will create financial issues. Second, you won’t set psychic development as something worth of your time. After all, you have to spend your day worrying about money. Finally, with such approach don’t think that you’re ever going to become a professional psychic. Or that you will ever use your psychic abilities on a daily basis. After all, everything you do, might lead to your own gain. How unethical this might be?
  • Or, you might think that it’s wrong to take money for teaching people about psychic development. In such case, there is no way you’re going to accept the fact that I sell a guidebook to psychic development. And, you’re not going to stumble upon sources that will help you develop your own abilities. You will stay away from books, courses, workshops and psychic teachers.
  • And finally, if you believe that taking money for teaching people about psychic abilities is wrong, then your subconscious might merge it with your perception of money. And in result, it might tell you (subconsciously), that psychic development is not worth a single dollar. In such case, even if you are provided with free resources (and you are provided with free resources on A State Of Mind), then you’re not going to learn much, just because you don’t consider something free to be “unworthy”, or even useless.

Suggested Affirmations:

I know that psychic abilities development is worth to be paid for.

I accept that people charge money for psychic services.

5. Relationship

Relationship and emotions regarding love or friendship are “stored” within your heart chakra. This chakra is responsible for transferring a lot of positive, spiritual energies. Blockages in this field might be problematic, as well. Generally, every friendship or love problem can create blockages, that can lower the energy flow. Thus, such weak flow might result in problems with psychic abilities and spiritual guidance. But, an interesting blockage example is the following:

  • Have you ever dated a psychic? Well, if he or she broke your heart, then you might feel negative emotions towards all things psychic: other psychics, and psychic abilities, as well. Rarely people think that negative emotions towards your psychic lover might control your psychic development, but they do. You don’t want to be the same as your psychic lover who broke your heart. Subconsciously, you think that if you will become a psychic, then you’re going to hurt your future lover, as well.
  • Or, there might be that psychic girl in the school that attracts a lot of guys, and you consider her a bad lady (or even worse). Automatically, you might consider yourself to be a bad man just because you’re psychic. Of course, you won’t become psychic because of such blockage.

6. Knowing Psychics

Even knowing a psychic can cause blockages.

  • You might have bad experiences with a psychic. Maybe, in the past, a psychic told you something that caused you pain, or caused old problems to re-emerge. Instead of dealing with them, as you should have, you have programmed your mind that “psychics are causing pain and problems”. And if you don’t want to cause problems and pain, then you will block your own efforts in psychic development.
  • Maybe you have met a psychic that was just an asshole. Such people happen, too. Meeting one psychic ass when you’re not really aware of the reality of the world, might cause another bad pattern to be programmed.
  • Some psychics don’t understand many things. When they talk about seeing spirits, they present it as very scary experience. When they talk about psychic empathy, they say it’s a curse. When they talk about knowing things, they also they would rather not have this gift because it’s awful. And your subconscious listens. And it records all these bad opinions about psychic abilities.

Suggested Affirmations:

I know that psychic abilities can improve my life.

I know that psychic abilities are safe and pleasant to use.

7. Fear Of Being Yourself

Finally, there is a problem of being afraid of who you really are. You might be afraid that people won’t accept you as psychic; that you’re not worth of such abilities; that you will make yourself enemies; that you will be afraid of opinions of others about you as psychic, etc. You must let go of your fears, and be yourself. And be proud of who you are!

Suggested Affirmations:

I accept myself.

Bad experiences have to be healed through core images work. Negative beliefs need to be reprogrammed by affirmations. Some patterns will disappear through simple energy work, and no mind techniques will be required. Sure, it might take many months, or even years to reprogram your mind. But think about this: if you won’t start today, then you’re not going to make any progress tomorrow. And when you will use all the techniques that are available: energy work, psychic practice, breathing, affirmations, core images etc, then within few weeks, you will experience progress, and within few months, you will awake your psychic intuition. From that, everything else is just patience and practice.

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Do you identify yourself with one of the above types of blockages? Can you think of any other blockages or problematic thinking patterns that can block psychic development?

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. Yes well we all have our issues… I am a psychic that also happens to be her very own skeptic. Of course when things do happen I can’t or don’t want to explain I just allow conflicting views to wander around in my subconscious head. Wouldn’t want to burst my own bubble, would I? What would I replace it with?

    I believe self blocking is the biggest factor we life term psychics have to deal with. It’s never over really.

    by Ren / June 18th 2011

  2. ****So here is like another chapter to be added xD. Donno why I cant stop typing when I start to type about these things. The last bit is just a bit about hart chakras and not to force energy through it and to listen for warnings.****

    Thanks a lot Nathan :D
    Thing is I know for a fact that I’m blocked like crazy and I can feel it clearly when I use my powers. My spirit guide did however start to point me in the right direction, but it is like listening on a broken radio instructions to fix the radio. Your article is like a detailed blue print of the radio. In reading this I did find a rather huge block caused by past experience in psychic development. Also confirmed the others to be the source of my blockage.

    I also read up that your hart chakra is like the bridge chakra center for your physical and psychic chakra centers,(next part is what I think) so a blocked or semi blocked hart chakra will make your powers be unstable in perspective to the right frequency your energy has to vibrate to do the tasks you want to do. If you can still do the things with the block, it will take more energy to do it (Random note: higher chakras need a lot of more energy compared to lower chakras to work as expected), for the extra energy is needed to have the same effect of the energy resonating perfectly (a resonance frequency require a lot less energy to obtain the frequency). So in theory the disturbance of the block can cause the energy not to be able to obtain a resonance frequency at all and you should not attempt to force it for you will harm yourself. It is like hitting random notes on a instrument and expecting it to sound right. The thing that you should remember is that chaotic energy is destructive when it hits you (your body is based on order energy) and if you don’t know of ways to prevent or heal energy based damage then you should NEVER force energy. I have pushed myself to far for the safety of others before and I did very nearly cause damage to my hart of pushing through the pain and flags that came up. Luckily my guide did teach me before hand some healing skills with just plain water. I could have been incapacitated for a few days or even worse, cause to much stress on my hart and trigger a hart attack. The damage is proportional to the amount of force and the block. So not all things can be really dangerous, but rule of thumb, stop when you think that this is dangerous to you in some way. Your spirit guide will let you know through your intuition.

    by Henk / June 18th 2011

  3. having read all of that, well what can i say. just that everyboby who has psychic abilities, needs to put themseles in the rite mindset, myself inclueded.. i’m so glad i stumbled on this website, or was i led here. i feel i have learned so much already. thank you..love and light ken.

    by ken beardwood / June 18th 2011

  4. Hi Nathaniel,

    I really enjoyed this post, and learned a lot from the 7 blockages you listed. I was able to see some of my own issues were similar to what you wrote, thanks.

    by Todd | Channelingmyself / June 19th 2011

  5. Henk, what can I say. You’re so right about the heart chakra :).

    Ken, I’m glad you enjoy the website!

    Todd, great! This is what this article is meant for, to analyze the blockages and help people :).

    by Nathaniel / June 21st 2011

  6. This seems so true…if you cannot believe in it, why would it work then? you have to believe in order to see anything.

    by Gabriella / June 23rd 2011

  7. We’re coming into a time when most people are psychic in some shape or form and I believe it is the responsibility of the “elders”, in other words, the people who are a bit older and have in some way come to terms and learned how to use these senses, to help guide and develop the younger ones who are coming in.

    Because, lets face it, as a whole, active psychics are some of the most blocked individuals with some of the biggest issues out there and I find that a lot of psychics spend so much time helping and guiding others as kind of a way to divert their attention away from many of their own demons which need to be faced.

    So, as you are offering tips for the younger ones and the people who are just starting to learn and come to terms with “not a gift, not an ability, and not a super power”, just a part of all of us which we have forgotten over time………….I’m offering some advice for the older, more experienced, more established people who have recognized and use their psychic sences in the field.

    Put your own oxygen mask on first, before you attempt to help and advise others. Look after the source and don’t use helping others as a way to avoid things within yourself which need to be addressed.

    Mark L Cowden

    by Mark L Cowden / June 29th 2011

  8. I’m 17 and I’ve blocked myself and it’s really frustrating. In a dream I slammed a door in the face of one of my spirit guides then I woke up and cried for two hours straight. He hasn’t come to me in my dreams since. I don’t even know why I got so scared but I couldn’t control the dream and I can always control my dreams and it seriously took so much energy to shut the door. Then I couldn’t leave it like that so I called the cops in my dream too. Wow right? No wonder I haven’t seen him again. Today though something tried to whisper in my ear unless its just an inner ear problem but I nearly jumped out of my seat I thought that the boy behind me in class had leaned forward to say something. I don’t know what was whispered it was like static. My intuition is almost completely blocked and I miss it so much and when I try to embrace things and make my subconscious believe me, it just won’t. There’s my inner thoughts then inner, inner thoughts and I can’t control the innermost thoughts. It gets to the point where I have to try to clear my mind completely to shut them off. Maybe its stress from school or my reluctance to open back up to my guides or my angel but I feel like I’m losing a part of me. One of the worst things is, is that I don’t dream. I love dreaming but nothing comes to me unless I make it come. Sometimes if I dream lately its short scrambled dreams they’ve lost their clarity I’m barely aware of them and can’t control them and I barely remember them. Usually my dreams are so detailed that I can remember the smell of the air and the feel of everything. I’m at war with my subconscious.

    by Heather / February 16th 2012